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After soaking your feet, our Basic Spa Pedicure consists of nail shaping, cuticle trimming, scrubbing of the feet, and callus rerelocate. Ending with a heat vapor towel, along with a massage, and also a consistent polish of your choice.

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(+$20 Gel polish)

Our Deluxe Pedicure consists of the Basic Spa Pedicure. It additionally comes through a Mineral exfoliating Scrub, this will give your feet and legs a refeshing feeling. Followed by a one-of-a-kind formulated Mud Mask wrapped in warm towels, to help relax your muscles and soothe your skin. Finimelted through a 10 minutes massage through HOT STONE

(+$20 Gel polish)

The luxurious Volcano Spa Pedicure of detox crystals and activator moisturizes and also softens the skin, while the Volcano Spa sugar scrub leaves a much more colorful apperance of your skin. The treatment continues via a Collagen mask to make your skin silky smooth. Followed by a HOT STONE massage through collagen massage lotion.

(+$20 Gel polish)

This pedicure is ideal for fostering the expansion of new cells for fresh and also healthy-looking skin. The collagen socks carry invention to pedicure therapies. Each mask is preloaded through vitamin E and also collagen-rich emulsion to penetrate and moisturize the skin. This pedicure comes through all parts of the fundamental pedicure merged with COLLAGEN socks and also 10 minutes HOT STONE massage.

(+$20 Gel polish)

Feel the eruption! This is a luxurious spa pedicure with organic ingredients. Relax and rejuvenate your feet via detox volcano crystals and also activators combined to develop an invigorating and also detoxifying endure with a fun bubbling explosion! Followed by callus therapy, organic sugar scrub, collagen cream mask, extfinished foot massage, warm towel wrap. Finimelted with HOT STONE massgae and also PARAFFIN hot wax therapy.

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(+$20 Gel polish)

A CBD pedicure offers it all: nail shaping, cuticle detailing, CBD scrub, CBD mask, hot stone massage. Followed by your option of PARAFFIN warm wax or COLLAGEN socks and the polish of your option. The organization helps relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation and treat assorted skin conditions. After your CBD Pedicure, you will certainly leave the salon walking on air and also your feet will certainly look beautiful, too!

(+$15 Gel polish)

Relax your hand also with Epsom salt, grooming of nails, exfoliating scrub, extended hand and also arm massage, and also polish.

Relax your hand with Epsom salt, grooming of nails, exfoliating scrub, paraffin, extfinished hand also and arm massage, and also polish.

We usage collagen gloves treatment through enriched marine collagen, argan oil, Phyto collagen, and herb extracts that will aid store the skin plump and look younger.


Our implements are medically sterilized and also disinfected after each usage. Buffers and also files are offered only when then discarded. All pedicure actions are done through liner security. And above all, staffs are trained to follow a appropriate sanitization protocol that puts clients hygiene as the number one priority.