With at-house chicken coops conveniently getting in popularity, now’s the moment to buy among the best solar chicken coop lights.

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Solar lights are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional wired lights. These lights have the right to aid to extend your chickens’ egg production, enabling you to proceed collecting farm fresh eggs throughout the lengthy winter months.There are several different forms of outdoor solar lights suitable for chicken coops. Outdoor flood lights, hanging bulbs, and pendant lamps are yet a few of the options. Each kind has actually its own set of pros and also cons, but inevitably they serve the same purpose: to keep your chickens happy all year long.

6 Best Solar Chicken Coop Lights

Best Overall: Solar Flood Lights With RemoteRunner-Up: Solar LED Barn LightMany Stylish Choice: Lixada Solar Pendant LightFor Those On A Budget: Viewpick 2 Pack Solar-Powered LED BulbBest for Outdoor Coops: LITOM Initial Solar LightsBest for Small Coops: LightMe Solar Light Bulb
Best Overall: Solar Flood Lights With Remote
 Watts: 10WBattery: 8-10 hoursThe High Points: Comes equipped with a remote to manually adjust settings.The Not-So: The remote has actually a couple of style fregulations.With a low price and also a plethora of features, the Solar Flood Light is the perfect option for a backyard chicken coop. While the light itself isn’t designed particularly for coops, it conveniently fits the bill. Remote functionally, an extremely bappropriate light, and also a waterproof design are just a few of the Solar Flood Light’s offering points.This light is finest suited for those with large coops that are more than 200 square feet. However, the light comes via dimming choices to considerably minimize the brightness. This function is excellent for those with little coops looking to up-size as you have the right to begin low and increase the brightness as you expand.
What Do Reviewers Say?Overall, reviewers are very pleased with the Solar Flood Light. The light is bappropriate and also basic to install. Many customers have properly used it in barns and sheds.However before, a number of buyers have actually had problems via the remote. They insurance claim that the remote deserve to only be provided in cshed proximity to the light, so it reduces the practicality. The remote additionally doesn’t come via an instruction hand-operated.Features & ConsiderationsThe otherwise unflashy Solar Flood Light comes via among the finest remote controls on the sector. It offers 3 modes: auto (based on the dawn-to-dusk sensor), timer (1-8 hours or save it on/off) and also dimming.
The half-light option is energy-saving and offers homeowners the capacity to manually readjust the brightness to their chickens’ liking.In regards to brightness, the Solar Flood Light has 25 LEDs that emits a combined 10W of light. This provides even more than enough light for a big coop. Additionally, the battery lasts a remarkable 8 to 10 hrs before exhaustion so your chickens will store warm and happy all winter lengthy.The solar panel is attached to the light by means of a 16.4 ft. cable, so the panel does not have to be mounted nearby to the light. This allows for even more versatility in installation. The light itself has a 120-level beam angle so even the darkest corners of the coop can conveniently be illuminated.The whole unit is waterproof and made of long lasting materials. It can withstand also inclement weather, humidity, dust, corrosion and also various other environmental hazards. Wherever before you decide to install your light, you deserve to be safe in learning it’s sturdy enough to last for a few years.
Runner-Up: Solar LED Barn Light
 Watts: 10WBattery: 8 hoursThe High Points: Comes equipped with a remote and also few various light settings for maximum customization.The Not-So: It takes a lengthy time to fully charge the huge batteries.With a greater price point and also smaller sized arsenal of features, the Solar LED Barn Light doesn’t beat the Solar Flood Light. However before, it is a very close runner-up. Its competitive remote, large battery capacity and also super bideal light are perfect for bigger backyard chicken coops.
The Solar LED Barn Light deserve to be supplied as an choice for homeowners who are considering upgrading their small chicken coop. However before, the large battery demands many straight sunlight to charge totally. For those living in especially cloudy climates, this might not be the finest alternative.What Do Reviewers Say?Reviewers are happy with the brightness of the light. It has the ability to light up even big, dark barns. The installation is sensibly easy, and also it functions as it have to.On the various other hand also, some reviewers have actually complained that the remote is tough to operate as it doesn’t come through adequate instructions.Others have complained that their lights quit functioning after a couple of months of procedure or not at all. These might be bereason of either manufacturing errors or architecture flegislations.
Features & ConsiderationsThe Solar LED Barn Light is similar to the Solar Flood Light however has a more limited set of features. The large and also wide light is excellent for big chicken coops, yet you have the right to alleviate the brightness for smaller sized coops. Overall, this 1,000-lumales light is excellent for a variety of applications.The compact remote uses a couple of different settings past the normal on and also off switch. Homeowners have the right to alleviate the brightness, collection a timer for 3 or 5 hours or select a “weather” establishing to harvest the most power. However before, tright here is no dawn-to-dusk sensor and you cannot pick a specific time for the lights to come on.On the left side of the light, there’s a handy power gauge through LED indicators that display screen the battery’s charge. The huge 4,000mAh battery has actually a lengthy life span and will last for years. However, the solar panel will need to get numerous hours of direct sunlight for the batteries to totally charge.The Solar LED Barn Light is waterproof and also you have the right to use it in inclement weather or dusty outdoor sheds. The solar panel comes through a 12-foot cable, which allows for homeowners to install the panel sepaprice from the light. No issue wright here you arrangement on placing your light, the Solar LED Barn Light can accommoday it.
Many Stylish Choice: Lixada Solar Pendant Light
 Watts: 3WBattery: 8-10 hoursThe High Points: Comes with both a pull cord and remote regulate.The Not-So: Doesn’t have any kind of timer.As the the majority of stylish alternative on our list, the moderately-priced Lixada Solar Pendant Light is a steal.

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The beautiful stainless-steel pendant shape can carry out enough light to keep your chickens satisfied for the lengthy winter months. For tool sized coops, think about buying 2 lights.The Lixada Solar Pendant Light comes with a couple of great attributes, choose a remote manage and a pull cord. The battery size is also rather competitive, and also installation is straightforward. However before, tright here is no timer alternative which is quite inconvenient for chicken breeders.What Do Reviewers Say?Reviewers are generally pleased with the brightness and efficiency of the Lixada Solar Pendant Light. Just one light is enough to illuminate a tiny shed. Also, buyers appreciate the combicountry of a remote and pull cord for powering the light.However before, some reviewers have actually an issue through the remote. The listing claims that the remote is RF, which indicates that it have the right to signal the light from a decently far distance. Unfortunately, the remote is actually IR, meaning you need to be within 5 meters of the light for the signal to be got.Features & ConsiderationsThe Lixada Solar Pendant Light is the the majority of stylish option on our list. With a classic vintage look and also feel, the light doesn’t initially show up to be solar-powered. It has a 3W bulb that produces 250 lumens of “daylight”. For a small coop, 2 pendant lights should be more than sufficient.
The light fixture is easy to install and also hang over a coop. It comes through a 3-meter cable that connects the solar panel to the lamp, which permits for the light to be inserted inside the coop. The solar panel is likewise adjustable, so you have the right to angle it in the finest place for harvesting sunlight.A little remote control renders turning the lamp on and off a breeze. It additionally has actually a pull-cord switch for as soon as you’re physically in the coop. The lamp deserve to stay on for 8 to 10 hours before exhausting the battery.Furthermore, the light is water-resistant and also deserve to withstand humidity, dampness and also other ecological dangers inside a melted or barn. In the appropriate conditions, the light must last 30,000 hours before it needs to be reinserted.See Price on Amazon
For Those On A Budget: Viewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered LED Bulb
 Watts: 1.5WBattery: 6-8 hoursThe High Points: The lights have the right to be conveniently relocated roughly.The Not-So: They are incredibly low wattage.As one of the many budget-friendly options on our list, the Viewpick 2 Pack Solar-Powered LED Bulb is perfect for brand-new chicken coop owners.The lights need essentially no installation as they use a USB link for charging and a carabiner hook for hanging. This allows for maximum adaptability in placement and less stress for those who are unfamiliar via solar devices.Each bulb just produces a small amount of light, but together they create sufficient for a small coop. If you’d favor to light up a large coop, then purchasing two sets would certainly be the safest option. Overall, the lights market an excellent amount of use at a dirt-cheap price.What Do Reviewers Say?Several reviewers have actually offered the Viewpick solar lights in chicken coops, greenhouses and outdoor sheds with no complaints. They case that the lights work-related as advertised and also they appreciate the USB charging device. The solar panels deserve to also be supplied to charge other gadgets too.
Some buyers report that their lights don’t host a charge and badepend produce any type of light. However before, this might be influenced by the amount of direct sunlight they got in their area. It’s essential that the bulbs’ solar panels be exposed to 8 hrs of sunlight per day if you’d choose to totally charge the batteries.Features & ConsiderationsThe two-for-one Viewpick Solar-Powered LED bulb is a great choice for small coops that need light in hard-to-reach places. The lights are naked bulbs that can attach to any kind of hook through a carabiner.They don’t call for installation bereason they are charged via USB. This means you can stick your solar panels outside and recharge your bulbs, then disconnect them and also hang them inside once they’re complete.If you desire to permanently install the lights, you have the right to save them linked to the solar panels and also use a cord to hang them from the ceiling of your coop.You have the right to likewise area a shade over the bulbs, prefer a conventional pendant lamp, to disguise the look of the solar bulbs. This may be an excellent alternative for homeowners that don’t prefer the bideal orange “emergency” architecture.
Each bulb is 1.5W, which is not a lot on its very own. However before, the set comes through two bulbs, which produces sufficient light to comfortable illuminate a small coop.The lights come via three settings: emergency flashing, full brightness and fifty percent brightness. You deserve to toggle between the settings via the switch button.The lights will certainly last around 6 to 8 hours on a complete charge. There’s an indicator light on each bulb that shows whether it’s charging or fully charged. And should you absence sunlight on a specific day, you have the right to recharge your bulbs making use of an electricity supply as it’s associated using a USB cable.See Price on Amazon
Best for Outdoor Coops: LITOM Original Solar Lights
 Watts: 8.14WBattery: 8 hoursThe High Points: It deserve to be supplied in any kind of weather.The Not-So: It must be installed on an outdoor fence or wall.The LITOM Original Solar Light is the finest choice for big outdoor coops. Although the unit is small, it deserve to produce an extensive amount of light for your chicken coop. This is perfect for long winter nights in mild climates.You deserve to just usage the light exterior because of its style. Tbelow are no choices for indoor installation. However before, you deserve to easily install the light on your coop’s fence or wall as lengthy as the solar panels have access to straight sunlight.What Do Reviewers Say?Overall, reviewers are happy through just how bright the LITOM Initial Solar Light is. Although the design is rather small, it produces most light. They also appreciate just how sensitive the activity sensor is.Some buyers have actually had defective units that stopped functioning after a couple of weeks. This appears to be a widespread trouble for solar-powered lights. It is essential to test the light initially prior to going via the hassle of installing it.
Features & ConsiderationsThe LITOM solar light is a effective alternative for any type of outdoor chicken coop. You have to install it external because the solar panel is attached to the optimal of the light, fairly than sepaprice from it. You can location it on a fence or a wall surface that receives direct sunlight during the day.The LITOM produces a generous amount of light, and also can illuminate a tool to huge sized coop. It has actually a 270-degree illumicountry variety which will certainly reach also the darkest of corners. The light is likewise waterproof and also have the right to withstand also inclement weather and also high temperatures.The light is expected to be a solar protection light, so one of its primary attributes in a activity detection function. This is unnecessary for chicken coop lighting however is a good function if you’d choose to use it to streatment ameans predators. However, you’ll greatly be making use of the constant lighting mode.See Price on Amazon
Best for Small Coops: LightMe Solar Light Bulb
 Watts: 1.5WBattery: 8 hoursThe High Points: It is cheap and also simple to install.The Not-So: It’s not long-lasting.With a low price suggest and also easy installation, the LightMe Solar Light Bulb is a good option for tiny coops. The bulb emulates a traditional light bulb, so you deserve to area a shade over it for a more attrenergetic look. Unfortunately, you will certainly need to make adjustments if you plan to permanently install it as the power switch is inconveniently on top of the bulb.For small coops and also brand-new chicken breeders, the LightMe is a great alternative. It charges quickly via a solar panel through a USB connection and lasts for 8 hours on a full battery. You deserve to additionally charge the light by means of an electric outlet if tbelow is a lack of sun.What Do Reviewers Say?Many buyers are happy via their purchase and also have actually properly offered them to light sheds and also tents. The light emits a decent level of brightness and also is exceptionally simple to move around. You deserve to usage it for a selection of applications.Unfortunately, some units are defective and also don’t charge appropriately. This is even more than likely a production error. Some also report that the brightness of the bulbs decreases over time. For permanent usage, this bulb may not be the right option.
Features & ConsiderationsThe LightMe Solar Light Bulb is exceptionally comparable to the Viewpick 2 Pack Solar-Powered Light Bulb in style and also style. With a naked bulb shape and a metal hook for hanging, the LightMe version uses a no-frills strategy to brightening up a chicken coop. It’s simple to install, maintain and also much better, it’s very cheap.The bulb charges via a USB cable that connects to a tiny solar panel. You deserve to disattach the bulb and also use it separately as soon as it has actually a full charge. On a full battery, the light deserve to last up to 8 hours which is even more than sufficient time.The little steel hook addressed on peak of the bulb permits homeowners to easily relocate it around. It can also be attached to a cord for even more permanent installation. One annoyance is that you’ll need to physically switch it on and off making use of the switch put on the peak of the bulb. This might be inconvenient for everyday use.See Price on Amazon

The Complete Solar Chicken Coop Lights Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for in a Solar Chicken Coop LightSelection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Chicken Coop LightsFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to Look for in a Solar Chicken Coop Light

How big is your coop?How much daylight carry out you receive in your area on average?Do you desire an automatic timer?Is your coop completely covered?There’s a absence of solar lights on the industry specifically designed for chicken coops. Instead, homeowners deserve to usage flood lights or defense lights as an alternative. These lights function just the very same and also will carry out sufficient light to keep your chickens happy.When selecting your light, you’ll want to make certain it fits your particular criteria. Because the lights aren’t designed for chicken coops, it’s vital to examine the specifications prior to purchasing. You’ll have to look at details such as wattage, battery length, installation needs and added features.How huge is your coop?The size of your chicken coop will ultimately determine exactly how a lot light you need. When lighting a chicken coop, you’re trying to artificially simulate the sun throughout the winter months.
A incredibly bappropriate, low-hanging solar light will certainly unintentionally stress and anxiety the chickens out. On the various other hand also, a dim bulb that’s tucked amethod in the corner won’t carry out sufficient light to make a distinction.Large chicken coops will require at least 6W of LED light while small coops will certainly require roughly 3-4W of light. Some solar lights are just 1.5W, so you’ll should purchase a couple of units to fulfill your chicken’s needs. Having even more lights suggests you deserve to customize your coverage, particularly if you have actually a uniquely shaped coop.How much daylight perform you get in your area on average?The amount of daylight you receive will affect 2 things:The performance of your solar panelHow many hrs of light your chickens will require in the winterIn regards to the solar panel, it’s vital to remember that they need accessibility to straight sunlight in order to fully charge the batteries. Typically, you’ll have to install them on the roof or exterior wevery one of your coop, dealing with a southerly direction.If your coop is not in an excellent location for harvesting solar power, you’ll have to purchase a light with a lengthy connector cable. This will permit you to area both the solar panel and light in the correct place without problem.In regards to the chickens, they need at least 14 hours of “daylight” per day to proceed laying eggs. During winter months, a normal day may only carry out 8 hours of light, leaving you to comprise the various other 6 hours via a solar chicken coop light. In this instance, you’ll must discover a light with a battery that will last that lengthy without fatigue.Do you want an automatic timer?Some solar-powered chicken coop lights come through timer attributes which can be extremely advantageous for homeowners. You deserve to use these timers to keep the light on for a certain amount of time, prefer 3 or 5 hours, depending on how a lot artificial daylight you’d prefer to administer.However before, a lot of solar lights can’t be programmed to rotate on or off at a specific time of day, unmuch less they are utilizing a dawn-to-dusk photo sensor.If you are manually turning your lights on and also off, you’ll should be cautious to carry out it at a consistent time. Otherwise, you can confuse your chickens. If you’re not able to take care of that duty, a timed solar light have the right to be very valuable.
Solar Chicken Coop LightsTimer Option?Solar Flood Lights With RemoteYesSolar LED Barn LightYesLixada Solar Pendant LightNoViewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered LED BulbNoLITOM Initial Solar LightsNoLightMe Solar Light BulbNo

Is your coop totally covered?Some chicken owners have coops that are half-covered. Due to the fact that the light demands to be put away from bedding, it might be exposed to the aspects. If your light frequently encounters rain and also other eco-friendly dangers, you’ll must make sure it’s totally waterproof.Tright here are numerous different waterproof alternatives on the industry. Because solar panels are designed to be provided outside, the majority of devices have some level of water resistance.However before, some climates suffer more rain or scurrently than others, so it’s vital to purchase a model via an adequate amount of weatherproofing to proccasion damage.Back to Top

Selection Criteria: How We Ranked the Best Solar Chicken Coop Lights

WattsBatteryBased on our mentioned criteria, we’ve narrowed down a competitive list of alternatives to function the 6 finest solar chicken coop lights.Our rankings especially focus on the watts of the bulbs and also the battery length. It additionally takes right into consideration added features, prefer timers and also weatherproofing.WattsFor coops that are around 100 square feet, you’ll need around 40 watts of incandescent light or 4 watts of LED light.For larger coops that are 200 square feet or more, you’ll need at leastern 60 watts of incandescent light or 6 watts of LED light. You must hang the lights 7 feet or so off the floor.
Solar Chicken Coop LightsWatts (W)Solar Flood Lights With Remote10WSolar LED Barn Light10WLixada Solar Pendant Light3WViewpick 2 Pack Solar Powered LED Bulb1.5WLITOM Initial Solar Lights8.14WLightMe Solar Light Bulb1.5W

BatteryHow long the battery lasts on a complete charge is of paramount prestige. If the battery dies after only a few hrs of usage, you’ll plunge your chickens right into full darkness which deserve to be stressful and counterfertile. You must be choosing a trustworthy light that can last 6 to 8 hours prior to fatigue.Some alternatives also come via USB chargers which deserve to usage electrical power if the solar panels fail to harvest any kind of power. This deserve to come in handy in the time of durations of cloudy skies and also inclement weather as you deserve to guarantee your coop will certainly be lit eincredibly night.Back to Top

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do solar lights work?Why execute chickens require lights in their coop?Will the lights still work in cloudy conditions?Do the lights need to be set up outside?How carry out solar lights work?In the most standard sense, solar lights harvest power from the sunlight, save the power in a battery and then use the stored energy to illuminate a light.They come in a range of shapes and also sizes, all via different types of valuable applications. By making use of renewable energy, solar lights sell an eco-friendly alternative to conventional wired lights.Why carry out chickens need lights in their coop?For complete egg production, chickens call for a solid 14 hours of daylight. During brief winter days, chickens regularly don’t obtain enough daylight and also will sheight laying eggs. If you depfinish on your chickens for their day-to-day supply of eggs, this might be exceptionally inconvenient.You deserve to use lights to “extend” the day using fabricated indicates. A warmth LED bulb via a decent wattage deserve to simulate the sun and indicate to the chicken that they have the right to proceed creating eggs.However before, you must use the light as a supplement to the sun, so you can’t revolve it on and also off abruptly as it will certainly disturb the chickens. It’s ideal to usage the synthetic light in the pre-dawn morning hrs if at all feasible.Will the lights still work-related in cloudy conditions?Many solar lights need a full day of straight sunlight to work effectively. Depending on the high quality of the solar panel, cloudy conditions might make it very hard to totally charge the battery. In this case, it’s great to have a light that you have the right to relocate and also area in an area via the the majority of sunlight.Overall, solar lights are reliant on the sun. If you’re worried around a lack of sun in your location, you can purchase a hybrid kind that you deserve to charge by means of USB. That means the light will always be functioning regardmuch less of the weather.Do the lights have to be set up outside?Many solar chicken coop lights have detached solar panels. That indicates you don’t need to place the light outside.Instead, you have the right to usage the light indoors with a lengthy cable attaching it to the solar panel that you have actually put external, mostly on a roof or exterior wall. However before, some solar lights have a architecture with the solar panels within the unit. In this case, you need to install the light outdoors and in direct sunlight.Back to Top

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