Solar panels on clay tile roofs


Clay tile roofs conquer the landscape throughout the American southwest. They look good, are part of Spanish society, and also deserve to last a century. However before, they have the right to be a pain in the butt for solar installers to job-related through.

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Until recently, installing solar on clay tiled roofs has been an extra expensive and risky endeavor than other roof forms, favor composite shingle or metal. This is because tiles are reasonably expensive, vulnerable, and also rerelocating them to install roof mounts for solar panels deserve to open up the seal of your roof to water damages.

By no indicates have to you let these difficulties dissuade you from going solar if you have actually a clay tile roof. In this short article, we’ll review the finest installation practices and also devices for clay tile roofs and highlight some considerations once working through your solar installer to upgrade your tile roof residence via solar energy.

Installing solar on clay tile will certainly be more expensive

Roof tiles are brittle. Any time someone requirements to go up on one of these roofs to gain some work-related done there’s a good chance a few tiles will certainly break. Fitting the right type of tile back in location of a damaged tile isn’t constantly a quick procedure, and also some tiles can be rather expensive to resource.

For these reasons, many solar installers will certainly be a lot even more careful as soon as functioning on a clay tile roof. However before, that indicates they will certainly be slower, and that indicates you’ll need to spend a tiny more for labor hours.

Try to protect against “comp-outs” or tile cutting for your on your clay tile roof when installing solar


Some solar installers like to use a method called a “comp-out” to more easily install solar on clay tile roofs. This strategy entails rerelocating all the clay tiles under the location wright here your solar panels will certainly go, installing compowebsite shingle in this location, then plopping in conventional solar roof mounts, rails and also panels in that place.

Solar installers will then go ahead and area similar shaped tiles in in between the rows of panels in your variety to make points look all tidy again.

Alternatively, some installers attach solar racks to your tile roof by taking out individual tiles and cutting or drilling little holes in them. This allows them to punch the solar mounts via and bolt straight to the timber sheapoint underneath the tile.

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Going these routes can produce some troubles, given that there will be a slight gap wright here the tiles used to be and also wright here your solar panels currently are. Even though your new shingles safeguard your roof in the location they were installed in the situation of a comp-out, water will still run off of them and also sneak below your tile on the lower part of your roof. Additional, small holes in your roofing tiles are not ideal for leakage either.

We all know water underneath your roofing material is a bad instance, it can be particularly worse if you live in a area which frequently gets below freezing, as trapped water converting to ice and also earlier aacquire can wreak havoc on your structure. For these reasons, we recommfinish versus these 2 installation methods for clay tile roofs.

What is the best means to install solar on a tile roof?


For concrete tiles, a solid solar installer will certainly temporarily remove simply a few tiles just where unique hooks have to be installed into your roof joists. Then, they will install base plates onto your roof membrane, and also affix special hooks to them.

Flashing is set up next, preferably through tar, on peak of the hook to ensure no water gets right into this freshly drilled area supplied to fasten the baseplate and also hook (check out the photo above). Rails are then attached to each hook and also your solar panels are installed to them.

If a baseplate and also hook demands to be mounted in a room through no easily accessible roof joist underneath, your installer will should cut some hardwood and install it in your attic in the appropriate locations.

Rapid Mount PV has many type of various kinds of mounts for concrete tile roofs to fit many type of various tile shapes. Here’s a good video which reflects how tile hooks are installed on your roof.

For clay tile roofs, it’s recommended to use a dual flashing technique instead of using hooks. That’s because the panels and hooks they’re attached to have the right to rattle a bit in the wind and crack the more delicate clay tile. If the form of your clay tile matches the form of among Fast Mount’s tile replacement options, that could be an excellent different as well.

A relatively brand-new development, tile replacement mounts, make solar installs easier by reducing your installer’s need to creatively cut tile to fit roughly hooks. They take the location of the tile under your solar installation wbelow your mounts are attached to your roof! Here’s a video clip of what they look like:

What does the future of clay tile solar look like?


If aesthetics are crucial to you and you have actually most cash to devote to this sort of installation, they may be worth a look. Regardless it’s a wise idea to watch just how a lot you deserve to save by beginning today with regular solar panels tied into your clay roof utilizing the technique outlined over.