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OnSite Energy, Inc. is a locally owned solar power contractor based out of Bozeguy, Montana, specializing in solar electrical (photovoltaic) task breakthrough, design, and also installation. With a solid commitment to the development of solar power in Montana, unified through comprehensive market understanding and field of expertise, our goal is to empower our area members via the use of clean renewable energy…and also we truly think solar is for everyone.

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Xanterra Parks & Resorts newly had actually the pleacertain of working with OnSite Energy on a solar install on our newly built Paintbrush employee residence at Old Faithful. This job was certified as Yellowstone’s first LEED Platinum building, and also the addition of a renewable energy component was integral in helping us to attain this prestigious accolade. The folks at OnSite Energy were knowledgeable, beneficial, and also simple to occupational through throughout the process and also we look forward to future projects to assist reduce our impact in the world’s initially nationwide park.

Site Analysis and also Design

We pride ourselves on transferring high high quality system designs that focus on efficiency and also maximum energy manufacturing. At the heart of our style procedure is a thorough website analysis to identify the ideal solution for your all at once power objectives. Solar power is by nature very technical, yet your true investment is in the energy that your device produces over its lifeexpectations, not just the innovation. By utilizing the latest website analysis devices for measuring shading effects and ecological problems, we encertain a high level of accuracy in our energy production approximates, offering you an ungone beyond level of confidence in your solar investment.

Project Development

We are so much more than just a solar installation agency. Over the last decade of developing solar tasks in Montana, we have developed a considerable network of sector specialists and supporters, and in using those partnerships we deserve to even more efficiently construct and implement solar jobs of any kind of type and scope, from off-grid residential to huge range commercial applications. What truly sets us acomponent is our substantial selection of project advancement solutions, which include: Grant Funding Procurement, Creative Ownership Structures, Tax Equity Financing, and also State-of-the-art Design and also Estimating Resources.

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We sell full-company turn-vital installation services. Our staff is expertly trained in installation and also safety and security practices and also are certified via the North American Board of Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) as PV Installation Professionals together with NorthWestern Energy’s Qualified Installer Program.

Operations & Maintenance

By making use of state-of-the-art PV analyzing tools, our technical staff offers detailed operations and maintenance services. Detailed commissioning reports, permanent maintenance contracts and also system inspection services from OnSite Energy ensure that your solar electrical mechanism will certainly operate at full potential the entirety of its life.

Training & Education

Educating the public around the benefits and also technological elements of solar electrical units is a major focus at OnSite Energy. We market a variety of solar training and also educational services, consisting of the building of mobile solar labs, PV training manuals, and in perchild workshops. Our training and also education clients include but are not restricted to, NorthWestern Energy, College of Montana, and the Montana Joint Electrical Training Center (MEJATC).



As well all know, any kind of community is strongertogether
, and we love to team up via like-minded folks. Over the last year, OnSite Energy joined the leaders of an international activity of world using organization as a pressure for good™ by becoming a Certified B Corporation. We had actually the honor of ending up being members of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, and also also started our very own regime via neighborhood ecological organizations dubbed Solar for Conservation.
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