Solar Powered Sprinkler Valve

DIG ECO1™ASV solar watering controller installed on a 3/4” anti-siphon valve can be offered with drip irrigation or sprinkler devices. The anti-siphon valve functions circulation regulate through interior and also outside bleed and also is made use of to safeguard the household water supply from contamicountry. The controller’s power is acquired using a patented, time-tested internal photovoltaic module and also microdigital power monitoring device that is sustained by ambient light (solar). This gives power to the controller with the day anytime, all over and also in any kind of weather.

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The controller supplies attributes that encompass five begin times per day, watering duration of approximately 5 hrs and 59 minutes, Manual Run, Monthly Spending Plan, Rain Off through restart in up to 99 days, System Off and also Irrigation Off for any type of month of the year. It likewise has additional attributes that include day-to-day watering limitations that deserve to be supplied on any watering occasion that calls for curbing by cites and also municipalities.


Environmentally friendly through no backup battery or AC power necessary; provides clean, renewable solar powerUse for drip watering or sprinkler systemsSalso buttons with included LCDProgrammable run times from 1 to 5 hrs and 59 minutes in 1 minute incrementsNo backup battery or AC power necessary – supplies clean solar energyWatering adaptability through an option of watering frequencies and a number of begin timesSimple icon-based programmingDaily and also weekly programming that adheres to city and municipal watering limitations.Manual On/Off switch opens up the valve and also reflects the time left to run.Semi-automatic or hands-on operationPower level meter indicates the approximate charge (power available).On activation, the controller display screen indicates regimen is running and also if any kind of programming attribute is active.User recollection choice allows erasing of all programs to default settings other than time, day and day.Program On/Off button: enables the user to rotate off the controller/ valve and also reactivate it as desired.Energy conservation; after 15 minutes the controller screen is turned off automatically.Available through 3/4″ anti-siphon valve via circulation regulate and also manual bleed.Rugged, reinrequired self-cleaning diaphragm gives trusted procedure also via contaminated water.High circulation through low pressure lossConnected right into pipe thread configurationLatching solenoid through encapsulated plunger and spring for trusted operationWire ready for a rain sensorNon-volatile memoryUtilizes RoHS compliant componentsCompletely waterproof (IP68)Three year warranty



How to Order
ECO1 ASV Single Station Ambient Powered Controller via 3/4 in. Anti-Siphon Valve


Flow range: .25 to 20 GPM Operating pressure: 20 to 125 PSI Recommfinished operating pressure: 10 to 80 PSI Water Temperature range: 38-130°F (3-54°C) Inlet and outlet: 3/4" female pipe thcheck out (FNPT) Non corrosive materials Meet I.A.P.M.O. UPC and ANSI listing specifications Power source: Solar (PVM) Controller input: 3,000 -100,000+ LUX Solenoid: 7-12 VDC, two-method latching, generally closed using two wires Valve: globe valve with circulation control

Programming options

Watering duration: 1 minute up to 5 hours and 59 minutes set in 1 minute increments Watering frequency: weekly or cyclical schedule with odd days, even days or intervals from one to thirty (1- 30) days making use of 365 day yearly on calendar via leap year. In weekly schedule the controller can be programmed to operate on any day of the week such as Monday, Wednesday and also Friday. In cyclical schedule the controller can be programmed to operate on odd days, even days or on any type of day such as eexceptionally three days. Start time: Four begin times per day in weekly or cyclical provide added flexibility for any form of watering application consisting of on sandy or clay soil. 20 preset historical ET programs through 10 climate areas, 10 for drip irrigation and 10 for spray systems. Monthly seasonal adjustment budgain (0 to 200%) in 5% increments without editing the controller"s program duration; also have the right to be used to fine-tune the precollection ET regime for each month. Rain off/delay choice through automatic rebegin as much as 99 daysThe ECO1™"s primary features encompass 20 preset programs of historic Evapotranspiration (ET) for spray heads and also drip watering through an editing and enhancing attribute that have the right to be provided as component of the controller programming. Combining among the historical Evapotranspiration precollection programs and also a rain sensor can aid seasonally change or proccasion uncrucial watering and also save water. After installation, no further visits to the controller are compelled.


The ECO1™ ASV solar-powered irrigation controller via a 3/4″ inlet and female pipe thcheck out outlet must be set up a minimum of 6″ above the greatest sprinkler onto a 3/4″ PVC male pipe threview fitting or riser as component of your drip irrigation or sprinkler mechanism valve manifold, or as a stand-alone unit. Make sure that the valve is set up through the circulation direction arrowhead engraved on the side pointed amethod from the water source, and that the solenoid is on the outlet side of (downstream from) the valve.

The anti-siphon valve is frequently compelled on outdoor irrigation devices. It is a directional valve that allows water to circulation in just one direction and stays clear of watering water from returning earlier or back siphoning to the drinking water supply line, staying clear of contamicountry of the water supply. It is open up to the setting when tright here is decreased or no pressure in the line. Install the controller via anti-siphon valve at leastern 6 inches above the greatest sprinkler or elevated line within the terminal.Recommendations: Wrap all fittings with TEFLON tape. Do not use pipe cement (solvent) or pipe dope on the valve as it will certainly damage the valve thcheck out and also void the warranty. Do not over tighten.

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Programming: This controller offers salso programming butloads to navigate with its high resolution LCD symbol based display screen. The controller’s 4 buttons (left, appropriate, up and down arrows) are used to select or modify a regimen parameter, the big button in the center is offered to accept the parameter change and also relocate or skip to the following action or symbol, the ideal lower switch is provided for hands-on on/off, and the left lower switch is supplied for program off or to speak irrigation once it is raining.


This controller calls for light as the resource of power and also will certainly take about 45 minutes to charge.Resee the instruction manual included with the unit for details.

Installation right into a PVC pipe or to pipe thread

If installation is into a PVC pipe, first shut off the major water supply.We recommend installing a 3/4″ round valve or gate valve prior to the controller. This round valve can be very useful as an emergency backapproximately turn the system off. This kind of plan is used by skilled installers.Turn the water supply on to flush the line and also then shut the water supply off utilizing the new ball or gate valve.Install the controller through the anti-siphon valve a minimum of 6″ over ground, wrapping TEFLON tape on all the male thcheck out fittings used.Turn the water supply on again to pressurize the device. The controller will open up momentarily and also then will certainly shut off.Test the controller making use of the hand-operated on/off switch located on the upper right side. Press the button and also the controller will revolve on. Check that the device is working and also that there are no leaks. Press the switch aget and the controller will certainly rotate off.Program the controller.If the controller is set up via a drip irrigation mechanism, make sure to add a 15, 25 or 30 PSI pressure regulator to reduced the push to the drip system, then install a 150 or better mesh display filter to defend the drip system, complying with with a swivel adapter to the drip tubing.

Review the instruction hands-on included through the unit for details

Adding a rain sensor or any kind of other closed contact sensor

If a rain sensor or other closed call sensor is used, reduced the yellow wires and also include the sensor per the sensor instructions, making sure to usage a waterproof wire link.