We have discovered in our years of endure a very widespread question that is raised—when to use a light cloth versus a dark towel when picking solar shades. In some situations we have found that the towel wanted and also preferred had actually the reverse effect when set up, leaving the consumer disappointed and also currently forced to live via this decision for years to come or until deciding to ultimately purchase brand-new shades.

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Sun Control:Sun regulate is the best reason shades are needed for windows. Everyone desires to protect their beautiful new floors, furniture, and art from the incredibly harmful UV rays the sun generates.

Insulation:Everyone would favor to reduced their heating and also cooling bills. Choosing the appropriate type of shades can aid. A excellent alternative to think about is an exterior operated shade. No window treatments mounted on the inside of a home window have the right to compare to an external shade which stops the warmth prior to it enters your residence.

Privacy:While offering great sunlight regulate and also insulation, solar shades will just provide a minor level of privacy. Please be mindful that at night there deserve to be some see through into the residence depending on the opacity of your chosen towel. For instance, a 1% opacity towel will administer more privacy than a 5% opacity, yet will certainly decrease the level of view through during the day. See “A Bit About Openness Factor” listed below.


Solar shades not just offer great sun regulate and also insulation, however also provide the good benefit of being able to keep your check out of the outdoors.If keeping your view is a priority the right cloth will certainly make a big difference.A lighter cloth, much better mirrors the sun’s heat, but additionally brightens the room and also blurs the watch.A darker cloth will certainly absorb the heat and also glare giving a much more comfortable feel to the eye. Instead of walking in and having to put on sunglasses you have the right to actually look and reap the crisp views without squinting.

Enhancing Your View


We had actually a client freshly that contacted us to repair their existing motorized shades. Upon entering their house we were struck through the incredible watch of the ocean as the house was right on the cliffs of the Mendocino coast.





Unfortunately this beautiful view was entirely muted and foggy once the light colored shades were dvery own.

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We suggested replacing all the cloth bands with a fabric of the same opacity, but switching to a darker shade. Their initial reactivity was unconvinced, as they loved their watch and also wanted to accentuate the look, yet were came to about the result a darker towel would have on the room. We sent out them a few huge fabric samples to hang up and see for themselves.

They agreed and hesitantly made a decision to continue via the swap out of fabrics. The day prior to the installation they got to out to us when aacquire feeling that they made a disastrous mistake and were second guessing the convariation. We assured their satisfaction and also asked for that they wait till seeing a mounted shade prior to making the last decision.

Once installed the homeowner called ecstatic and also could not believe this was the exact same residence and also LOVED the brand-new look.



A Bit About “Openness Factor”

Display shades, also referred to as solar shades, are designed to maximize sunlight and your view to the exterior while maintaining privacy. Openness describes the tightness of the cloth weave, directly mirroring the amount of light let through—also dubbed the “openness factor”.

Lower openness factors resulting from tightly wrange fabrics block more of the check out. Although solar shades via tighter weaves are perfect for rooms that obtain many straight sun, it’s necessary to consider the amount of see that you want to maintain. The better the openness aspect, the looser the towel weave and also the less shade it supplies.

A shade through an openness element of 3%-5% blocks more sun and also more privacy but it will certainly also allow much less check out through. 5% in a white fabric would certainly be identical to a 3% in babsence cloth as much as seeing with it. White towel deserve to make the watch blurry, while black fabric has a tendency to make the check out more crisp.

For homeowners that desire a clear view, a 3% openness aspect encountering west is the the majority of popular option. If you base your cloth alternative on having a nice view that you want to improve, we suggest a dark towel with a 3% or 5% openness variable. This uses to both inner or exterior shades.