Solar Filter For Binoculars

If you’ve ever wanted a truly grab and also go instrument for solar observation, this filter is for you. All you need is a little sheet of Baader® Film and also a couple of other odds & ends and also you are on your method.

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You will need:


A sheet of Baader® Film – the smallest obtainable dimension is “A4” (8inch x 10inch). The expense is little and also this size is sufficient to make a filter for huge binos and also even a little telescope or twoA piece of poster board – white is preferred to proccasion warmth buildup.Two-sided tape – not foam-backed two-sided tape, however quite the plastic transparent tape used to mount photos in albums.White glue created paper.String or Velcro to hold the completed filter secucount on the binoculars.Sharp scissors and a razor knife.

Start by standing the front of the binoculars on the poster board and also marking the width and the height of the box compelled to fit over the objective (huge lens) end of the binos. Add around 1/8th inch (3mm) to each side so the filter will quickly fit over the front of the binoculars. Draw a rectangle of the shown size. Add sides so that the resulting number looks like this as shown for the “Front Piece”:


Draw one more rectangle just a little smaller sized (the “Back Piece”) as it will be fit inside the filter to organize the film in location. Cut both pieces from the poster board utilizing scissors.On both pieces, draw circles that are at leastern 1/8th inch smaller than the rings on the front of the binoculars. After these are cut, the front of the binoculars have to not fit via the holes however quite the cardboard need to fit on the front while not blocking too a lot of the complete aperture of each objective. Use the razor knife to reduced out these holes.Using a leader or other straightedge, fold the front piece alengthy every one of the lines such that you are producing a little box. Flatten the item again for the following action.Next off, cut two squares from the Baader film. Use treatment to not touch the film through your hands – quite, keep the filmin between 2 sheets of paper and also reduced the paper also. The squares should be the full elevation of the inside of the front poster board.Apply little pieces of two-sided tape to the front item and also about just one hole of the ago item as suggested below:


Lay one piece of the Baader film on a item of paper and also closely lower the recorded side of the back piece unto the film, pressing dvery own on the poster board to secure the tape.

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Turn the back piece over and use tape roughly the open up hole. Lay the other piece of Baader film on a piece of paper and also very closely reduced the recorded side of the ago item unto the film, aobtain pushing dvery own to secure the tape.Apply a thin film of white glue to the poster board in the area between the two pieces of Baader film. Carecompletely place the earlier item onto the front piece with the film-side down. Hence you are sandwiching the film between the two pieces of poster board which will certainly be organized together by both the two-sided tape and also the white glue.Apply a thin film of white glue to the tabs that organize the sides of the box together. Fold the sides and also create package. Use clothing pins (or use tape) to organize the sides in position till dry.After the filter box is dry, you have to fashion a technique to organize the filter securely to the front of the binoculars. You have the right to usage string or yarn threaded through the optimal and also bottom of the filter and then tie this secudepend over the facility brace of the binoculars. Or you deserve to use Velcro as I have done in the image at the height of the web page. I provided two strips of self-adhesive Velcro (both the hook type) attached to the peak and bottom of the filter. Then I provided thin strips of Velcro straps (the loop or fuzzy part) to organize the filter to the binoculars. Whatever before you usage it is absolutely critical for the safety and security of your eyesight that tright here is no opportunity that the filter might ever before autumn off. DO NOT count on a seemingly tight fit to hold the filter on your binoculars – the possibility is too high that the filter might come loose, bring about permanent blindness.Also, as described in the general instructions that come through the film, prior to usage you should constantly hold your filter approximately the daytime sky to examine for any pinholes or leaks. SAFETY FIRST!

When not in use, keep your filter with utthe majority of treatment in a plastic storage container from the kitchen section of the department store.