Solar Prestige A Gammon Lyrics

Don"t look for meaning in this one: The words are just a collection of nonsense sounds strung together. Some are actual words, others not:Hair ring molassis aboundingUsual lap kitch sardin a poor floundin
This is the type of song that could get removed from the album under scrutiny, but when Elton made Caribou
, he didn"t have the luxury of time. The whole album was composed and tape-recorded in simply 10 days, so tright here was no time to second guess.

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Ray Stoll from CaliforniaAs I SEE it in reading the lyrics, the song reeks of fish! It"s all around turbert - salmon - herring - sardine - flounder - cod. Check it out.Dalton from Phoenix, AzHave that song memorized to this day! I found an additional excellent song that implies nopoint by Italian Adriano Celentano dubbed Prisencolinensinainciusol. This is from the very same year I believe that Elton"s song came out, approximately "73. You can find it on Youtube under that name. Really catchy tune.Fernancarry out Gonzalez from Coconut Creek, FloridaIncredible song, heard something once it was motivated by a Beatles song although that sounded weird to me. I literally live on Beatles given that i was a kid, however can never imagine it might be Sun King.... In the end, there might very well be true. Solar Prestige ... Is indeed a good song by the John-Taupin team for sure... This info sheds a entirety brand-new light on it. Thanks!!Chezchez from New York, NyLoved this song even though i have no clue what the heck its about. Again Elton and Bernie kick ass. - chezchez, bronx, nyTony from Red Deer, AbI heard that this song was actually a "friendly" competition in between Elton John and also Bernie Taupin, in which Elton bet his buddy that he might make a song sound good musically, also if the lyrics were absolute more comments
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