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QAs-salamu `alaikum. I would be grateful if you might answer this question of mine. I have actually heard that if a woguy is pregnant, and also at the moment of eclipse, if she is not in the state of motion, then the fetus is born disabled. Could you, please, clarify this allude for me stating the objective of "eclipses" and why perform they take place?

How Muslims View Solar and Lunar Eclipses

It is the duty of the Muslim to shun all creates of superstitions from his life and also to avoid linking the existence of herbal sensations to particular physical tragedies or disabilities that may take place to him.

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The sun eclipsed throughout the life time of the Messenger of Allah (tranquility and also blessings be upon him) on the day once the Prophet’s child died. Upon this, the Messenger of Allah sassist the following: “Verily the sun and the moon are 2 indications among the indications of Allah. They perform not eclipse on account of the fatality of anyone or on account of the birth of anyone. So when you watch them (in a state of eclipse), supplicate Allah and observe the Prayer till it is over.”(Muslim)

Eclipses have clinical explanations which need to be sought from the scientists. As much as our spiritual ideas around them are came to, the Prophet taught us that the sun and also moon are signs of Allah, and their motions and courses are all figured out by Allah; they follow the course decreed by Allah.

Science, therefore, just confirms what Islam teaches us in such matters. Islam is deadly opposed to holding superstitious ideas in such matters.

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Coming to the issue of whether the kid will be born disabled tbelow is nopoint proclaimed in the Islamic resources, yet if tbelow is any scientific reason for it, you have to uncover it out from doctors in the field. If tbelow is any type of such link, then it is just among the reasons appointed by Allah; ultimately Allah is the final reason and the power behind all sensations in the world.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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