Starting from humble starts in Midlothian, Tx the founder and also CEO of Infinity Solar, Paul McGrath realized that he had a passion for renewable power, specifically in the solar arena. Infinity Solar has actually built a team that has actually done over 780 solar installs to day and generates over $4,500,000 in annual revenue, however we are committed to the little tvery own values and also trust on which the agency was founded… We believe in Faith, Family and also Friends, and having Fun.

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Our company model is developed on a commitment to enhance eincredibly solar mechanism with our dedication to Integrity, Teamwork-related and Customer Service. We still believe that the customer is constantly right.




Evaluation & Timeline

The first step Infinity Solar takes is to determine if a solar electric device makes feeling for your home or company is our assessment and evaluation of your utility usage, and also reviewing your present and historic energy seasonal trends.

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Designing & Permitting

The following action is the device architecture. Throughout this stage, Infinity Solar will establish the actual placement and also layout of the panels, inverter and also wiring of your device.


Changes in the solar sector, fast growth, diversification and also development have not changed our dedication to the core values that Infinity Solar was developed upon.


We remain committed to the principle that if it’s not fun, it’s work–and we like to have fun. We reap each other’s firm and have actually a culture through a strong appreciation of adundertaking.


At Infinity Solar we believe in old institution worths, and to us that indicates as a paying customer you need to have an active roll in the architecture of your system and also how the completed task must look!


Call now and also have actually among our trained representatives assist you through your solar demands or fill out the create to the best and among our representatives will certainly acquire earlier via you within the hour.