Solar powered ball lights

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The press to have the neighborhood’s finest holiday light screen is actual. But what’s also even more daunting is the holiday seakid electric bill you’re left with after establishing up every one of those Christmas string lights.

Solar powered Christmas lights are the perfect means to encertain you have actually the best holiday decorations on the block, without bring about your electric bill to skyrocket.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 ideal solar Christmas lights to brighten up your holiday seakid - without breaking the bank.

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Top 5 solar Christmas lights

1. JMEXSUSS 2-Pack Solar String Lights

Best: Overall solar Christmas lightsPrice: $23.99 Buy Now

The JMEXSUSS LED solar string lights are our peak pick for solar Christmas lights. They have excellent customer reviews, and an also much better price allude.

You’ll be paying less for the JMEXSUSS lights without having to sacrifice the look or quality of your outdoor Christmas display screen.


JMEXSUSS’s cool white LED lights will make your residence pop this Christmas season. Image source: Amazon

They are available in 5 different colors: blue, green, multishade, warm white, and also bideal white.

You deserve to additionally pick from one of eight lighting settings, varying from twinkling lights to slow fade. So, no issue what look you’re going for, tright here is a JMEXSUSS Christmas light alternative for you.

Each fill includes 2 sets of 100-string power effective LED light bulbs. Each string is 42.7 feet in length, so you have the ability to cover lengthy ranges.

The lights incorporate a waterproof mini solar panel that demands to be placed in direct sunlight. With a complete charge in direct sunlight for 8 to 12 hrs, the lights will continue to be on for 8 hrs at night.

2. Joomer 2-Pack Solar Christmas Lights

Best: Overall solar Christmas lights runner-upPrice: $42.99 Buy Now

Joomer’s solar Christmas lights are our runner-up pick for the best solar Christmas lights obtainable in 2020.

In spite of being one of ‘Amazon’s Choice’ picks, Joomer is our runner-up pick bereason they have actually slightly reduced user reviews than JMEXSUSS.


Joomer’s high-quality multi-colored solar powered lights look just choose timeless string lights, but won’t run up your meter. Image source: Amazon

What seems to carry down Joomer’s user testimonial score are defunct strands - many individuals reported that lights stopped functioning after just a couple of supplies, even after being charged in direct sunlight. In fact, for some customers, the lights didn’t work right out of package.

Regardless of this, tright here are still an overwhelming variety of excellent reviews.

Like JMEXSUSS, Joomer supplies multiple colors: blue, green, multicolor, purple, red, warmth white, and also bbest white lights.

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They likewise encompass 8 various settings, so you have the right to accomplish the look you desire for your Christmas decorations. This fill comes through two, 200 LED string lights and 2 IP65 waterproof solar panels.

3. Vmanoo Tube Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Best: Solar powered icicle lightsPrice: $20.99 Buy Now

While normal icicles melt in the sun, these icicle lights are powered by them! Vmanoo’s icicle lights are some of the just solar powered tube icicle lights on the market.

They have a 4.1 star rating with over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, they look excellent, and also they come at a fair price suggest, which is what makes them our height pick for solar powered icicle lights.


VMANOO LED solar icicle tube lights revolve an plain pathway into a winter wonderland. Image source: Amazon

These icicle tube lights come in 4 various colors: blue, heat white, cool white, and also multicolor. Each strand also comes with 8 LED tube lights and one solar panel that needs to be put in straight sunlight.

One strand also of Vmanoo Tube Lights spans a length of 23.6 feet. When charged for 6 to 8 hrs, the lights will reprimary on consistently for 8 to 12 hrs.

They provide the illusion of a ‘dripping’ icicle to really complete your winter light screen.

4. WOWLUX LED Solar Crystal Ball Lights

Best: Solar powered globe light/statement lightPrice: $22.99 Buy Now

WOWLUX’s LED Crystal Ball Lights are a great method to spice up your holiday light display screen.

These landed the title of ‘finest statement solar powered light’ because of their conventional globe shape and bbest, vivid colors. They have a distinct look that offers off the signature vintage incandescent bulb vibe - yet with a (solar) twist.


The WOWLUX LED Crystal Ball Lights will certainly ensure you have the a lot of festive house on the block. Image source: Amazon

You can choose in between multicolor or warmth white strands, through each strand holding 50 LED bulb lights. Choose between eight operating settings to get the perfect impact for your house.

These solar powered world lights include one solar panel to charge the bulbs. Each string is guaranteed to run for 8 to 10 hours continuously, as lengthy as the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight for 8 or even more hours.

With one string of lights reaching about 22.3 feet in length, the WOWLUX solar globe lights are not only excellent for hanging on your home, yet deserve to conveniently be wrapped roughly trees, too!

5. Brighttown Solar Outdoor String Lights

Best: Solar powered string lights/fairy lightsPrice: $20.98 Buy Now

Fairy string lights have actually newly end up being a famous alternative for modern-looking, aesthetically pleasing outdoor lighting.

Brighttown uses a solar powered version of these well-known lights and they come with terrific Amazon reviews. The sheer number of positive reviews sets them ahead of various other solar powered fairy lights available.


Brighttown’s solar powered fairy string lights are good for the holidays, however also add beautiful lighting to your outdoor room year-round. Image source: Amazon

They come in a variety of colors: warmth white, blue, green, multishade, pink, pure white, and purple. Each string is made of 33 feet of copper wire through 100 LED lights.

Brighttown’s solar fairy lights are perfect for a subtle Christmastime display and also are renowned for decorating tiny spaces, like apartment balconies.