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Years in Business: 19

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Years in Business: 19

Customer Reviews are not provided in the calculation of Rating

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This business is in an industry that may require experienced licensing, bonding or registration. motivates you to check via the appropriate firm to be particular any type of demands are currently being met.

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When Motor City Lexus offered a ***** to us, they sent the SUV to Solar Solutions (which is now Bakersarea Tint). Due to the previous experiences of paint protection film installers right here in Bakersfield, I was worried if Solar Solutions will carry out the very same -- which is cutting on paint. I even went to their place and also asked about their careful procedure of installing a PPF on a automobile. ***** ***** (owner and manager of Solar Solutions) said "we do not cut through the paint. what we carry out is we score the film in order to protect against damaging the paint." I was offered at that allude and had our car worked by them. When we gained the vehicle earlier, I inspected it, and also it was perfect; clean cuts and also perfect fitment all over. So I told to myself "I think I found the right place to have actually my various other cars done." So much we"ve carried in a full of 6 cars. The first one was a gray Lexus ***** (terrific top quality job-related done to it), then my dad went back the gray lexus and bought a white one instead (they did a good job on this one additionally, I just found a blade reduced on this car also recently). Because I was impressed with their occupational, I made a decision to bring in my WRX (but ultimately traded it in for an STi). I brought in the STi aftwerwards. Everypoint looked great so I chose on having actually the whole vehicle done. Afterwards, I carried in my other vehicle, which is a 370Z nismo (this one had trouble maintaining the film on the wing yet he told me to just come earlier for warranty work). After getting my 370Z nismo earlier I additionally determined on having actually my work-related truck done. This is once things began going downhill. While they are working on the truck, I noticed the high quality of the trimmings on the edge of the film was negative top quality, edges and also corners will not continue to be on the paint completely, and noticed blade cuts on the rear bumper. From this point I"m dumping money to this place just to have actually them do a hack task by damaging the paint of my truck. I told them that I was disappointed with the job-related. When I acquired residence, I inspected the STi and also my 370Z nismo. I uncovered countless blade cuts on the paint - I also discovered one with a reduced that was so deep I might view the factory primer. The rear bumper on the 370Z nismo is not totally finimelted. Also this is a job-related that was done weeks acomponent from one more and also I"m already noticing poor reduced top quality (jagged edges) and also most of the edges are lifting up. Not only they damaged the paint, yet likewise verified their poor quality of work. At this suggest I lost trust on these men that I don"t even trust them functioning on my cars aacquire for warranty occupational. If I lug my cars ago, they"ll the majority of most likely damages the paint anywhere aacquire. I talked to ***** however he didn"t even desire to reexecute the poorly reduced films done on the doors of the truck. He also told me just how hard doing the work-related was and if I"m not satisfied, I must have actually done the occupational myself. He didn"t also apologized for the damages he did on the paint. He even lugged about his extensive endure functioning through movies and making his hands stable yet the last occupational speaks the oppowebsite. In the finish, I"m left with cars via blade marks on their paint, poorly reduced films, and also films that are not effectively mounted. I lugged up all the issue to him and declined to execute a remoney. I have actually proof of pictures and if an agent demands to come by and also take a look at the vehicles, they"re welcome to carry out so. I also have actually supporting records such as invoices. If he ignores this, I"m willing to take this business on court.…Read More