Solar iphone 4 charger

What"s the finest solar charger for iPhones?

Eexceptionally one of our solar chargers and USB batteries is designed and also tested to charge iPhones. Whether you have the iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, or are still rocking the classical iPhone 3G - we can charge your phone from solar. Our many famous solar chargers for iPhones are detailed above.

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How quick can I charge my iPhone from solar power?

Our USB batteries contained with our solar chargers will certainly charge your iPhone at around the exact same price as a typical wall charger. If the Voltaic battery and also your phone are both empty, the charging price will certainly differ based on the dimension of the Voltaic solar panel, the size of the battery in your phone, and weather conditions. The sunnier, the much better.

1 hour in the sunlight will certainly provide you this a lot consumption (hours)

3.5 Watts (3.5 Watt Kit)6 Watts (6 Watt Kit)9 Watts (Fusage Tablet, 9 Watt Kit)
iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S2 hours3.55.5
iPhone 623.55.5
iPhone 6 Plus1.7534.5
iPhone 723.55.5

Charge time (hours)

3.5 Watts (3.5 Watt Kit)6 Watts (6 Watt Kit)9 Watts (Fusage Tablet, 9 Watt Kit)
iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 4, 4S4.5 hours32
iPhone 6532
iPhone 6 Plus853
iPhone 75.53.52
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How execute I attach my iPhone to the solar charger?

To charge your iPhone from solar, use your existing USB charging cable to attach to the USB port of any kind of of our Voltaic power banks.

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If you purchase our Arc 10W, this solar charger has an included USB output. For this product, you deserve to connect straight to the USB port on the front of the folder once in direct sunlight.


Can I usage my iPhone while I’m charging from your system?

Yes, you can use your iPhone at the very same time it is charging. In truth, let us recognize - share through us your adventures while charging up


What if I want to charge my iPhone and a bunch of various other stuff?

Our chargers are designed to be universal. If you are charging greatly little USB tools, any of our chargers will job-related. If you are charging taballows, we imply choosing a charger through a minimum of 6 Watts. For laptop computers, you will require a 10 Watt or better system. See our Shop Gear page in-depth selection advice.

Please note that our V50 and also V75 battery packs supplies dual USB charging ports, the V15 and V88 only have a solitary USB port.