Solar lights for chicken coop

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Solar chicken coop lights are an eco-friendly way to keep your chickens happy, safe and abundant. Our as a whole favorite is the Jior Solar Indoor Pendant Lights, but tright here are some other good options available depending upon your needs and preferences.


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The ideal solar lights for chicken coops

Here’s our round-up of our favorite solar chicken coop lights. Some are perfect for offering light inside your coop on winter days, while others are ideal to erected outside your chicken coop and also save predators ameans.

1. Top pick: Jior Solar Indoor Pendant Lights

This double-head solar lamp comes with an effective solar panel and battery that provides an outstanding 10 hours of run time. It also has actually an in-built security circuit that helps to extend battery life, and also 2 extra 118-inch cables to give you extra cable length for positioning the solar panels wright here they will certainly have actually maximum exposure to the sunlight.


It is equipped via bideal, 16-LED lights that will illuminate a big chicken coop, or have the right to be put on a dimmed establishing. You can additionally select between a white light and a warm-toned light, depending upon the kind of light that your chickens prefer the many.

The lights can be changed and also positioned to light up the entire chicken coop. We additionally choose that they are basic to install, being straightforward to put up without specialized understanding or tools and you can revolve the lights on and off using the remote control.

These Jior pendant lamps are rated IP65 waterproof, meaning they will withstand also rain and also excessive weather if your coop isn’t fully covered.

What we like:Adjustable brightness: With 16 LEDs, these lamps are bright sufficient to illuminate a large chicken coup or deserve to be set on a dimmer through motion detector settings.Various settings: The lamp deserve to be adjusted to the perfect place, adjusted between white and heat.Long run time: When the battery is totally charged it will run for as much as 10 hours, offering light all day to extend your chickens’ laying time. It likewise comes with an in-developed defense circuit that helps to extfinish battery life.Extra-long cables: Giving you more length to place the solar panel in the sunniest spot.Durable: IP65 waterproof and also sturdily-constructed, these lights will certainly withstand also outdoor usage and also harsh problems.What we don’t like:Quick remote regulate range: Although you have the right to turn the lights on and also off with a remote control, the remote doesn’t have actually an extremely lengthy variety.

This double-head pendant lamp is our peak pick for solar chicken coop lights because it is durable, versatile, and basic to set up and supplied. Being IP65 waterproof, they are suitable for all forms of chicken coops, and also the bbest, 1-LED lights are adjusecure and also can be collection to white or warmth light.

With as much as 10 hours of run time, and added cables for optimal solar panel positioning, these lights won’t let you down!

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2. Runner up: Richarm Solar Flood Lights

If you’re looking for a solar light to set up external your chicken coop, as a predator detector, this floodlight from Ricdamage is a good pick. They are suitable for outdoor use, being made from long lasting steel and also glass, and IP65 waterproof.


Fitted with LEDs offering 10 watts or 500 lumens, this super-bright light will deter predators and store your chickens safe. They are powered through an effective 4000mAh, 3.7 volt lithium-ion battery that will offer five to salso hrs of consistent runtime as soon as completely charged.

The Richarm flood lights are fitted via assorted settings: you deserve to collection them to turn on at dusk, throughout a set 2 to 6 hour time duration, or manage them with the remote manage. You deserve to install the light and also solar panel on your chicken coop wall making use of the adjusteady wall bracket, or area it on the ground favor a patio light.

What we like:Bright: With super-bbest 500 lumens, this floodlight is bappropriate enough to scare amethod predators.Powerful battery: The 4000mAh battery is effective and also reputable, offering 5 to salso hrs of runtime.Durable: Made from sturdy steel and also glass, these lights are durable and IP65 waterproof.Multiple settings: You have the right to select to have actually the lights on all night, or set to run for a set period.What we don’t like:Remote unreliable: Some virtual customers report that the remote is defective or won’t adjust the lighting settings.

This solar floodlight from Richarm is long lasting, effective and also IP65 waterproof, so is perfect for mounting on the external wevery one of your chicken coop to deter predators and store your chickens safe. With a powerful battery and multiple settings, this is our second favorite solar light for chicken coops.

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You have the right to likewise charge the battery from mains electrical power as a backup if solar charging is not an choice, and also a USB charging cable is had.

With 12 LEDs creating 15 watts of power, this isn’t the brightest light on the sector, but it will certainly be adequate for a tiny chicken coop. In addition, this light comes with a really reasonable price tag, making it excellent value for money.

This versatile solar light bulb deserve to be resolved in area as a permanent fixture, or you have the right to take the light, panel and also battery through you and set it up almost everywhere. The entirety setup is compact and portable, so you have the right to take it through you for camping in summer or use in an emergency, and then rerotate it to your chicken coop in winter, for example.

What we like:Portable:Compact and also simple to deliver, you can relocate this solar light in between your chicken coop and also various other supplies.Affordable:One of the cheaper solar lights roughly, this KK.BOL light uses terrific worth for money.USB backup charging: Tright here is an option to charge the battery from mains electricity, to top up the battery once sunshine is brief supply, for instance.What we don’t like:Quick runtime: With a comparatively tiny 800mAh battery capacity, the light will run for simply 4 to 5 hours once the battery is fully charged.Not exceptionally bright: The bulb just produces about 15 watts, so is dimmer than many lights on this list, so might not be reliable in a larger room.

Although this light might not be bideal enough for a big chicken coop, it should be enough for most little to tool coops. Given the affordable price, it might even be a great choice to buy 2 of these for a bigger coop.

Being portable and flexible, you might put this light to multiple uses: not just maintaining your chickens happy, but also lighting your method in other outdoor spaces and tasks.

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You deserve to select between four modes: one quarter brightness overnight, half brightness overnight, full brightness as soon as motion is detected and also otherwise off, or dim mode overnight through complete brightness if activity is detected. In full brightness, the lights will certainly offer out the majority of light, through 80 LEDs developing approximately 450 lumens.

One thing we really choose around these solar lights is their various motion sensor attributes. Mounting them external your chicken coup will certainly allow you to scare away predators and safeguard your chickens without needing to have actually the lights on all night, draining the battery.

Online reviewers additionally praise these lights for their durcapacity, via individuals reporting that they have withstood extreme weather problems consisting of storms and also hurricane-force winds.

What we like:Motion sensor: Sensor-triggered lights help you to obtain the many out of your battery while scaring away predators.Multiple settings: You can select in between four various lighting settings to suit different instances and also demands.Bright: The light has a total of 80 LEDs, giving out 450 lumens at complete brightness, making it an reliable predator deterrent.Durable: These sturdy lights will withstand excessive winds and also other weather.What we don’t like:Mounting pole: These sconces are designed to be installed on a pole extfinishing from the eaves and also gutters of your house, which might or might not be suitable for your chicken coop, depending on the style.

These well-known wall-mounted lights from InnoGear will certainly make an reliable predator deterrent when you mount them external your chicken coop with their extremely bbest lights. Durable, easy to put up, you have the right to choose in between a variety of settings, relying on your demands.

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The red lights constantly flash throughout the night, providing an on-going deterrent while it is dark. Red light is effective as a deterrent bereason it not just mimics the eyes of huge predators found in the wild, however it have the right to also be checked out from large distances, over 3000 feet away.

The lights are powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged by integrated solar panels, all component of the very same compact unit. The energy-effective blinking red lights will run for as much as 12 hours after solar charging for just 5 hours.

This indicates that it will work properly even through minimal solar charging and work all the way with long, dark nights in winter.

What we like:Effective predator deterrent: The flashing red lights mimic eyes and signal hazard to wild animals, scaring them off.

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Long range: These lights have the right to be watched over 3000 feet amethod, keeping predators far away and also making certain your chickens are safe.Energy efficient: The two lights will run for 12 hours on just 5 hrs of solar charging, definition you’ll obtain a lengthy run time also once solar charging is limited.What we don’t like:One mode only: Though an effective predator deterrent, you won’t have the ability to usage these lights for any various other purposes such as illuminating the area.

These double red flashing lights will deter pests and also predators alike, keeping your chickens safe. Being extremely power effective, they are a good option if you live somewhere through restricted sunlight in the time of some components of the year.

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They are likewise simple to install and also collection up: all you should do is attach the panel and also lights to the consisted of fitting brackets.

With the conventional installation, these lamps sit at a 15-inch drop from the ceiling, yet you deserve to customize this erected by hanging them on a hook rather. Another plus of these solar lights is that they have actually an extra-lengthy, 9.8-foot lengthy cable so you have actually even more room to position the solar panel in the ideal spot to capture the the majority of sun throughout the day.

We also like the classic design of these lights, which is certain to contribute to the aesthetics of your chicken coop!

What we like:Easy to use: You have the right to turn these lights on and also off from a distance via the remote manage, or up cshed in the dark utilizing the pull cord.Great aesthetics: These solar lamps have a classical, aesthetically pleasing style.Extra-long cable: You can uncover the perfect spot to place the solar panel and also then connect it to the lamps through the nearly 9.8-foot long cable.Adjustable: You deserve to install the lamps hanging 15 inches, or hang them closer to the ceiling in a smaller sized coop.What we don’t like:Limited functionality: These lights only have one setting, so you cannot adjust the brightness or light shade.

These lights make an excellent choice to provide your chickens additional light on gloomy winter days and also extfinish their egg-laying time. With the remote control, you’ll have the ability to revolve them on and off from a distance, or use the straightforward pull cord.

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Solar chicken coop lights buying guide

Although you won’t discover many type of solar lights marketed especially to be used in chicken coops, you have the right to uncover solar flood lights or security lights that are well-suited to this objective. Although tright here are plenty of suitable solar lights, it is important to recognize what you’re searching for in order to pick lights that will certainly keep your chickens happy and safe.

Why buy a solar light for your chicken coop?

If you have actually a chicken coop, you’ll recognize just how crucial lights are to keep your hens happy, fertile, and safe.

Chicken coop lights can deter pests and predators, either by shining light in their eyes or flooding the location with light once they feeling movement.They deserve to additionally be provided to emulate the sunlight in gloomy winter months to extfinish your chickens’ egg production.

As many type of world are establishing up chicken runs in their yards as a way to live an extra self-adequate, sustainable way of life, solar lights fit perfectly via this method.

However before, it is necessary to note that you shouldn’t leave lights on inside your chicken coop at night.You need to either set lights up inside your chicken coop and also use them on gloomy days, or have lights exterior the chicken coop at night to deter predators and store your chickens safe.

Things to take into consideration as soon as buying solar chicken coop lights

Here are some of the a lot of essential points to take right into consideration to pick the best solar-powered lights for your chicken coop. Since tbelow are few solar lights that are designed for chicken coops especially, right here are some criteria you have the right to usage to assess outdoor, shed, or camping lights to view if they are suitable for your chicken coop.

How much light does it provide?

The brightness of the light is a vital consideration for solar chicken coop lights. The lights need to be bright enough to serve their objective, yet shouldn’t be so bappropriate that they stress out your chickens.

Chicken coop lights should not be too bright, especially if placed inside the coop

When it involves brightness, you must look at the full amount of watts provided by all the lights unified.

Most chicken coops require in between 100 and 300 lumens of light, depending on the dimension of the coop, which will certainly require between 3 and six watts of power to run. Having multiple LED lights of smaller devices, such as 1.5 watt bulbs enables you to evenly distribute the lighting throughout the room, and reach awkward spots and also corners.

How significant is your chicken coop?

The size of your coop or the area you want to light is additionally a critical element as soon as it involves choosing solar chicken coop lights.

Firstly, the size of your coop determines just how much light you need:

A tiny chicken coop primarily requirements LED lights with three to 4 watts of power or 100 lumens.A big chicken coop generally demands approximately six watts of LED lights or 300 lumens.

How long does it take to charge?

Just like any solar device, exactly how lengthy solar chicken coop lights take to charge affects their performance. Ideally, you need to look for a device where the battery will completely charge in 5 to salso hrs prefer the Yinghao Solar Powered Red LED Light, helping to ensure it charges eextremely day.

This will certainly also be affected by just how a lot sunlight the panel receives. If you live in a climate without a lot of sun, it is also more essential to have actually a battery through a big storage capacity, so that more power can be stored on sunny days to aid encertain the lights have a constant power supply.

Depfinishing on the location of your chicken coop, a panel that comes through a lengthy cable favor deserve to be valuable. This method, you deserve to put the panel in the finest spot to get maximum sunlight throughout the day and optimal charging.

Along with the amount of time the battery takes to charge, it is additionally necessary to take into consideration exactly how lengthy the battery will last as soon as fully charged. This is crucial to encertain that the lights run all day or all night for a predator deterrent.

For example, Jior Solar Indoor Pendant Lights will certainly administer 10 hrs of light once fully charged.

What is your budget?

You need to additionally store in mind that utilizing solar lights will certainly greatly reduce your running prices as you won’t should pay for electrical power to power them. As such, it deserve to be more expense efficient over the lengthy run to invest in solar lights over wired-in lights, also if there is a higher initial investment.

What do the lights look like?

Solar chicken coop lights come in a range of designs, such as hanging bulbs, pendant lamps, or outdoor flood lights. As with anything you have actually in your property, you probably desire it to look great, though this will certainly be more vital to some people than it is to others.

Alengthy with aesthetics, each form of solar chicken coop light has actually its handy pros and also cons. Some are more suitable to be mounted external as a predator deterrent, while others are much better for inside your chicken coop.

Because of this, it is necessary to think about how you are planning to use the solar chicken coop lights to pick the best design for you.

Are the lights permanently fixed?

Some solar chicken coop lights must be permanently mounted while others are portable and deserve to be set up or rerelocated as you favor.

The advantage of portable lights favor the KK.BOL Portable Solar LED Light Bulb is that you can take them dvery own and also usage them for other functions like camping, and then put them back up on your chicken coop afterwards.

However, even more portable lights might not be as sturdy or durable as those that are permanently addressed such as the InnoGear Solar Wall Sconces.

Does it have one-of-a-kind features?

Some solar chicken coop lights come through unique functions. For instance, they may come with dedicated predator deterleas such as flashing red light, such as the Yinghao Solar Powered Red LED Light.

Many solar chicken coop lights are waterproof and also this is specifically important if your coop is only partly covered from the facets. It’s best to look for solar lights that are IP65-waterproof rated such as the Jior Solar Indoor Pendant Lights or the Ricinjury Solar Flood Lights.

Some solar chicken coop lights come via USB charging as a backup charging option. For example, you might go for the KK.BOL Portable Solar LED Light Bulb that has USB charging as a backup on gloomy days or as soon as solar charging is not otherwise available.


Still have actually burning inquiries around exactly how to buy the finest solar chicken coop lights for you? Here are the answers to some of the the majority of prevalent questions on the subject to assist you make the ideal purchase.

Why need to you put a light in your chicken coop?

Putting a light in your chicken coop deserve to store your chickens happy and also emulate the sunny on dark or gloomy days, particularly in winter, and extend their egg-laying seachild. However, you have the right to likewise usage a light on the external of your chicken coop.

Tright here are 3 primary reasons to install chicken coop lights:

Illumination on dark days, specifically to emulate the sunlight in winterProviding warmthKeeping your chickens safe from predators at night (outside the chicken coop)

Do chicken coops require a light on at night?

You should not leave lights on inside your chicken coop at night as this deserve to disrupt your chickens’ biological rhythms. However before, lights on the exterior of your chicken coop can be an effective means to store your chickens safe from pests and predators.

How a lot light carry out chickens require in order to lay?

Normally, chickens require at least 12 hrs of sunlight every day to be productive egg-layers, while 14 to 16 hrs of daily sunlight is optimal.

Key takeaways

A great light have the right to either encourage your chickens to lay via brief winter days, or store predators away at night. Solar lights are a good alternative for chicken coops bereason they are eco-friendly, trustworthy, and also cost-reliable.

Our top pick as the finest solar light for chicken coops is the Jior Solar Indoor Pendant Light. We also really choose the Richarm Solar Flood Lights and also the KK.BOL Portable Solar LED Light Bulb makes a great budget-friendly option.

These lights will save your chickens happy, healthy, and also safe making use of the sun’s energy and also protecting the world at the exact same time!

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