Solar storm bicycle light

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Specifications: Size: 42mm (Length) x 60mm (Width) x 38mm (Height) - Color: Babsence - Brightness: Max 2500 lumens - Bulbs: 2 x Cree XP-L V5 LED or other LED - Lifespan: 50,000 hours - Lighting distance: 200m - 4 Switch modes: Low / Center / High / Strobe - Battery: External 8.4V 4400mAh rechargeable lithium battery load - Charging time: 4.5 hours - Runtime: Up to 2.5 hrs (high mode) - Material: Aluminum Alloy - Waterproof level: IPX-7 - Charger Input: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz - Output: DC 8.4V, 2.4A - Shipping weight: 486g Package Includes: 1 x LED Bicycle Light 1 x 8.4 V 4400 mAh battery pack 1 x charger for this battery pack 2 x Spare O-rings





I"m glad I decided to try this light out. I was unconvinced after reading some of the negative reviews however I am absolutely pleased. It"s pretty bright

t"s awesome! The battery life isn"t much, but I think its sufficient for currently. I like the aluminum feel of this. I believed for sure it would certainly be plastic, given that many things are made from that nowadays. However before, it was a gift for my cousin so I can"t tell you a lot even more than that. Still, I"m strongly considering getting this just to have lying about as an extra for someone else that comes on a bike ride.

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just bereason of the low price and high performance,I usage is while riding my bike at night and it works great

his light is great, i use it all the time and it holds its charge well. but carry out not be puzzled it is NOT 2000 lumens. it is slightly dimmer than my sunwayman flashlight that i no is tested at around 1200 lumens.

Good battery life. Compact yet effective.The 3 settings work well but simply need the lowest for most supplies. Great buy.

I detailed the parcle shipped from China,however i got it just in 6days,LOL!so quick,i live in Finland,and the lights work good till currently,Good!

the ideal worth for so little bit expense,so excellent that i bought a 2nd one simply bereason of the low price and also high performance,give thanks to you siga

This is an extremely bappropriate light. I haven"t actually had actually a opportunity to usage it yet, but once I execute, I don"t think I"ll be disappointed. The fit and complete is second to none. It would be nice if it had actually a mount for the 32 mm handlebar.

Have owned this light for 2 months and also so much it has actually worked flawlessly. I would like to uncover a swivel mount to provide me a far better ability to allude the unit. Low power is more than sufficient for me. On high and I have actually cars flashing blegal rights at me. Battery is OK

Much brighter, lighter, and better high quality than I supposed. Seriously an excellent buy. If you"re one the fence, order it and see for yourself!

Very excellent item. would extremely recommend it for a perchild who desires to have a clear route at night. The strobe is incredibly useful specially once you desire to cross a heavily travel intersection.

Works extremely well. Plenty bideal. Good battery life. So much, rugged enough for all I"ve thrown at it. Quite an excellent bargain.

This light is a miniature spotlight. It is an excellent product. Only to be matched by the customer orings shed,no words,the seller sent out the replacement to me at once

Good product via accurate advertizing at a great price and height notch customer business. You can’t ask for more than that: 5 STARS!

Very bideal and battery charge appears to run the light for hrs. I have the right to ride a number of times before recharging. Very nice light for the money.

Works exceptionally well. Plenty bideal. Good battery life. So much, rugged enough for all I"ve thrvery own at it. Quite a good bargain

Super bappropriate throughout my beforehand morning commute! Great price and has actually held up so far. Battery life is excellent. Would absolutely recommend

Great light, I pair it via a much more concentrated helmet light and also they occupational excellent for night hill biking and commuting

This is a preliminary evaluation as I bought this months back and also was just able to use it last night on the regional bike trail. Produces a bideal white light that illuminated the course side to side and also 50 yards ahead on the high setting. The only thing that I would certainly be involved around is how long the battery last on the high establishing. Other than that I am very pleased through this light so far.

Good battery life. Compact yet powerful.

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The 3 settings work well yet simply require the lowest for a lot of offers. Great buy.

The lowest establishing has actually many power. The highest shows up to exceed the HID headlight on my motorcycle. Output brightness surpassed what I meant and also need to accomplish the needs for identifying road safety risks at the highest possible speeds, also in the worst weather. Much better quality than I expected

the ideal value for so little bit expense,so great that i bought a second one just because of the low price and high performance,thank you siga

Love this tiny yet effective light. The battery lasts lengthy enough for every one of my evening rides. The bands organize it tightly in area without screws, and also the spare is a thoughtful addition.

Unintfinished use, a wind storm knocked out power to the home one night. I collection this up on my helmet and collection my helmet in the corner. The light lit the entire living room and the battery lasted an excellent 3 hours.

It"s exceptionally helpful for night bike riding. Beam is incredibly comfortable.It additionally can be provided while camping. You have the right to put it inside the tent and also usage favor a lamp for analysis or to discover somepoint.It is extremely beneficial once you looking for fuel at night in the forest.

After analysis a ton of reviews and comparing commodities i chose to take a gamble and also purchase.The building of the light is solid and the materials are more than expected for the as a whole price. I meant for the light to fulfill my expectations based upon the reviews but was conveniently blvery own amethod when i actually took it out ofthe box and hooked it up.

When I initially observed these lights I really didn"t have a full knowledge on simply exactly how bright 2000 lumens was. After I turned then on for the initially time, I certain have a good knowledge now! These things are bright! It"s favor having actually a collapsed sunlight on your handlebars! Anyone deserve to easily view through these lights in absolute dark via ease, they are that bbest.

Wow!! This is a good deal....and it functions great!! I go hill bike riding up in the hills wright here tbelow is no light. I purchased a few various bike lights from Performance Bike which didn"t also come cshed to doing the job. Even on the lowest light establishing you have enough light and if your blazing dvery own the hill you can put it on high. I was so pleased I purchased a 2nd one for my child and we ride at night about 2 times a week.

I really like this bike light bereason of all the function. I personally I have two different XM-L U2 LED on my hill bike and also they carry out excellent light. I had the Gold CREE T-6 light single bulb prior to this which I loved yet it wasn"t very durable in my experience. This light renders you screw battery load to light by means of cord so it will not get messed up. I would extremely recommend, though if your searching for something overly bbest do not gain this light. (This light is excellent for anyone except someone that knows tbelow searching for something brighter then a car) The lamps are tiny, please check out my photos in customer photos. If your looking for spotlight this isn"t the light for you, this light is even more wide then spot on.