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Portable refrigerators, aka electrical coolers, are coming to be a mainstay of automobile camping. And this particular day, the brand GoSun launches a new model via some distinct attributes, from integrated Bluetooth to an onboard battery. Here’s what you have to recognize about the GoSun Chillest solar cooler.

I need to hand it to GoSun. Since launching its latest product on Indiegogo, the brand also has sold nearly $60,000 in electric coolers — this morning. But as someone who’s rather acquainted with electrical coolers, I need to additionally give the brand a nod for differentiating itself from the competition with some clever functions.

The GoSun Chillest is, in short, a portable refrigerator/freezer. It runs on electrical power stored in a battery, not straight from the sun (although the sunlight can charge the battery).

So the term “solar cooler,” to me, is a little misleading. However before, that’s just how the brand poses the product online.

Much like other coolers from popular brands prefer Dometic and ARB, the GoSun runs on electric existing to cool the internal. It has actually 2 chambers, and the user deserve to collection the temperature of each individually. So you have the right to have actually one side as a freezer and one as a fridge, or both as a freezer or refrigerator.

None of this is distinct to GoSun, yet it’s certainly good for campers who want to save fresh foodstuffs at the campwebsite. Still, GoSun does have actually some standout engineering. Here’s wright here it’s different.

GoSun Chillest: Built-In Battery

Amongst high-end portable refrigerators (I’m talking around those by overlanding brands that pioneered the category), extremely few, if any kind of, have integrated batteries. Instead, they opt for a basic connection to your vehicle’s electrical system, which in many situations have the right to power the cooler for days on end, or also incertainly if you drive consistently.

The GoSun Chillest is various here. It has actually a integrated lithium-ion battery that the brand also clintends can run the cooler for up to 10 hours on a charge. While the variety of hrs it will run per charge will vary dramatically depending on the external temp, and the inside temp establishing, it’s still a nice principle for simplicity.

Just plug your cooler in at house to charge, and then usage it for the day.

But after 10 hours, what’s next?

External Battery

Here’s wbelow the GoSun starts to look more prefer various other brands. GoSun uses an outside battery for sale as an add-on. GoSun calls it the Power 266 portable power financial institution. It offers the Chillest 30 asserted added hrs of power. Of course, you have the right to charge the battery at residence.

And you have the right to likewise charge the battery off solar panels.

And choose various other battery packs, you deserve to usage the Power 266 to charge your phone or ostensibly various other electronic gizmos. This is, aobtain, not at all various from various other assets on the sector.

Dometic, Goal Zero, and myriad various other brands build battery packs that can power coolers. However, the GoSun does seem prefer a sound design, and the price is not bad (more on this later).

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Solar ‘Table,’ Bluetooth

Now, this is different! Customers deserve to buy a Solar Table to go via their GoSun cooler.

I have actually not seen this architecture anywhere else. In significance, it’s a solar panel that mounts directly on height of the cooler. The brand also clintends it will charge the inner battery or extend the run time.

I’m personally curious if it is significant enough to shade the cooler from the warm sun, as setting the cooler in the direct sunlight seems counterabundant.

Picture courtesy: GoSun

Aget, tbelow are other solar remedies to running a cooler. For instance, you can buy a Goal Zero battery load and also a solar panel, and then collection them up almost everywhere to run your 12-volt mechanism.

However before, the Solar Table is a distinctive and also clever before design. It also enables you to usage the panels as a table for establishing out food, playing cards, or whatever you could require. As lengthy as the panels are considerably sturdy, it appears favor a cool add-on.

The Chillest additionally has actually Bluetooth connectivity. That suggests you can set the temps from your phone. While not a large deal, that’s pretty nice and also may conserve you from crawling around inside your packed vehicle if you want to inspect out or reset your cooler’s temp.

Finally, it also has wheels and a handle. Both those have pros and also cons, yet it does collection it acomponent from many kind of of the coolers on the industry.

GoSun Chillest Pricing

Shall we get dvery own to brass tacks? The Chillest isn’t all that distinctive in terms of design. But exactly how does it stand up in regards to pricing? In brief, pretty well.

The 45L cooler rings in at $599 on Indiegogo. Compared with many the industry, that’s a steal. It’s also worth noting that the Chillest will retail at $899, which is around par for the course.

In compariboy, Dometic’s 45L offerings retail from $850 to $960 however perform not include a integrated battery. I’ve never before uncovered the absence of a battery to be an problem, as I just plug the Dometic into my truck.

The GoSun 20-watt solar panel prices $129 on Indiegogo or $100 retail. Other add-ons encompass the Power 266 power financial institution ($226 on Indiegogo, $349 retail) and a Bluetooth speaker ($49 on Indiegogo, $79 retail).

We haven’t seen this product in perboy yet, so we cannot vouch for its performance. Many kind of of the specs align through various other products presently available at Home Depot.

But through GoSun’s background of unique sun-powered products, it has actually some potential to stand out from an otherwise crowded market. Find Out more at Indiegogo.