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Filed Under:Astronomy, CBS4 Weather, Jennifer Correa, News, Ring of Fire, Science, Solar Eclipse ( — Just a few weeks after May’s lunar eclipse, another very cool celestial occasion will take location on Thursday, June 10. This time it will certainly be a solar eclipse referred to as the “ring of fire.”

“This is such a blazing name that catches our attention, and we absolutely need an explacountry for why this solar eclipse is called favor this,” shelp CBS4 Meteorologist Jennifer Correa.

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June 10th’s solar eclipse is dubbed the “ring of fire” because it is an ‘annular solar eclipse.’

According to NASA, during an annular solar eclipse, the moon is positioned close to or at apogee, which is the farthest point from Planet. At this suggest, the moon is so much away, it can’t block the entire sunlight throughout the solar eclipse. So a thin, fiery ring is exposed in the time of an annular solar eclipse. This type of eclipse is various than a complete solar eclipse in which the entire sunlight is blocked, and also no bideal light is visible.

“It is crucial to point out that the word annular should not be puzzled by the word “annual” as the two words look equivalent in spelling. The word annular is offered to describe somepoint that is ring-shaped. Hence, the thin, fiery ring that is developed in the time of the annular solar eclipse,” sassist Correa.

For this type of solar eclipse to occur or any type of solar eclipse for that issue, the phase of the moon must be a New Moon. In enhancement to this necessity, the earth, the moon, and also the sun have to be aligned in a right line or nearly directly. Also, the moon must be located between the sunlight and the earth. And finally, for the annular solar eclipse to take location, the moon must be close to or at apogee as previously described.

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So, will South Florida gain to capture the fiery ring Thursday night?

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“Well, I don’t intend to take the solar flare out of this solar eclipse, however this special occasion will certainly not be visible in South Florida,” sassist Correa. “Just understand that we’re not alone bereason much of the United States won’t be under the route of this solar eclipse.”


However before, a partial eclipse might be visible in the much northeastern section of the U.S. choose in Maine. But the world tright here should be beforehand birds as the partial eclipse will happen early on morning at 5:35 a.m. EDT. Some places in Canada, the Arctic, Russia, and Greenland will certainly acquire the full annular-solar-eclipse-shadow actors on them.

The timing of the whole “ring of fire” solar eclipse will occur in between 4:12 a.m. and also 9:11 a.m. regional time on Thursday, June 10th.

Now to an essential note that have to be mentioned, never look at the sun throughout any kind of type of solar eclipse because it is dangerous to the eyes, and doing so can permanently damages them.

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By the means, South Florida will certainly have a visible partial eclipse in October of 2023.