Solar Powered Water Pump With Timer

l>Solar Pump through Timer
:This is a water pumping mechanism for a well or borehole, which does not call for manual on/off switching. It instantly turns off the pump when the water tank is complete. It protects the pump from burning out. It is low expense, low power intake, and low maintenance. It is solar powered, via battery backup, and also so you can run it day or night without NEPA. Typical cost, including the pump, solar panel, controller, timer, and also float switch = N30,000.After losing several water pumps in less than 6 months, I collection out for a solution.The tenants in charge of switching the pumps on/off, would simply switch them on and let them run till the pumps burns out.So the only solution is to automate points, and also no much longer depend on tenants.First I installed a float switch. This instantly switches off the pump when the water tank is full. It switches it earlier on once the water level in the tank goes down.However, sometimes while the pump is working, the well runs out of water. So the pump keeps running without water till it burns out.That indicates, the float switch alone is not sufficient.I did some reasearch, and came up with a Timer device. This solution gives me complete regulate over when the pump runs, and also at what interval.By adding a Timer to the setup, you have the right to regimen it to immediately revolve the pump on/off at different times of the day.For instance, the pump can run for 30 minutes, and also off for one hour to give the well/borehole time to recharge.The above schedule have the right to store repeating throughout the day. The pump deserve to be programmed for 16 different schedules each day of the week.With this setup, even if the borehole runs out of water, and also the pump spins without water for just 30 minutes, it"s not most likely to burn out. The timer would switch it off after 30 minutes.That brings me to the question of which pump to choose.Pumps come in many arrays and also prices. I discovered inexpensive Bilge DC pumps that execute high volume pumping.

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The only downside to these pumps is that they have the right to only pump to a elevation of about 10-20ft. For 750GPH pump, max. recommfinished discharge head 15ft.Here are videos showing pumping at 7ft elevation by bilge pumps, So if your well is not also deep, this limited pumping height of 20ft have to suffice.I have actually checked out Bilge pumps marketed in pumping capacity from 350GPH to 3,500GPH (i.e. 1,400 liters/hour to 14,000 liters/hour).Note that the higher you pump the water, the smaller the output.For example, a pump rated at 500GPH could only output 250GPH if it hregarding lift the water.If you have actually a borehole, or your well is incredibly deep, a Bilge pump will not work-related for you.You need to go for the even more expensive conventional DC/AC pumps.

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Unfortunately, these expense around 10-20 times more.I have actually a web page that gives a general overcheck out of various forms of pumps.Wiring schematics for DC pump
The timer and also pump over are both DC. If you opt instead for AC pump, you would certainly further need an inverter, and the timer need to be AC.Actual Wiring circuit diagram
As you deserve to see in the wiring diagram over, you will certainly have to break-up some wires into two.Here is a real life example of exactly how to split a wire (the first 2 wires from the left are both split)...
Required components:
Bilge pump 1,100GPH 12V 3.0Amp 36W (4,200 liters per hour)₦ 5,149
I likewise searched on ebay and also discovered this pump:
Small-Diaphragm-Water-pumpHead: 70mSuction lift: 2mFlow(max): 8L/minVoltage: DC12VPower(max): 100WMotor lifespan: 3-5 yearsUS $49Note: This is a surface pump, not submersible. That suggests the pump inlet need to be within 2m (78 inches) of the water resource. Otherwise, the pump would not job-related. But if the inlet is cshed, then the outlet deserve to pump as much as 50m.These pumps come in various sizes. Here is another example...Head: 50mSuction lift: 2mFlow(max): 5L/minVoltage: DC12VPower(max): 60WUS $27.99Alterindigenous pump:
generic-2000gph-12v-marine-submersible-bilge-water-pump2,000GPH 12V, 8A, 96WNo damage if run dry. Max head: 6m (20ft).₦15,149 Charge controller₦ 2,700 Timer,500 Float switch₦ 2,500 Deep cycle Battery from 7Ah to 40Ah (SMF preferred) 12V 8Ah battery₦ 7, cost:5,149 (pump) +2,700 (controller) +2,500 (timer) +2,500 (float switch) +7,000 (battery)= N19,849The final component for the setup is a solar panel for charging the battery.What dimension solar panel carry out you need?The size of solar panel depends on your battery capacity, and also exactly how much sunlight you gain in you area.Our battery above is 12V 18Ah. That implies it is a 216Wh battery. Due to the fact that we can just discharge the battery to 50%, it means we have actually a 108Wh battery. So choose a solar panel that is sufficient for battery of that size.A solar panel that is 10W-30W need to be sufficient.At this time such solar panel will price around N3,500 to N10,000.How many watts does a Bilge pump call for to run? - 500GPH 12V 3A = 36W - 1,100GPH 12V 5A = 60W - 2,000GPH 12V, 8A, 96W - 3,500GPH 12V 15A = 180W How a lot maintenance does the pump require? - Dirt and debris would certainly clog the pump over time. So monitor the water output, and also clean the pump once crucial. - Cover the pump inlet via a display screen to prevent debris from getting into the pump.
How to routine the timer
Issues with Bilge pumpsAirlock trap difficulty. happens when hose is not right.Some pumps have actually anti-airlock function. Check the specs of the pump prior to you buy.LongevitySomeone that ran the pumps nonstop 24/7 reported having to relocation it around eincredibly six months. since we"re not going to run the pump 24/7, it must last for a couple of years.For another perchild, it lasted around 3 months of everyday 6-8 hr use. These bilge pumps have brumelted motor, i.e. not for consistent usage bereason the brushes are consumable, and wear out quick.A brushmuch less pump choose the jebao/jecod deserve to easily work non sheight for 10+ years.However, brushless pumps expense significantly even more compared to bilge pumps.Additional expense cuttingIf you desire to mitigate the expense of the mechanism, you can get rid of the battery and the controller.You just wire the solar panel straight to the timer.However, the battery insures you versus cloudy days.Youtube videos and comments: