Solar Plexus Chakra Gemstones

INSIDE: The solar plexus is the power center that controls our individual power, transdevelopment, and independence. Balancing it with solar plexus chakra stones helps us to be authentic and confident in that we are.

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The solar plexus chakra is the third energy facility in the body. It is located at the diaphragm (upper abdomen).

It manages our sense of self; therefore it directs our self-confidence, our authenticity, and our ability to transdevelop and manifest the life we desire.

This chakra is among the reduced chakras, however it is closest to the heart chakra, so it brings us inward to contheme just how we communicate via what is external of us. It is linked through the fire facet and also the color yellow.Color - YellowElement - FireKey Functions - Personal Power, Independence, Responsibility, Transdevelopment, Manifeterminal, Confidence, and Personal GrowthAreas of the Body - Digestive System, Pancreas, Adrenals, Liver, Gall Bladder

What You Need to Know About the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the power facility that fuels the body inside and out with light, radiance, and also power. It governs our personality, otherwise known as our sense of self or our ego.

Our opinions, beliefs, and also individual power are all tied to this chakra. That indicates, it has a lot to perform through how we feel about ourselves and also the people roughly us. 

The level of confidence, willpower, and freedom we feel is linked through the solar plexus, as is our sense of function and our drive for individual expansion.

The solar plexus chakra is a warrior power that deserve to make us feel choose we deserve to take on the civilization as soon as it is correctly balanced. On the various other hand, it have the right to lead to self-loathing and manage problems once out of balance. 

When we strive to manifest alters in our stays, we must make sure our solar plexus chakra is prepared to support us. If it is, we will certainly experience the decision-making, self-discipline, and strength we need to attain our purposes. 


What a Balanced Solar Plexus Chakra Looks Like

When the solar plexus chakra is healthy and balanced and also well balanced, we will have the confidence and also individual power we have to move our lives forward. We"ll be able to effortlessly reach our objectives and manifest what we desire in our lives.

Our relationships will be harmonious because they will be a reflection of the love we have for ourselves.

It will be easy for us to set clear intentions, make decisions, and also take actions that lug us positive changes. We"ll be able to lean on our gut intuition to overview us in every little thing that we carry out.

Although we"ll have the ability to take control of our resides, we will not feel the should control points. We"ll feel as though we have inner power in our exterior world. We"ll be living responsibly as we are driven with a feeling of objective.

Solar plexus energy is proactive rather of reenergetic. It offers us the individual stamina to overcome challenges that get in the method of our life direction. You"ll feel radiant as you honor yourself via self-treatment practices.


What an Unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra Looks Like

When the solar plexus chakra is out of balance, we regularly experience low self-confidence and also self-worth. We might lack a feeling of identification and purpose, therefore we aren"t motivated to thrive and adjust.

A blocked solar plexus can make it hard for us to make a decision. It"s basic to feel insecure and to acquire manipulated by others. We might suffer manage problems, which could result in feeling helpmuch less, or on the other finish, obsessive around points that don"t really issue.

It can lead to irresponsibility, issues through priorities, and also having actually an excessive amount of judgement for yourself and also others. A are afraid of rejection is widespread, as is being overly sensitive to criticism.

If you uncover yourself being unable to stand also up for what you believe in or overreacting to your circumstances, and feeling stressed as an outcome, it"s exceptionally likely that your solar plexus is out of balance.

Symptoms of a Blocked Solar Plexus

As you"ve viewed above, as soon as tbelow is a blockage in the solar plexus chakra, it can have dramatic impacts on our self-worth and on what we are able to obtain out of life.

Here"s a concise list of what can occur so that you will certainly quickly understand when your solar plexus chakra demands rebalancing...

Physical Symptoms

Digestive issuesWeight gain/imbalanced metabolismSugar cravingsBlood sugar issuesAcid refluxIBS (irritable bowel syndrome)NauseaFeeling drained or depletedDepressionInsomnia

Mental & Emotional Symptoms

FrustrationAngerStressPerfectionismIrresponsibilityControl issuesObsessivenessUnable to make a decisionFeeling stuckLow self-imageNot being able to trust your gutNot taking care of yourselfLack of self-acceptance or self-understandingIssues through social statusUnable to manifest what you wantEverypoint feels difficult


The 8 Best Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Healing stones are among the most efficient devices for optimizing the function of the solar plexus chakra. Here are the best solar plexus chakra stones to carry out the job...



Citrine is a one of the initially solar plexus chakra stones most people think of bereason its energy matches that of a balanced solar plexus. It brings us feelings of empowerment, confidence, and optimism.

It captures the power of the sun, uplifting us and also helping us to experience even more joy and also happiness. By working to rerelocate the fears that host us earlier, Citrine widens our perspective and also raises our vibration. We"ll feel a boost of physical power as an outcome, as well as the psychological push we have to manifest our dreams.

Yellow Jasper


Yellow Jasper is a solar plexus chakra stone that offers the self-esteem, courage, and also inspiration we have to relocate forward in our lives. As a stamong defense, it attracts positive power to us and also brings us more joy.

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With its ability to promote harmony between the body and soul, it gives a deep feeling of inner tranquility, calming our nerves and emotions. It additionally helps to alleviate misunderstandings and also rise toughness.

Tiger"s Eye


Tiger"s Eye balances the solar plexus with its protective, grounding, and cleansing power. Knvery own as the Stamong Courage, it helps to remove fears and also inspire confidence in us so that we have the right to relocate past our obstacles and take risks.

It is one of the best solar plexus chakra stones for helping us access our gut intuition. It also replenishes our energy and enhances our willpower.

Physically, Tiger"s Eye supports the digestive device and also functions to minimize food cravings.



Pyrite is an excellent luck rock that promotes wide range, prosperity, and abundance by boosting our artistic and manifesting powers. It boosts our emotional toughness, inspires personal expansion, and helps us to feel confident in our own decisions.

Pyrite supports us through the power of inspiration and also self-discovery, driving us to move forward in our stays and to have the courage to transcreate.

Through positive decision-making, lessened doubt, and defense from negative power and also thoughts that keep us stuck, this powerful rock helps us perserious and reach our goals.

Rutilated Quartz


Rutilated Quartz is an empowering crystal that brings out our authenticity by helping us to much better understand ourselves. It"s light and joyful energy motivates us to do the work we do not favor doing.

When we use this solar plexus chakra rock, we feel uplifted as it cleanses our heart, works to heal us on an emotional level, and also sparks our gut intuition. With its aid, we have the right to learn to make selections that are based on our true personal needs and also find remedies from a new perspective.

Yellow Quartz


Yellow Quartz is an additional solar plexus chakra stone that has actually a sunny disposition, bringing us a light, happy, vivid power that renders us feel alive. It has transdevelopmental powers, and we can tap right into that power to come up with creative new options that permit us to manifest the transforms we desire.

This crystal brings us clarity, optimism, and also a solid life-force. It helps us to watch our self-worth and also to make confident, positive decisions.

Physically, it supports our digestion, metabolism, and also offers relief from burnout.



Bronzite is a lower chakra rock that balances the solar plexus with its motivating, hopeful, transformative energy. Known as the Stamong Focoffered Action, this crystal is here to align your thoughts and actions and help you follow with in a way that renders goal attainment simple.

By decreasing self-doubt and also self-beating thoughts, Bronzite improves our idea in ourselves, which helps to put an finish to indecisiveness, negativity, and a lack of self manage. It provides us the emotional toughness we should go with the flow and handle challenging cases.

It also supports the digestive system.

Leopardskin Jasper


Leopardskin Jasper is one more lower chakra stone that benefits the solar plexus chakra with a strong, magnetic, and also harmonious energy. It supports our true demands and protects us as we chase after our desires.

This stone removes self-defeating actions, reveals every one of our options, and also pushes us toward personal expansion. It supports us with light-hearted inspiration, particularly when it involves enhancing our finances.

Physically, it promotes healthy detoxification and also digestion, and the kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and also spleen.


Other Solar Plexus Chakra Solutions

Aside from solar plexus chakra stones, tbelow are many type of various other ways to optimize the solar plexus chakra. A few of them include:

Essential Oils - Lemon, Chamomile, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Bergamot, Sage, Juniper, Geranium, Saffron, Ginger, Cinnamon, CloveYoga Poses - Sun Salutations & Warrior PosePractice trusting your gutEngage in self-treatment practicesWear yellow clothesMeditationSpend time in the sunHave a campfire or light a fire in a fireplaceRecite affirmations for self-loveDrink a citrine elixirEat bananas, sunflower seeds, brvery own rice, lentils, oats, yellow and oselection peppers, sweet potatoes, lemons, yellow pears, squash, and also corn

The Takeaway

By functioning to balance your solar plexus chakra, you will have the ability to stand also in your power and also manifest the life you desire. And the solar plexus chakra stones we"ve outlined are among the the majority of efficient means to perform that.

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