Solar Storm 880 Reviews

The The golden state Light Works Solar Storm 880w LED Grow Light is just one of the the majority of effective LED thrive lights available on the market now. It was designed to enhance crop potency and administer you with high high quality yield, made feasible by its optimized and adjusecure color spectrum. It has actually a UVB function and Dual Spectrum switch that enables you to readjust the color spectrum as compelled by the plants.


In Bloom Mode, the spectrum comprises of intense levels of deep red and also red with the ideal balance of deep blue and blue for the expansion of the bloom.

In Veg Setting, the spectrum comprises of high levels of deep blue and blue via the appropriate balance of deep red and also red to allow massive vegetative advance without stretching them.

The UVB feature is designed for the finishing phase to further boost crop potency.

Product Features

176 x 5w LED bulbs creating 800w of intense lighting High photoman-made photon flux that gets deep into the plant canopy, developing a PPF better than that of a 1000w HPS grow light device 4’ x 4’ coverage location for flowering plants5’ x 5’ for vegetables and also non-flowering plants 50% power savings via the use of an HID lighting device 2 x 15w T8 fluorescent light tubes developing the UVB attribute for greater chop potencyDual shade spectrum architecture – Veg Mode and Bimpend Setting Designed and made in the USAEfficient warmth administration using the large heat sinks and 92mm incorporated fans Fully incorporated, very effective power supplies18” x 18” in LED panel location for a uniform light spreadMeasures 23” x 18” x 5” in dimensions.More than 80,000 hrs of meant lifeexpectations -15 to 40 levels Celsius in operating temperature3-year warranty6063 aluminum and sheet metal coating with sealed electronics section Light dealing with dvery own place for the bulbsUses 475 watts in veg mode. In bimpend mode, it consumes roughly 680 watts with the UVB turned on.

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Tbelow are many kind of excellent functions in SolarStorm 880w, however its high lifeexpectations rating is among them, having over 80,000 hrs of supposed lifeexpectancy. This lifeexpectancy is around 2 times longer than the lifeexpectations of other flourish lights.

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Their super high flux LED diodes are among the peak flourish lamps in the business and there are 176 of these bulbs in the system.

Their high effectiveness rating is worth noting also. SolarStorm 880w operates at around 90% effectiveness.The high PAR output of this flourish light, which is 25% even more than in various other products, is good for deeper penetration of the plant canopy.

The dual spectrum attribute of SolarStorm 880w was designed to imitate the herbal growing process outdoors. When combined via some fluorescent lights, the chop potency is significantly boosted.



The greatest drawago in using SolarStorm 880w is its price, which is around $1,799. Some growers may not be able to afford it, however others can justify it learning that they can quickly recoup their investment through just a solitary thrive.

Final Recommendations

If you desire the best prosper light for your plants, via all the exceptional attributes, such as dual spectrum and UVB for boosted potency, additional long lifeexpectations, and high high quality LED diodes, then the California Light Works SolarStorm 880w Grow Light is it. However before, it comes at a premium price tag, which is still worth paying for, provided the assist that it can give you and also your plants.