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Summer is nearly right here, and those via their very own pools are lucky sufficient to have actually a area to cool down. However before, if you’re feeling a tiny timid about dipping into chilly water, these solar-powered flowers are specifically what you require. Not just carry out they look great—equivalent to beautiful floating lily pads—but they also usage the natural heat of the sun to warmth up your pool.

Available as packs of 12, the Solar Pool Flowers come in three various shade options—black, blue, or a rainbow-hued collection. Each individual freduced actions 22″ in diameter, is lightweight, influence resistant, and also made from recyclable plastic. Ssuggest toss them right into your pool and gain the temperature distinction. As the sun hits them, they start to generate heat.

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“Such a more eye pleasing means of warming up my pool,” one reviewer wrote. “I love exactly how straightforward it is to relocate them about to wbelow the sun is on the water. I also love exactly how I don’t need to concern around a dog or son falling into a solar blanket and gaining trapped. Can certainly tell a difference with the water temperature under the flowers. Will be getting more for sure!”

Check out the Solar Pool Flowers listed below and buy your very own on Amazon.

These floating, solar-powered flowers absorb the sunlight and warm up your pool.


They look just choose floating lily pads!

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