Solar eclipse in nepal

Solar and also lunar eclipses are spectacular and also distinctive cosmic events that very interests the people, irparticular of their age, gender, society, and region.

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The initially Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan of the year 2020 is going to loss on June 21. However, the eclipse we witness on the coming Sunday will certainly be an annular solar eclipse throughout which the sunlight appears prefer a ring of fire around the area covered by the moon.

Time and also schedule of the solar eclipse in Nepal

The solar eclipse in Nepal on June 21, 2020 will certainly start at 9:30 AM NST and will go on until 3:19 PM NST.

However, the timings of the eclipse will differ with the place. Here is a list of solar eclipse timings in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lalitpur, Biratnagar, Bharatpur, and Janakpur.

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Solar eclipse begins at 10:20 AMMaximum eclipse at 12:01 PMSolar eclipse ends at 1:48 PM


Solar eclipse starts at 10:45 AMMaximum eclipse at 12:29 PMSolar eclipse ends at 2:15 PM


Solar eclipse starts at 10:53 AMMaximum eclipse at 12:41 PMSolar eclipse ends at 2:24 PM


Solar eclipse begins at 10:58 AMMaximum eclipse at 12:47 PMSolar eclipse ends at 2:29 PM


Solar eclipse begins at 10:54 AMMaximum eclipse at 12:42 PMSolar eclipse ends at 2:25 PM


Solar eclipse starts at 10:51 AMMaximum eclipse at 12:38 PMSolar eclipse ends at 2:22 PM

Acomponent from Nepal, the solar eclipse will be visible from the south of Pakistan, north India, China, and also some parts of Africa including the Central African Republic, Congo and also Ethiopia.

When is the following solar eclipse?

The second and also the last solar eclipse of the year 2020 will certainly take location on December 14. However, it will certainly be a full solar eclipse. It will certainly be visible from South America, Pacific, Atlantic, and also parts of the Indian Ocean, Antarctica, and also Africa.

How to watch solar eclipse?

Watching solar eclipse with naked eyes can have actually significant repercussions including blindness. So, encertain to take necessary preadvises favor wearing the prescribed protective glasses or a handheld card with a solitary rectangular check out that meets the ISO 12312-2 International Safety Standards.