Solar Flare Grow Light

The golden state Lightfunctions uses the 220 Full Cycle LED prosper light for vegetative advancement and also for intensified blooms. The light is high intensity, bbest, and designed to support plant development via all steras. Some lights offer support for either vegetative expansion, or bloom enhancement. The SolarFlare was designed to cover it all. The 220 full cycle is consisted of of 72 high flux bin LEDs engineered to emit the ideal recipe of light that plants require for complete durable development. It is designed to rearea a 400 watt HPS or Metal Halide mechanism. This is excellent news for avid indoor growers trying to find a high power LED prosper light that deserve to occupational more effectively to save money and also time. The 220 Solar Flare features a complete cycle mode, a vegunderstand mode, and also a bloombooster mode. The miscellaneous control settings add to the product effectiveness and use. The SolarFlare 220 gives growers even more control and also more manage permits growers to individualize the flourishing procedure to reach better outcomes. For this reason, the SolarFlare 220 is a famous product in the realm of LED thrive light modern technology.

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California Lightfunctions the Company:


California Lightfunctions has actually been in service given that 2000. The agency has actually over 15 years of endure emerging LED technology. This development ultimately caused green house lighting innovation and the aim of progressing product innovation to improve unit performance. The corporation, MWW Inc. d.b.a The golden state Lightworks, is based in California and also has a registered history via the Better Company Bureau. The R&D and production infrastructure for the agency are situated in Canoga Park, California. The golden state Lightworks began concentrating greatly on LED flourish light innovation in 2008 and also holds assorted patents for associated LED prosper light commodities. StealthLED and ExtremeLED are names of LED prosper lights that The golden state Lightfunctions arisen and produced in the previous. Solar Storm and also Solar Flare are 2 primary LED thrive lights that the company promotes at this time. The agency is UNITED STATE based and does its ideal to use UNITED STATE based vendors once feasible. California Lightworks is mostly an in-residence procedure interpretation that design and also assembly of the lights is done in the The golden state Lightworks facilities. Testing of the assembled LED flourish light product happens at the California Lightfunctions framework prior to shipping. The company is mostly concentrated on hortisociety thrive light innovation and also functions very closely through indoor growers and testers to make certain that their lights are top of the line. I can tell you first hand also that The golden state Lightfunctions is thought about one of the top tier thrive light companies in business. During discussions I have actually had with other grow light competitors, The golden state Lightworks has actually been pointed out more than when as a peak competitor. Other grow light carriers desire their assets to be considered in the exact same category. Having the competition referral The golden state Lightworks in this manner told me a lot around their product before I ever lhelp my hands on one.

Focal Points of the SolarFlare 220 LED Grow Light:

The SolarFlare 220 LED prosper light is created by a very reliable and also respected agency. It has actually 44 optimal tier top quality 5 watt LEDs that include up to 220 watts of power. In comparison, the SolarFlare 220 exceeds the PPF of a 400 watt HPS flourish light mechanism. The 5 watt diodes are new super high flux and were designed to improve the systems in 2014. More LEDs were added to this unit using high high quality ceramic substrates to emit 10 to 15 percent even more light while making use of the exact same power. Efficiency is the name of the game with the SolarFlare 220 unit from California Lightworks. The company uses a 3 year warranty on the SolarFlare 220. The design allows the light to be provided in conjunction through up to 10 full lights that deserve to be controlled on the very same timer. Shipping is free and also at the price of $439.00, the SolarFlare 220 is competitively priced.

Product Specifications for the SolarFlare 220:

Product Dimensions – 9″ x 9″ x 4″

Product Weight – 9 lbs

Total Power Consumption – 165 watts


Light Coverage – 3′ x 3′ for vegetative grow

Light Coverage – 2′ x 2′ for flowering

Distance to Hang – 18″ – 24″ from plant canopy

Diode Wattage – 5 watt diodes

Wavelengths – Proprietary OptiGrow spectrum color coverage that contains blue, red and also white

Efficiency – 50% power savings over HID lighting system

Beam Angle – Unidevelop 120 degree angle major optics

Operating Volatage – 90-277 AC / 50-60HZ

Maximum Current at Input – 1.4 Amps

Cooling – Efficient cooling mechanism incorporated via big integral heat sink and inner fan

Control – 90-277 volt Autoswitching integral

Expected Lifespan – LED meant lifeexpectations is rated for 50 to 80,000 hrs provided a typical 16 hour a day operation

Warranty – 3 year warranty accessible via manufacturer

Warranty Plan:

The California Lightfunctions product warranty bumped up to a 3 year arrangement a number of years earlier. This bests the conventional 2 year plan that many other LED thrive light providers sell. The fact that the agency is willing to offer a secondary year of warranty coverage over what many type of other suppliers are willing to market highlights why the company is considered among the optimal tier LED grow light producers. The agency obviously has actually great confidence in their products’ top quality and performance.

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Pros and also Cons:


Light Spectrum that gives deep red, red, deep blue, blue and also white light which works to feed your plants the correct light diet essential to assistance healthy advance in the time of the vegetative and also flowering steras. There is
no have to change this light out in between steras of development.Power performance. The 220 SolarFlare have the right to be up to 50 percent even more power reliable than a comparable HID. This means lower electrical bills and also extra expense savings for the grower.LED flourish lights carry out not run high working temperatures. I have had actually mine on for over 12 hrs and the light is just warmth to the touch. The grower using the SolarFlare 220 will certainly spend less on cooling fans and ventilation devices. Less time and money concentrated on cooling the neighboring atmosphere means more time and money that the grower deserve to invest somewhere else.LED efficiencies bring about a much longer lifeexpectations for the LED grow light product. The SolarFlare 220 is rated for a lifespan of at leastern 50,000 hours which is far longer than other HPS or fluorescent lighting devices. Over time, this is an additional item of the LED flourish light puzzle that will certainly conserve a grower a noticeable amount of cash.The SolarFlare LED thrive lights are equipped through built in power provides and execute not require added ballasts. Installation is quick and painmuch less and also should only take 15 minutes or so. I was able to hang my light in a relatively small amount of time.SolarFlare security attributes encompass over-temperature thermal shut-off, overvoltage surge security, foffered power input, a three wire grounded power input and all units comply via UL/ETL safety and security requirements

In basic, LED thrive lights are the many efficient flourish lights available regarding their capacity to supply light. PAR light is just the best recipe of light that research mirrors optimizes plant photosynthesis. The SolarFlare 220 is engineered via LEDs that emit the specific wavelengths necessary for plants to flourish in a robust and also healthy and balanced method. In the finish, the SolarFlare offers the best light frequencies while reducing energy expenses by 50 percent or more.


Similar to other brand also name LED prosper lights taken into consideration to be height tier lights, the expense of the light can be rather prohibitive. I have actually experienced working via lower tier LED prosper lights and also I can testify that less headaches and also difficulties aincrease when utilizing a height tier version such as the 220 SolarFlare. Growers must save in mind that if they are transitioning from the HID or fluorescent thrive lights, they are going to watch price savings from running the LED and if this your first flourish light, you will certainly not need to install added fans and cooling equipment.

Successful Growing Techniques via SolarFlare LED Grow Lights:

California Lightfunctions presents in-depth information around plant growth outcomes once using their grow lights. They note that their grow outcomes are attained by following Sea of Eco-friendly (SOG) or Sea of Eco-friendly (SCROG) approaches.

These approaches can aid to promote a flowering canopy depth to in between 12″ – 16″ with all flower sites receiving optimal light exposure. These approaches can assist any type of indoor grower discover better outcomes and more durable plant returns.

Check out this Video From SolarFlare:

Time to Consider:

General study mirrors that LED prosper lights deserve to be as abundant, if not even more fertile, than HIDs or Fluorescents. It also shows that LEDs can bring about remarkable price savings over time because of power performance and also power cost savings. The 220 SolarFlare is a high powered LED thrive light that integrates full spectrum wavelengths to support plant development. It is thought about a top tier light by the competition and also is priced competitively. The SolarFlare 220 unit is state of the art LED flourish light innovation for indoor prosper rooms and also greenresidence gardens. The unit has actually an optimal balance in between high high quality LEDs and also strong light production while keeping its price competitive loved one to other LED prosper lights that deserve to produce the same type of light and also plant yield. In my opinion, it is an excellent light, particularly for an indoor grower. Now it is time for you to decide. Time to thrive big at home!