Solar irrigation system mini project

One of the greatest netfunctions wbelow people work as teams in the field of Agriculture. As modern technology is increasing and automation is replacing hand-operated operation in practically all the areas, the exact same have the right to be used to the Agrisocial Field also. Previously farmers manually supplied to water the areas whenever before needed and also power for providing the water is taken from family power. The cons of this mechanism are we have to pay for the power and also every time human intervention is essential whenever before water needs to be gave. Imagine there is an automatic mechanism wright here whenever before water is necessary for the field, immediately pump will certainly be turned on and when water level sufficient, the pump will be turned off automatically and the power required for the procedure of the pump will be taken from the solar power.

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You will certainly require Arduino to interface the microcontroller through the Soil moisture sensor, Wi-Fi module, pump and solar panel. You will programme the microcontroller in such a way that whenever the soil moisture senses the moisture content less than a particular worth, the pump will certainly be automatically turned on and then as soon as the soil moisture feeling the moisture content more than a details value, the pump will certainly be turned off instantly. Now the power taken by the pump to supply water will certainly be taken from the Solar Panel itself. You can innovate the mechanism to uppack the data concerning pump condition and moisture content condition right into a remote server for further evaluation.

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Project Description:

Arduino Uno:
Arduino Uno: The digital and analog input/output pins equipped in this board can be interconfronted to miscellaneous growth boards and also other circuits. Serial communication interface is a attribute in this board, including USB which will certainly be supplied to pack the programs from computer system.Wi-Fi Module: ESP8266 Wi-Fi module is mostly supplied to create the wireless interaction in between the tools. But this module is not qualified of 5-3V logic changing and will require an exterior logic level converterSoil Moisture Sensor: The soil moisture sensor is a sensor designed to meacertain the moisture content current in the soil.Water Pump: Usually a water pump pumps water from one area to other location using centrifugal force.

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Solar Panel: The tools which converts the solar energy right into electrical power is referred to as Solar Panel.Motor Driver: Typically the Arduino board is not qualified of providing compelled amount of existing for running the electric motors. So we usage an equipment dubbed Motor Driver which will carry out sufficient present for driving the motors.

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Solar Powered irrigation System-Project Implementation:

Interchallenge the soil moisture, Wi-Fi module Solar Panel and water pump through ArduinoPower the components and uppack the codeAs quickly as the soil moisture sensors detects less moisture content in the soil, the motor starts running immediatelyAs quickly as the moisture content reaches sufficiently high, the motor stops pumping the waterThe power compelled for the procedure is taken from Solar PanelAll the information concerning Pump Status, Moisture content deserve to be updated into the remote server for analysis

Software requirements:

Arduino IDE :
You will be needing Arduino IDE software to create and also uppack the programming logic onto the Arduino Uno boardThingspeak : Also, you must create an account in the ThinkSpeak IoT platdevelop to integrate the device onto the cloud and also save the data online

Programming language: Arduino Programming (C++)

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