Partial solar eclipse as the sun rises Thursday morning. Peak cover of the sun will certainly be roughly 45% for our location.(Stellarium)
( - A solar eclipse will be emerging as parts of Canada, Greenland also, and also Russia will be able to check out the eclipse in totality.

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Adding Daylight

Over the next week, we will gain only around 5 minutes of daylight. Sunclimb will certainly relocate from 5:51 am to 5:50 am while sunset moves from 8:36 pm to 8:40 pm. This will lug us approximately 14 hrs and also 50 minutes of daylight and also 9 hrs and also 10 minutes of darkness.

ISS Viewing (Most Viewable)

The Internationwide Space Station will certainly not be viewable this week as it will certainly pass by throughout daytime hrs just.

Moon Phases & Next Full Moon:

Moon PhaseDate and also Time
New MoonJune 10th, 6:52 am
First Quarter MoonJune 17th, 11:54 pm
Full MoonJune 24th, 2:39 pm
Third Quarter MoonJuly 1st, 5:10 pm

June’s Full Moon

June’s complete moon is well-known as the Full Strawberry Moon, the last full moon of spring or the first complete moon of summer. The name of the moon originates from the ripening of strawberries that are all set to be gathered. June’s full moon is likewise recognized as the Blooming Moon for flowering season, or the Environment-friendly Corn Moon which implies it’s time to tfinish to young crops.

Interesting Events This Week:

On Monday June 7th prior to sunincrease, the old crescent moon will certainly be shining 3 finger widths below Uranus. They will certainly be cshed sufficient to check out along with a pair of binoculars and will be in the east-northeastern sky.

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A incredibly thin crescent moon will certainly be visible in binoculars with Uranus early on Monday morning(Stellarium)

On Thursday June 10th, a solar eclipse will certainly happen as the new moon will certainly cover the sun. The total eclipse will start at 5:55 am on the northern shore of Lake Superior and also will certainly move across northwestern Greenland, the North Pole and also will finish in northern Siberia at 7:29 am. Many locations will certainly have the ability to watch a partial eclipse such as the northeastern US and also our location.

If you want to see the partial solar eclipse, you’ll need to be prepared appropriate after sunrise. For Harrisonburg, the partial eclipse begins before the sunlight rises but will be at its maximum coverage at 5:54 am. At its maximum the sunlight will be obscured 45% by the moon for the Harrisonburg area. The partial eclipse will end around 6:29 am. You will certainly require solar filtered glasses, just choose throughout the 2017 solar eclipse.

Areas of the northeastern from Pennsylvania northward will certainly view almost everywhere from 60-75% coverage depending upon just how close you are located to Canada. Parts of the top Peninsula of Michigan will certainly see over 80% coverage.


As the sun rises Thursday morning, this is what it would look choose if you usage filtered glasses. Peak coverage will certainly be at 5:54 am. The partial solar eclipse will last till 6:29 am.(Stellarium)

On Friday June 11th, the incredibly young crescent moon will satisfy Venus after sunset. The moon will certainly be positioned a number of finger widths to the lower ideal of Venus which will permit both to be regarded together in a solitary pair of binoculars. This will certainly happen low in the west-northwestern skies.


The exceptionally young crescent moon will certainly be in the sky via Venus simply after suncollection. They can be perceived together in binoculars.(Stellarium)

On Sunday June 13th, the crescent moon will be over Mars after suncollection. The crescent moon will be a couple of finger widths above Mars in the west-northwestern sky. The moon and Mars have the right to be perceived together with a pair of binoculars prior to Mars sets around 11:30 pm.


The extremely young crescent moon will be visible with Mars in a single pair of binoculars after suncollection.(Stellarium)