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The City of Somerville has actually numerous programs aimed at enhancing accessibility to clean power and power performance actions in homes and structures. The majority of Somerville’s greenhome gas eobjectives come from our buildings. Therefore, boosting access to clean power and also incentivizing power effective structures is a crucial priority for achieving carbon neutrality. In enhancement to the climate adjust benefits, clean energy and power efficiency can additionally help to reduce utility costs for citizens and help make Somerville’s homes even more comfortable.

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Community Choice Electricity

Somerville Energy Efficiency Now! (SEEN)

Solar Energy

Mass Save Small Business Program

Community Choice Electricity

In an effort to both reduced the expense of electrical energy bills as well as present green power options into our power supply, the City of Somerville has actually organized a citywide electrical power bulk buying regimen recognized as Somerville Community Choice Electricity. Establiburned by Masschusetts state statute, “municipal aggregation” programs permit cities to pool the citywide energy buying power of all interested customers in the city to attain community-wide benefits.

The objective of municipal aggregation is to reduced electricity bills via the development of a buying team written of residents and businesses without interfering through the level of company provided by the existing utility (Everresource in Somerville), which will certainly continue to distribute the electrical power supply. In enhancement to lowering and stabilizing power prices, aggregation deserve to be offered to boost the amount of renewable energy in the community’s energy supply.

Municipal aggregation was developed under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 164 Section 134. More than 60 cities and communities in Massachusetts—consisting of Melincreased, New Bedford, and Salem—already have energetic electrical energy aggregation programs

In October 2015, the Board of Aldermen authorized the creation of a neighborhood alternative aggregation plan in Somerville. After accepting public comments, receiving approval by the Board of Alderguys, and undergoing evaluation by the Department of Energy Reresources, the City of Somerville obtained approval for its plan from state Department of Public Utilities in April 2017. You have the right to downfill a copy of the plan right here. Similar to all municipal aggregation programs in Massachusetts, Somerville Community Choice Electricity employed a competitive procurement procedure designed to maximize savings and also administer a full collection of consumer protections, consisting of the ideal for any kind of customer to opt out of the regimen at any type of time at no charge.

Please visit for in-depth information on Somerville Community Choice Electricity. This website includes price information and FAQs.

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SEEN is a regimen via the Office of Strategic Planning and also Community Advancement Houtilizing Division that functions to make Somerville’s real estate more power efficient by encouraging residents to take advantage of existing provides and also programs via MassSave. MassSave provides no-cost Home Energy Assessments to Somerville homeowners, landlords, and tenants. An energy assessment takes in between one and also three hours and also will certainly assist recognize power and cost conserving enhancements in your residence. If 1,001 Somerville citizens complete Home Energy Assessments in 2017, the City of Somerville will earn $40,000 for future power efficiency campaigns from National Grid!

Sign up for your Mass Save no-price Home Energy Assessment this particular day and also learn more around additional incentives here.

The City of Somerville has actually made it a priority to help mitigate expenses and also obstacles for residents looking to go solar. If you are interested in learning more around going solar, please visit the Somerville Energy Efficiency Now page.

In 2016, the City of Somerville ran the extremely successful Solarize Somerville project to spur residential solar installation. A complete of 115 family members signed up to make the switch to solar via this program—boosting Somerville’s mounted solar capacity by over 500 kW. The Solarize program might have finished, however you have the right to still obtain solar for your residence. If you are interested in solar, you have the right to get started by reviewing the indevelopment on the Renewable Energy tab of the Somerville Energy Efficiency Now website.


For our initiatives to make it much faster, simpler and cheaper to go solar, Somerville has actually earned SolSmart Gold Designation from SolSmart, a nationwide desigcountry and also technological assistance program funded by the UNITED STATE Department of Energy SunShot Initiative. SolSmart nationally recognizes neighborhoods for adopting programs and also techniques that make it faster, less complicated, and cheaper to go solar. A SolSmart designation is a signal that the neighborhood is “open up for solar organization,” helping to lure solar industry investment and generate economic advance and regional work. Earlier this year, Somerville ended up being the first community in the Commonwealth to be designated Bronze. Somerville is now the first community in Massachusetts to earn Gold.



Solar Coach Mary Mangan leads the charge of Solarize Somerville volunteers in the 2016 Memorial Day Parade


The City of Somerville and Everresource are excited to lug affordable energy-performance services with the Mass Save Small Company Program.

Eversource’s selected seller, Rise Engineering will certainly be visiting businesses throughout Somerville to carry out cost-free power assessments founding August 2third. Potential energy-saving methods incorporate yet are not limited to: lighting, thermostats, water saving devices, and also insulation. If eligible, these steps will certainly assist minimize energy and also maintenance prices to your company. Businesses are able to opt-out of both the assessment and the implementation for any kind of reason.

To sign up for a free energy assessment, visit Rise Engineering’s Somerville Portal below.

Questions around the program?

Please call Nick Schonberger, Economic Advancement Assistant at  or Todd Cowger, Senior Marketing Specialist at