Solar Covers are a wonderful invention, however I’ve constantly included that they have actually a good little of ‘hassle factor’, in their use. They have the right to be cumbersome to put on and off the pool, and even more once the solar cover is 4-5 ft over ground.

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Today’s short article highlights the many sparks of genius from pool owners across the fruited plain, who have uncovered methods to resolve the hassle element of solar blankets.

With a hat tip to DIY pioneers, here’s means to hack a solar pool cover, in addition to continuous retail techniques to regulate them.

Solar Reels

Solar cover reels for above ground pools connect directly to the optimal rail of the pool, and cross over the facility of a round pool, and also for oval pools, inserted across the pool, just prior to wright here the wall begins to curve.

The factor for this is vital – round covers or oval ends won’t affix neatly through the solar cover straps and also clips, and pulling just on the center of the cover could damage the cover.

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When utilizing the pool, some over ground solar reels permits one perkid to pivot the tube out of the way, or the reel can be removed entirely by 2 people, and inserted alongside the pool. Tright here are various other alternatives, but if the blanket is not attached to the reel with a solar cover reel attachment kit, it deserve to be hard to obtain the blanket to begin rolling up, and also to roll tightly.


Solar Rollers

A solar roller is really just the reel, without stands on the finish. For tiny pools, you can make your very own with PVC pipe, however for heavier blankets or pools 18′ or larger, you will certainly require an aluminum tube. See our above ground pool Economy Solar Cover Roller below.



Solar Hooks

Solar hooks allow you to pull the cover entirely off the pool in minutes and additionally store it clean and also not threat burning the grass next to the pool.

You might make your very own, however take it straightforward and buy our Solar Saddle rather. Set of 5 hooks all set for mounting under the top rail, no screws required



Protecting your Solar Cover

This last little of solar cover hacks for over ground pools involves techniques to make your solar cover last longer. No one desires to spend excellent money on something that only lasts for one year – so here’s some essential tips for solar cover customers.

That’s it for our means to hack solar covering your above ground pool! If you have other tips and also tricks that have functioned for you, share below by clicking the Leave a Reply button.