Solar on demand fountains

The Two-Tier Solar On Demand also Fountain via Earth Tone Finish does double duty as a lovely fountain and also functional birdbath.

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With a classic architecture, this is a lovely low-maintenance fountain that will certainly quickly boost a vast array of garden, patio, or balcony layouts.

Both tiers are wide enough for birds to spout and also splash it and also you gain to enjoy the sights and also sounds of soothing water along and also your backyard birds. 

The solar (or optional electric powered) pump repetitively pumps water from the basin via the optimal swirled spout, over a basic optimal tier and also right into a gently detailed basin. Lightweight and also simple to assemble, relocate around your residential or commercial property, and keep, this is a self-contained unit: no electrical wires, no plumbing, no utility costs! This Solar-on-Demand fountain functions off of a solar panel put in direct sunlight. The panel does double duty: powering the fountain"s pump and storing reserve power in rechargeable batteries so that the fountain can occupational when you want it to for up 2 four hours at night or in the time of cloudy weather. On the solar powered mode, the fountain runs directly from the solar panel, yet the panel must be in bappropriate sunshine. 

When the switch is turned on, the pump will certainly job-related till it"s keep power is offered up, after which the fountain immediately transforms ago to solar powered mode. A totally charged battery will certainly operate approximately 4 hours after the sun goes dvery own.

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You deserve to operate it everyday making use of the battery modern technology for continuous performance even in cloudy conditions, or leave your fountain off, charging the batteries for usage when you want it, even at night. 

Due to the fact that the solar panel deserve to be placed approximately 14 feet ameans from the fountain, this fountain deserve to be inserted in shady locations (contained covered balconies, gazebos or even porches as long as the solar panel is in an area with plenty of straight sunshine. Product Features:

Dimensions: 23 inches in diameter at larges suggest (bottom basin) and 34.5 inches tall/highWeight: 22 pounds, without waterDurable color-fast polyresin withstands weather and also harsh sunlight (note: all water functions must be taken in throughout subfreezing weather to proccasion damages to the pump or fountain as a result of the development of freezing water)Solar-on-demand also technology lets you pick when you want your fountain to work-related with convenience on/off switchNote: while there is a substantial distinction between the White and also Darker Earth tone complete, each fountain will vary slightly the fountains have subtle hand-painted accents so no two will be exactly the exact same.Rechargeable batteries*, solar powered pump, solar panel through ground mounting stake, 14-foot cord, and fountain are includedFlexible pump lets you set the water circulation levels: pick gentle or even more dramatic water flowA 4-hour timer collection comes through this product: once you revolve the pump on it will run for 4 hrs, then it rotate off itself to conserve power. If there is enough solar energy stored in the rechargeable batteries you have the right to revolve the pump on and it will work-related until the power is used upOne (1) Year Manufacturer"s Warranty

* 4 AA rechargeable batteries come via the product and also commonly last 12 to 18 months, varying via how frequently the batteries run via a finish cycle (definition the power is completely supplied up). To extend the battery life, we recommend letting the pump job-related off of the solar panel except times once you want to make sure it is working.

Replacement are easily accessible in most hardware stores and also house centers or deserve to be purchased through us as one-of-a-kind orders. Please note that once replacing batteries, you have to purchase the exact same size and also type of battery that came via the pump. Use of an incorrect battery kind can destroy the solar controller device.