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The younger employees are just that, young. But the area is well maintained, extremely clean. And the owner is remarkable. She"s incredibly beneficial and also polite. The first testimonial from 2008, I uncover very innappropriate-the owner did her job by recommfinishing a lotion, and the customer chose to buy it without trying out a packet first (they market single usage packets of lotion for $5-$10ish). Tanning lotion is expensive, especially based upon the high quality of the lotion, and if she wasn"t satisfied spfinishing $63 BEFORE even trying the lotion, she shouldn"t have spent that money. There"s $10 bottles of indoor tanning lotion at Walmart, if you want.This is the ideal tanning salon I"ve ever before visited, and also I take into consideration it my residence.


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i"ve been going to solar seasons since it opened up. I love it. Employees are friendly and beds are sanitary and also clean. Would recommfinish to anyone.


Solar Seasons is really an excellent place to tan! From my suffer the employees are really nice and incredibly advantageous and also can"t imagine they would ever before treat anyone this poorly. To me it sounds prefer human being in the previous review are angry at life and also the other had buyers remorse and essential someone to blame. They perform offer packets of lotion and also if you buy one then decide to buy the bottle they deduct the price of the packet so you actually gain to attempt it for complimentary to make certain you like it prior to you spend all that money. I would recommfinish this location to anyone who wants an excellent tan! :)

I arrived at this tanning salon 13 minutes prior to their posted closing time. My tanning session takes 8 minutes, so I thought I would certainly just make it without inconveniencing the employee. As I walked in, the rude employee said "We"re closed." I sassist "I assumed you closed at 5:00" and she responded "We take our last appointment at 4:45." I was 2 minutes late. You think considering that their customers spend hundreds of dollars on "tanning points" and over priced lotions, they might at least continue to be open up when they say they are. I will not be earlier after my "points" run out. Eexceptionally time I"ve been in for tanning the staff is extremely rude. If you have a question they act like you are an inconvenience. God forbid they have to clean a bed so you deserve to usage it - it might disturb their conversation. Tbelow are many type of different locations to tan, and also I would certainly not recommfinish Solar Seasons to anyone.