Hello OldMcKeg,Thanks for the comments.1) I"ve not heard around the tulip strategy, so it could be good.

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However before, through the changes in the meta from fishing --> farming Void Essence as a way to acquire the gold for the Vault, you won"t have to eat anything and also therefore I would imagine that you wouldn"t need the tulips for the added power.2) Yup, Trout Soup entered the meta this year approximately January/February, but I haven"t done a run since then, so I haven"t had actually time to attempt it out.3) Probably agree. I haven"t done a lot trial and error roughly Summer 11, as in practically all my obstacle runs I have actually stopped min-maxing money at this point and also am attempting to perform various other objectives.4a) Yes, you need to buy as much coal as you require from Clint.4b) Yes, you should aggressively bomb, but not so much that you do not have actually enough ore left for sprinklers and/or don"t run out of coal. Later on you can craft Mega Bombs to prevent utilizing coal, however I mainly construct up 100 Solar Essence first for the Iridium Rings.4c) Master Slingswarm should be supplied via explosive ammo on massive chunks of rocks. I don"t usage it on adversaries.4d) It is incredibly cumbersome to snap a screenshot and then look at the screenswarm. Don"t execute that. Instead, simply zoom out making use of my recommfinished mod.4e) I do not have the majority of suffer utilizing explosive ammo, so for now I would certainly recommfinish utilizing a mixture of that and also various other Bombs + Megabombs.4f) Yes, it"s reasonably straightforward to differentiate the crabs, since they are counter. That isn"t declared in the guide since it is sensibly apparent for players that have actually played the game before.4g) Yes, definitely fight multiple bats, as you require the batteries and the loot. It"s many reliable to gather up an entire floor worth of bats first, though. As I"ve sassist in other places in this threview, don"t stand in one spot killing one bat favor a noob, just disregard it.4h) Yes, lucky rings are nice, however it would be suboptimal to go out of your way for barrels, as they are a very rare drop.5) The tightest part of our path is gaining earlier to Clint on day 5, so your adjustment does seem preferable in that feeling. If I am following correctly, you just buy 25 copper ore and 25 iron ore, then use the iron pickaxe to gain floor 80.

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Does the iron pickaxe actually 1 shot every little thing favor the gold pickaxe does?Anymethod, as I"ve said earlier, the route is a small outdated now because of the presence of Void Essence farming, so every little thing, including when to upgrade the pickaxe, needs to be re-routed around that.6) You have the right to usage appendix C in the guide to meacertain average meant value gain/loss from farming as soon as compared to fishing. Feel totally free to measure something more particular. However before, note that appendix C is out of day, bereason farming would certainly must be compared to Void Essence, which would certainly make it even more challenging for farming to be viable.7) Potentially agree. Day 1 is structured about meeting villagers mostly because you can talk to a lot of of them whilst looking for foragables + checking garbage cans. (This leaves only a couple of that you actually have to take a trip inside of buildings to satisfy.) The gained friendship is pointmuch less and also not a consideration. Day 1 is likewise structured to offer you the many feasible money for day 2. By eating all of the foragables rather of offering them, you go right into day 2 via less money, will not have the ability to buy the rod as conveniently, might not be able to get fishing level 4, and so on. But if you"ve played via 2 courses for day 1 + day 2 side by side and believe that one is better, feel cost-free to submit a PR.9) I commonly go versus the overview and get Iridium Pickaxe prior to as shortly as feasible, however that decision is dependent on the specific type of difficulty run that I am doing. Feel cost-free to break from the guide if you feel like you have to to cut dvery own on bomb intake.10) Yes, for many runs it will be optimal to finish the CC as shortly as feasible, but of course it depends on the certain difficulty run. A section on once to buy a barn might be nice, but most likely not vital, as it will certainly be variable relying on many various components. I suppose that a lot of players will certainly have actually whatever that they need for CC by Winter.