Solar powered bike light

The in the BOOST mode puts out over 300 Luguys. As a reference the flashlight on a Iphone X in the brightest establishing puts out around 50 luguys.

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All of our bicycle lights attribute a solar panel. The solar panel instantly charges the battery during the day, so your battery is never before drained.

Wbelow most bicycle light are made from plastic, the’s enclocertain is made of 3 mm thick metal. is constructed to last, steel real estate, stainmuch less steel structure inside and a stainless steel mounting clamp.

No more dead batteries, the automatically converts eexceptionally beam sunlight into energy and keep in the batteries. After 40 hours of direct sunlight the battery is fully charged.

The condition led (color led at the rear) will begin blinking if the battery is low, don’t concern you still have a couple of hours light left to end up your ride.

If for some factor you still run of out energy you have the right to constantly charge the by USB. Any powerbank/phone charger etc will do just fine


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