Can't make it to Oregon? Tright here are plenty of locations in Seattle to watch this once-in-years occasion.

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On Monday, Seattle will certainly be at a great vantage allude for the solar eclipse, beginning at 9 a.m. and also ending around 11:39 a.m. Though we won’t be able to watch a total eclipse, from our angle 92 percent of the sun will certainly be blocked.

For those of us not taking time off occupational to travel right into the “course of totality” in Oregon wright here a lot of of the arranged occasions are going dvery own (though the Pacific Science Center"s hosting an main Seattle shindig), tbelow are plenty of regional parks, viewpoints, monuments and also rooftops to watch this huge wonder from. Here are 10 complimentary or inexpensive areas to watch the eclipse near downtvery own Seattle. Just do not forgain those viewing glasses to defend your eyes!

Kerry Park in Queen AnneThe website of many type of wedding and prom photos, Kerry Park in Queen Anne gives tourists a panoramic see of the Seattle skyline that is postcard perfection. This will be a suitable yet undoubtedly renowned spot to view the eclipse from on Monday morning, so plan accordingly. Arrive early and park your car in the neighborhoods north of the park where parking is cost-free and also even more easily accessible than in the park’s tiny lot. 

Gasfunctions ParkFor holidays with fireworks, Gasfunctions is a notorious Seattle viewing spot. Why must the eclipse be any kind of different? Lay in the lush green grass or climb among the old stacks from the former Seattle Gas Light plant that used to occupy the park to gain among the finest views of the Seattle sky approximately. This will certainly be another famous destination, so execute arrangement appropriately. It’s best to park in the neighboring areas and also walk down or Lyft to Gasfunctions. Bring a picnic and also make it an early lunch. 

Stairsituation alongside Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotelThis outdoor stairinstance beside the Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel on Alaskan Way carries you to the iconic Pike Place Market (wbelow the brand-new MarketFront could likewise sell sweet views) and encounters the Seattle waterfront. The views in the time of the climb are spectacular, however it is steep so save that in mind if your party consists of kids or seniors. About halfmethod up the stairs there’s an overlook wright here you can pause and also rest—perfect for the eclipse.

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Public Roofheight Garden at 4th and also MadisonDuring weekday organization hours, the public have the right to accessibility a rooftop garden at the Fourth and Madiboy Building (925 fourth Ave.). To get to the garden, enter the structure from third Avenue, take the elevator to the seventh floor and departure the elevator via the best door. There, you will uncover a garden that wraps around 3 sides of the building—a good spot to watch the sky.

Smith Tower Observation DeckThe Smith Tower invites eclipse-watchers onto their open-air monitoring deck on Monday. They’ll offer specialty “eclipse” mimosas and coffee, as well as stunning 360-degree views of the city. Be certain to bring your own eclipse glasses, as they will not be gave. Capacity is 400 civilization, so it"s first come initially offered. Tickets go on sale at 8:30 a.m. and also run $15-$19 (conserve 10 percent by booking online). 

Seattle’s Great WheelBring your friends—each gondola on the Ferris wheel holds about eight people—and also ride the Seattle Great Wheel at Pier 57 during the eclipse. The wheel opens at 10 a.m., but gain tright here early: lines are constantly lengthy and also will be much longer throughout a rare event. Tickets to ride the wheel are $9-$14. 

Ride the ferry to Bainbridge IslandA unique method to suffer the solar eclipse on Monday morning would be on one of Seattle’s quintessential ferries. The ideal views will be on the ferry to Bainbridge Island also, which leaves from the downtown Seattle dock. Here is the WSDOT ferry schedule so you can arrangement your ride approximately the peak time for the eclipse. 

Sky View ObservatoryOn the 7third floor of the Columbia Center structure, the Sky View Observatory uses a 360-degree see of Seattle. It’s open up everyday from 8 a.m. to 11pm, tickets are $10-$15 and also kiddos under 5 acquire in totally free. 

Discoextremely ParkFor a quieter experience even more immersed in nature, attempt hiking out to the lighthome on the shores of Seattle"s flagship park to catch the eclipse. Pack a lunch and continue to be the day if you"re boss won"t notice: Discoexceptionally Park supplies views and also hikes you can’t gain anywhere else in town. 

Belvedere ParkLocated on Admiral Way in West Seattle, Belvedere Park’s viewsuggest provides a staggering see throughout Elliot Bay. It’s a renowned location for wedding photos and need to make for a scenic eclipse viewing spot. Take some time to appreciate the park’s historic totem pole, as well, which was carved by a fifth generation descendent of Chief Seattle.