Solar scooter for sale

A brand-new startup, Solar Electric Scooters Inc, is the brainson of Mike Donnell and also Tony VanMeeteren that lets you commute while maintaining the planet’s air, water, and climate healthy!

Electric scooters are coming to be a more famous means of transport for world who have actually brief day-to-day commutes. While this is a good eco-friendly alternative, Mike and Tony took the green scooter idea and made it a lot greener by creating a scooter via a integrated solar panel.

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When I initially witnessed the solar electrical scooter, my initially assumed was of my kids’ scooters. Then when I check out that you have the right to take a trip 20 miles on a single charge at a modest rate of 15 mph, I assumed, “I desire one!”


The platdevelop that the operator stands on is a solar electrical panel. This architecture is the first such automobile accessible to the public, according to the agency and also as much as we’re conscious. The solar-powered electric scooter receives its power from a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery located under the platcreate. The battery have the right to be charged 3 ways:

1. Leave the scooter in the sunlight and also it will certainly “sun up.” It can take eight hrs to totally charge the battery this means, if you’re going strictly by sun.

2. Remove the battery and also connect it to an external charger that plugs right into any type of power outlet. It takes about 4 hours from a regular wall plug.

3. Pull the retractable cord out of the control box and plug into any type of conventional power outlet.

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Most civilization will most likely go for a mix of the 2 charging approaches solar and also conventional outallows.

The creators have a crowdcapital project on When You Wish, and also for a $1,500 beforehand bird pledge, a $1,700 “distinct deal” pledge, or $1,900 at the constant pledge price, you can gain the scooter. The goal is to raise $100,000 to put the vehicle right into production. This price is not bad for an electrical scooter of this caliber. Plus, you can pay for your Solar Electric Scooter (SES) in the money you conserve on gas, insurance, and the price of parking.

Just the assumed of riding the scooter to job-related and also having actually it charge all day and also riding it house on totally free solar power is a cool concept. Oh, did I point out that it will certainly do 0 to 15 mph in 3.7 seconds — now that’s pretty impressive

Another thing that can interest potential buyers is in their When You Wish Campaign – Solar Electric Scooter will certainly donate $50.00 to a charity for eextremely scooter that is purchased through the project.

Also, the agency collection aside 2% of their net profits to build scooters for much less fortunate students in the US that are in school and also obtaining excellent qualities. You have the right to see more about this on its website, (inspect the “About the SES Association” page).