Solar Clock

Synchronized via TransmitterPart No: 524467S

Synchronized via GPS (Satellite)Part No: 524008S


Solar PoweredDesigned for Outdoor UseWeatherproof (IP65 rated)Stainless Steel CasingGlass LensSophisticated AppearanceAutomatically Adjusts for DSTMaintenance Free
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Our solar clocks have the right to be included to an existing KRONOsync grasp clock system or have the right to be offered as a standalone GENERAL PRACTITIONERS clock. Either model will certainly screen accurate time all the time. As a standalone clock the clock will use GENERAL PRACTITIONERS as its time resource.

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The GENERAL PRACTITIONERS antenna is placed on the height of the clock. This irreversible antenna mount makes for a basic installation. The only action that should be taken is ssuggest to turn the power switch on and also hit the set switch.

Once the set button has been pumelted the clock will certainly set its hands to the 12:00 o’clock place and then obtain the GENERAL PRACTITIONERS signal and relocate its hands to the correct place. Then daily at 2:00 A.M. the clock’s receiver module will open and also obtain a time update through the GPS antenna to ensure that the clock display screens precise time. During daylight savings time the clock will certainly immediately readjust to the correct time at 2:00 A.M.

The second option is the 467MHz variation. This option receives its time from the KRONOsync transmitter. This option is great for an company that demands synchronized timing both within and exterior of the facility. For instance, an company may be utilizing synchronized clocks within a building and also desire to include an outdoor clock to the same clock mechanism.

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The 467 MHz receiver enables you to include an outdoor clock and also connect it to the same system as the indoor clocks. The 467 MHz receiver is attached to the optimal of the clock structure and also will certainly get the moment code broadcast from the KRONOsync transmitter at 2:00 a.m. eexceptionally day. The 2:00 A.M. time is additionally when the clock will certainly instantly readjust for daylight savings time.

Our solar clock is maintenance complimentary and also does not need any kind of electrical energy to operate. The clock is totally waterproof and also requires minimal sunlight to operate. We have engineered our big 24″ clock to operate on a battery that stores power in the time of the day. This permits the clock to operate 24 hrs displaying exact GPS time.

The clock can be placed in any time zone in the United States of America. In addition, the automatic daylight conserving time feature deserve to be turned off for states choose Arizona. The setup of the clock is simple. When you receive the solar clock all you need to do is put it out in the sunlight for a short duration of time and then revolve the switch to the on place.

The stainless steel framework of the solar clock provides it a very attractive clock for any kind of environment. In addition, because it is weatherproof it can organize up in any kind of setting.