Solar Panels Plus offers a number of different pumping remedies for solar warm water and solar room heating systems. These pumps are had in our solar water heating packeras, and also are provided to circulate warm transport fluid in the primary or additional solar warm water loops.

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We have actually a variety of circulation pump options for all kinds of applications, from single family home warm water devices, to industrial heating and air conditioning units. With a variety of performance curves, they enable for rapid, efficient and centralized installation and procedure.

These pumps range in size and also circulation rate from 3 gpm to 500+ gpm. Materials differ based upon need and include bronze, actors iron and also stainmuch less steel.

Product configurations incorporate (but are not limited to):

In-line circulatorsVertical in-line pumpsClose-coupled and frame-mounted end pumpsMultistage pumpsVariable rate, 3 rate and also hands-on speedDirect existing and also alternating present in a range of voltage varieties and also amperage draws

If you have actually a certain job or application, and also need assist finding a pump solution, please call us today.

Solar Pump Station

These solar pump stations are supplied on the solar loop of a solar thermal mechanism to circulate the heat transport liquid through the range. They are also used to control the temperature in your solar storage tank.

The pump inside the solar pump terminal is caused by a signal from a solar differential controller. The dual pump station (shown on left) contains both a circulation and rerotate connection, and are widely supplied on most solar thermal systems. A single line rerevolve link pump terminal is also easily accessible.

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These pump stations are pre-mounted and also leak-tested prior to shipping, and are UL-detailed for safety. These stations contain a number of necessary fittings and security devices crucial to the installation and also operation of the solar thermal system:


Ball valves in circulation and also return in combination with examine valves stays clear of undesirable gravity and also thermo circulation. Ports for flushing, filling, and also emptying the mechanism, using traditional garden hose fittings for straightforward usage. Air vent permits easy, manual bleeding of the device to rerelocate trapped air build up over time. Flow meter is had and also displays the solar loops current circulation. Also enables for adjusting the circulation of the solar loop. Thermometer mounted in both the circulation and return sides, displaying both temperature sets. Prescertain gauge is integrated and also basic to review, enabling for simple, rapid security of the solar loops push. Safety relief valve keeps users safe by discharging the solar loop in case of over-pressurization.

Solar Commercial / High Flow Pump Station

The commercial solar pump stations is supplied on the circulation loop of a solar thermal mechanism for commercial, industrial and other applications requiring high flow, or once a pump is necessary to conquer high amounts of head.

Comparable to the solar pump station (above), the commercial station is caused by a signal from a solar differential controller. This pump comes through a circulation and rerevolve link, via traditional 1" male union threads. (Other connection kits available, call us for details).

These pump stations are pre-installed and also leak-tested prior to shipping, and are UL-listed for safety and security. These stations contain a number of essential fittings and also safety tools instrumental to the installation and operation of the solar thermal system:


Wilo Star S-30 Pump supports 1-10gpm circulation and also as much as 30ft of head. Three rate pump and circulation meter enables for simple adjustment and also security. Ball valves and also inspect valves consisted of to proccasion gravity and also thermo circulation. Flush, fill, and emptying ports contained. Manual air vent contained. Thermometer & pressure gauge enables for easy monitoring and maintenance on huge commercial solar arrays. Safety relief valve prevents mechanism overpush, maintaining maintenance personnel safe.

DC Solar Pump

The DC solar pump can be offered for a lot of circulation pump applications without any type of connection to a traditional power grid. High performance, the DC solar pump have the right to be linked directly to a photovoltaic (PV) panel.

Thanks to it"s little size, and also high performance, it has exceptionally low power intake. The shaftless spherical motor modern technology provides a maintenance free, quiet company life.

This pump is perfect for little or single family solar hot water devices, or any type of various other small circulation pump application where standard power is not accessible.