Eclipse - this symbol in a dream is unambiguous and quickly recognizable. To watch this herbal phenomenon in a dream predicts short-lived setbacks or obstacles that will certainly not linger in the life of a dreamer for a long time. In spite of the seeming simplicity of interpretation, the eclipse in a dream cannot be interpreted unequivocally.

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To dream of solar eclipse is not such a poor authorize as it might seem. The interpretation of a dream, according to Nostradamus" dreambook, is the following: during this period, challenges have actually developed in your life that will certainly pass exceptionally soon and take all the troubles via them.

Watching via a dark piece of glass as the shadow gradually creeps onto the sun"s disk - insignificant factors for sadness will certainly show up in truth, yet if you watch how the light gradually releases from the shadow - happiness and also joy are “knocking on your door”.

If dreamed that you saw exactly how a storm developed throughout a solar eclipse: a strong gusty wind came up and started to tear trees up by the roots - a sign that you will certainly have to go through significant troubles that will start your new successful life, the dreambook of Vanga guarantees.

The lunar eclipse viewed in the dark of the night in a dream - in fact, sadness and blues await you, without being justified by anything.


If you dreamed that you were observing lunar blackout in the at an early stage morning, as soon as the moon was practically gone from the skies - you need to endure the disappointment in a loved one who does not justify your trust, Miller’s dreambook prophesies.

A dream in which the shadow of the earth extended the lunar circle and also quit, not hurrying to leave it - be all set for the fact that you will have a challenging period of failures and difficulties in your life that will certainly bring you tears and also sadness.

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If you had a dream that a sandstorm captured you in the desert, which covered the sun through it - take a cshed look at your health and wellness in the following couple of days. Chances of recording some sort of cold are high, the Female dreambook alerts.

To dream of an eclipse, led to by some kind of man-made disaster - beware of accidents on the road, watch the website traffic both as a driver and as a pedestrian.


If you dream that you have experienced just how the northern lights lived in the entirety skies, extending the moon with it - in truth, your eyesight will disturb you. Do not let the disease build, consult a specialist, Spring dreambook advises.

A dream in which you saw an infinish eclipse, and also just partial, as soon as the shadow passes alengthy the left or appropriate edge of the disk - a financial lull awaits you, whatever will certainly be smooth and without distinct bursts.

Seeing the darkening of the top edge of the disk - to acquire a good profit. Perhaps you will be provided a bonus, a salary will certainly be elevated, or you will certainly win money in the lottery or in a bet.

The partial darkening of the reduced edge of the sun or the moon - to bankruptcy, waste and unsuccessful transactions. You need to not carry out any operations concerned money in this period.