Solar filter for 6 inch telescope

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To ensure that the solar filter you buy will fit appropriately, please take a couple of moments and meacertain the outside diameter of your telescope, spotting scope or binoculars prior to you order. Remember, the solar filter requirements to fit snugly approximately the front of the tube assembly that holds the optics. If the filter is slightly bigger than its diameter, the filter can be made to fit by the enhancement of self-stick felt spacers to the inside of the cell. However before, if the filter is as well little it will not fit, and also that would be a shame. So please, meacertain before you order. Thanks.

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Celestron EclipSmart Solar Filter for 6" SCT

Instantly convert your Celestron 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope right into an instrument for white light solar viewing.You"ll have the ability to safely view the upcoming August 21, 2017 North Amerihave the right to Total Solar Eclipse with Celestron"s proprietary ISO-certified Solar Safe film material provided by this filter.Uses the telescope"s lens cap for a tight, comfortable fit using three security screws. Comes via 2 security Velcro straps as well as four self-adhesive Velcro pads to allow your solar filter to be secudepend fixed right into location.

Boost your viewing experience with this Celestron 6" SCT EclipSmart Solar Filter. Two Velcro straps and also four self-adhesive Velcro pads provide extra security, guaranteeing that the solar filter will not slip off by accident and will deliver ISO-compliant, Solar Safe observing.Proper for usage via the adhering to telescopes:6" SkyProdigy Computerized Telescope - 11076

6" State-of-the-art VX Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope - 12079NexStar 6SE Computerized Telescope - 110686" NexStar Evolution - 12090

Celestron 6" SCT EclipSmart Solar Filter Specifications

Telescope Compatibility: Celestron 6" Schmidt-Cassegrain TelescopesExternal Filter Diameter: 184 mmInternal Filter Diameter: 174 mmFilter Thickness: 24 mmClear Aperture: 128.5 mmFilter Weight: 2.6 oz.Filter Material: Celestron proprietary Mylar filmTwo 1" x 4" Velcro straps and Four 1" x 1" Velcro tabsSolar Safe TechnologySolar Safe filter technology is incorporated into all Celestron EclipSmart solar commodities for supreme defense from damaging UV and also IR light, and also filtering 99.999% of effective visible light. This modern technology, individually tested by SAI Global Assurance Services, enables the direct monitoring of the sunlight in a ensured safe manner.

What About Your Finderscope?

Adding this solar filter to your telescope will adequately filter the light coming through your focuser, however have actually you considered what you’ll execute around your finder scope?

Here are some suggestions for handling your finder that will assure you execute not damages your eyes (or anyone else’s) by looking at the Sun with your telescope’s unfiltered finder:

Remove Your Finder.

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Ditching your finderscope when solar viewing will certainly remove the opportunity of someone accidentally looking via it to spot the Sun. Of course, not having a finder makes centering the Sun in your eyeitem more difficult, yet with practice, it can be done. Set the mount down so the telescope is pointing in the direction of the Sun. Placed the main solar filter on so you have the right to check your development, and also then relocate the telescope around until it casts a shadow that produces a nice, sharp silhouette of the scope. The OTA will look circular. Now move your telescope up or down with your hand also controller, slow-moving motion controls, or incredibly very closely by hand also if required while looking via the eyeitem. You will not obtain a warning once you are cshed, but you must have the ability to align with the Sun utilizing this technique. Practice ahead of time before any substantial event, like an eclipse, to make sure you’ve got the procedure dvery own.Filter Your Optical Finder. This solution is not recommended for a reflex or red dot finder because it is too basic to accidentally look about the home window. If you have one of these finders we recommfinish you either rerelocate it or replace it with a committed solar finder (check out below).

To make your optical finderscope safe for solar viewing you’ll must buy a item of Baader Solar Film for Visual Use. This film comes in various dimension sheets and also cuts conveniently via scissors, allowing you to make your own filter. You deserve to go super low-technology and use a rubber band also to hold a piece of the film firmly roughly the finder or you deserve to acquire elaborate and build your own slip-on solar filter. However before you affix the solar film, you need to make sure tright here are no light leaks at all and that it doesn’t accidentally autumn off as soon as you move your telescope roughly. Any unoffered film deserve to keep level in between two pieces of cardboard and also will certainly save for years. It is nice to have actually about, simply in instance of a solar emergency :-)Buy a Dedicated Solar Finder. Check out the Tele Vue Sol-Searcher Solar Finder. This special finder deserve to just be offered once observing the Sun, but it functions incredibly well. The Sol-Searcher is reasonably priced and can be attached to your telescope with Velcro or with #10-32 screws (user supplied).
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