Solar Led Tea Lights

The discrete dimension, pleasant light color, and also respectable battery life make this the ideal solar-powered tea light we tested. It feels the the majority of choose a genuine tealight candle.

We think this solar tea “lantern” is the most decorative light we tested, and it comes with a hanger so you have the right to hang it up on your porch or patio.

The Micandle light lasted over 10 hrs from a full charge, the ideal we tested. But it wasn’t our favorite for decorative lighting because of its dimension and also light color.

We tested 3 of the ideal solar-powered tea lights approximately the residence for a month. After making use of them day-to-day, testing their battery life and water-resistance, and opening them as much as check their circuits, we recommfinish the Zhongxin Solar Tea Lights.

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Our order came via eight lights, an excellent value. Their little, discrete dimension and also soft amber glow made them our favorite for mood and decorative lighting. We likewise uncovered their battery life and also water-resistance adequate.

Namong the solar tea candles we tested are perfect. They all endure from 2 minor style quirks. Familiarize yourself via them prior to buying.

Top Pick

Zhongxin Solar Tea Lights

The ideal solar-powered tea light

The Zhongxin lights were our favorite bereason they felt the the majority of like real tealight candles. Plus, our order came with eight lights, making them a good worth.

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For the price, we think these lights are the ideal deal. As of this creating you acquire eight per order.

We preferred their little dimension and amber glow for mood and also decorative lighting. They were the lights that felt the the majority of choose the genuine point.

They didn’t have the finest battery life, yet the nearly six-and-a-half-hour runtime we obtained from a full charge was plenty for all the methods we tested them.

Most Decorative

Allsop Home and also Garden Solar Tea Lantern

The many decorative solar tea light

Most solar tea lights sport uninspiring deindicators. The Allsop lantern is a welcome exemption. It’s a decorative piece, but the many expensive we tested.

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This solar tea “lantern” is decorative but pricey. It was our favorite design of the lights we tested, spreading a a pleasant spray of dots of light.

It had the shortest battery life, coming in at a little over six hours in our test. For the premium price we would certainly have actually chosen a bigger battery.

We think the built-in hanger is a nice touch, as long as you don’t hang it somewright here that shades its solar panel. It’s obtainable in 3 colors: blue, white, and yellow.

Best Battery Life

Micandle Outdoor Solar Candles

The longest lasting solar light we tested

The Micandle lights lasted over 10 hrs on a full charge, the longest by much. They were our least favorite for utilizing as decorative lighting though, on account of their size and light color.

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The Micandle is bigger and also slightly brighter than our top pick. The added dimension comes with a bigger battery and for this reason better battery life. The light lasted over 10 hours on a full charge as soon as we tested.

Its solar panel is bigger and also has a higher max output, permitting the light to keep more power over the course of the day. If you’re looking for good battery life, this is our recommendation.

Best Solar-Powered Tea Lights

Zhongxin Solar Tea LightsAllsop Home and also Garden Solar Tea LanternMicandle Outdoor Solar Candles

How to Choose the Best Solar-Powered Tea Lights for Your Needs

In enhancement to picking a style you love, tright here are just two major points we recommfinish considering as soon as buying.

Battery Life

Batteries in little solar candles are typically rated in milliamp hours (mAh). The better a battery’s capacity in mAh, the even more power it stores (all else being equal).

After trial and error these LED tea lights for a month, here’s how I personally came to think of their battery sizes:

100-200 mAh is a medium battery>200 mAh is a big battery

Normally speaking, the bigger the battery the much longer the light lasts. However, throughout testing I was happy via just how lengthy even “small” (



Checking the power output of the solar panel on among the tea lights on a sunny day.

I took the lights acomponent to research their circuits and also inspect specs such as the power output of the solar panel and the amperage draw of the LED. These were then compared to the manufacturer’s claimed specs, if accessible.

The solar panels were tested on a cloudless day in May in Atlanta, GA.

Note: Solar panel efficiency counts on a number of determinants, including latitude. The performance of your lights’ solar panels will certainly differ depending upon wright here you live.

Water Resistance Test


Even once the switch is on, the bulb won’t light up if it’s as well bright out. You’ll have to wait for it to get dark, or uncover a method to block the solar panel.

So for certain offers — such as placing a solar tea light on a dinner table as decorative lighting — the light won’t come on if it’s too bright in the room.

The workabout right here is to block the light’s solar panel through somepoint prefer tape or paper. It’s an inelegant solution.

Top Pick: Zhongxin Solar Tea Lights

Top Pick

Many Decorative

Best Battery Life