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Partial design process
Grade Level: 6 (6 – 8) Choose From: 2 lessons and 2 activitiesSubject Areas:
Physical Science
Science and Technology

Units serve as guides to a certain content or subject location. Nested under devices are lessons (in purple) and also manual tasks (in blue).

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Keep in mind that not all lessons and tasks will exist under a unit, and rather may exist as "standalone" curriculum.

Exploring Solar Power Using Heat from the Sun From Sunlight to Electric Current
Unit Lesson Activity


Harnessing energy from the sunlight holds huge applications


Students discover the approaches designers have devised for harnessing sunlight to geneprice power. First, they investigate warm deliver and also warmth storage through the building, trial and error and usage of a solar range. With a lesboy concentrated on photovoltaic cells, students learn the concepts of power convariation, conservation of power, existing and voltage. By creating model solar powered cars, students check out these conceptual principles manifested in modern technology. In addition, the solar car task offers opportunities to explore a variety of other topics, such as gear ratios and easy mechanics. Both of these style and also building and construction tasks are examples of design style. This design curriculum aligns to Next off Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Engineering Connection

Designing and structure solar cars and also solar ovens are examples of design tasks that demonstrate to students how designers use their brains and also imagicountries to make an influence on the people through innovative deindicators.

Unit Overview

Leschild 1, Using Heat from the Sun and also associated activity Cooking via the Sun - Creating a Solar Oven: The three main modes of power transfer—conduction, convection and also radiation—are questioned in the conmessage of designers exploiting warmth from the sun. Then students develop and use solar ovens.

Leschild 2, From Sunlight to Electric Current and also associated activity Racing through the Sun - Creating a Solar Car: Students learn how the sun"s energy have the right to be provided to create power. Then they produce and race design solar cars.

Educational Standards

Each leskid or activity is associated to one or even more K-12 science, modern technology, design or math (STEM) educational standards.

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All 100,000+ K-12 STEM criteria extended in are collected, kept and packaged by the Achievement Standards Netoccupational (ASN), a project of D2L (

In the ASN, requirements are hierarchically structured: initially by source; e.g., by state; within resource by type; e.g., science or mathematics; within type by subkind, then by grade, etc.

See individual lessons and also tasks for criteria alignment.

Unit Schedule

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