Solar Engineering Of Thermal Processes

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The updated fourth edition of the "bible" of solar power theory and also applications

Over a number of editions, Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes has actually end up being a timeless solar design message and also referral. This revised Fourth Edition offers current coverage of solar power theory, units design, and applications in various sector sectors together with a focus on solar system design and also analysis making use of simulations to aid readers analyze concept right into exercise.

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An essential resource for students of solar design, solar power, and also alternate energy and also professionals working in the power and energy market or associated fields, Solar Engineering of Thermal Processes, Fourth Edition features:

Increased coverage of leading-edge topics such as photovoltaics and also the architecture of solar cells and also heaters A brand-brand-new chapter on applying CombiSys (a readymade TRNSYS simulation regimen available for cost-free download) to simulate a solar heated home with solar- heated domestic hot water Further simulation problems available with a companion webwebsite An extensive variety of homework troubles and exercises

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About the Author

JOHN A. DUFFIE (deceased) was Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering and also previous Director of the Solar Energy Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin–Madikid.

WILLIAM A. BECKMAN is the Ouweneel-Bascom Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering and also Director Emeritus of the Solar Energy Laboratory at the College of Wisconsin–Madiboy.

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Table of contents

Preconfront xi

Prechallenge to the Third Edition xiii

Prechallenge to the Second Edition xv

Prechallenge to the First Edition xvii

Introduction xxi


1 Solar Radiation 3

2 Available Solar Radiation 43

3 Schosen Heat Transfer Topics 138

4 Radiation Characteristics of Opaque Materials 173

5 Radiation Transmission through Glazing: Absorbed Radiation 202

6 Flat-Plate Collectors 236

7 Concentrating Collectors 322

8 Energy Storage 373

9 Solar Process Loads 409

10 System Thermal Calculations 422

11 Solar Process Economics 447


12 Solar Water Heating: Active and Passive 479

13 Building Heating: Active 505

14 Building Heating: Passive and also Hybrid Methods 544

15 Solar Cooling 575

16 Solar Industrial Process Heat 604

17 Solar Thermal Power Systems 621

18 Solar Ponds: Evaporative Processes 635


19 Simulations in Solar Process Design 653

20 Design of Active Systems: f-Chart 668

21 Design of Active Systems by Utilizability Methods 692

22 Deauthorize of Passive and Hybrid Heating Systems 711

23 Design of Photovoltaic Solution 745

24 Wind Energy 774


A Problems 797

B Nomenclature 856

C International System of Units 861

D Meteorological Documents 863

E Typical Shading Factors for Overhangs 870

Index 887

CombiSys Download

A series of simulation troubles (established via a predeal with "S" followed by a chapter number) and also then a problem number have actually been added to the standard difficulties of many type of chapters. These problems require running CombiSys and answering basic inquiries that might call for percreating power balances and doing basic economic calculations.

With this technique, it is hoped that the student will understand also the inner wormonarchs of a simulation regime.

CombiSys offers an input home window where various design options deserve to be schosen (e.g. the collector form and also design, storage tanks size, collector orientation, and also a selection of various other choices).