Solar flux reborn furnace upgrade

This mod adds miscellaneous tiers of Solar Panels that produce Redstone Flux.The inspiration came from CompactSolars for IC2.I wanted the exact same but for Redstone Flux manufacturing so that it would certainly occupational with Thermal Expansion. Then the mod evolved and I included new functions (and also I"ll continue). Keep reading, you"ll like it!

The mod comes by default with 6 various tiers (fully configurable).

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Produces 2 RF/tick. Internal storage 50,000. Transfer 16 RF/tickProduces 16 RF/tick. Internal storage 250,000. Transfer 128 RF/tickProduces 64 RF/tick. Internal storage 850,000. Transfer 512 RF/tickProduces 256 RF/tick. Internal storage 4,000,000. Transfer 2,048 RF/tickProduces 1,024 RF/tick. Internal storage 16,000,000. Transfer 8,192 RF/tickProduces 4,096 RF/tick. Internal storage 60,000,000. Transfer 32,764 RF/tick


Number of tiers and also their production/capacity deserve to be fully configured to suit your demands. (from 0.6)Many type of upqualities have the right to be crafted to enhance your solar panels. (from 0.6)Height of the block have the right to be changed in the config. From cover dimension approximately complete block. (from 0.2)Solar Panels automatically share their energy as soon as next to each various other, no cables required. (from 0.3)Thermal Expansion recipes and also automatic fallearlier on vanilla recipes if the mod is not installed.Use a wrench rather of a pickaxe for the solar panel to save its power and also inventory. (from 0.5)Use a Furnace Upgrade to heat vanilla heaters. (from 0.7)



Efficiency upgrade

Increases the amount of RF created per tick.

Low light upgrade

Increases the amount of RF created in low light setting.

Machine traversal upgrade

Distribute power to connected machines.

Yes, all 9 pulverizers are receiving power without a solitary cable.

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Transfer price upgrade

Increases the amount of RF that have the right to be moved per tick.

Capacity upgrade

Increases the internal capacity of the solar panel.


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If you have an worry, if you uncover an insect or if something is not clear, please take the time to report it right here.You have the right to likewise propose brand-new functions and renovations that you would like to watch later on.