The story of the book is collection in1972.The book is about a seventeenager year old young girl called Angela Jensen.

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She haslived in foster cares considering that she can remember, and also has actually never continued to be in one homelengthy enough. She is shy, angry and troubled by the sautomobile that cover half ofher face. Although she does not know exactly how she obtained the scars, she knows that in some waythey are pertained to her biological mommy Hannah Wing. She does not prefer herappearance and tries to cover her scars with her red hair. In her search for herbeginnings, she finds a court record through the name of Agnes Iron. Since she believes Agnes can be hergrandmother, she writes her a letter. When shereceives a letter earlier from Agnes saying to "come at once"through seventy-five dollars for her ticket, she decides to go satisfy her. Agnesstays in a town up north dubbed Adam"s Rib, a town mainly inhabited by women.A few of the woguys that live in the town had Cree ancestors, others Anishnabe, somefrom the Fat-Eaters land also better up north, and others from the whitepeople. The first womales at Adam"s Rib called themselves the Abandoned Ones, becausethey came via French hair trappers seeking animals to hunt and also land also to use.When the land became inproductive and also the animals were gone, the males abandonedthese womales and also children in their pursuit for brand-new regions.When Angela aproaches Adam"s Rib in the Tinselguy Ferry, she sees awoguy adrift in a canoe. She will later find out that the woman"s name is Bushand that Angela had actually stayed in her residence at an early age. Once she arrives, shemeets Agnes, her excellent grandmommy. Angela is initially surprised by herappearance, bereason even though she has the face of a good-hearted woman, her appearance is sloppy and she wears a thick bear-skin coat. Agnes resides in ahouse alengthy the Hundred-Year-Old Roadway via her mother Dora-Rouge. John Husk also stays in her residence. He is in love via Agnes, but they do not have an main romanticpartnership. After staying via Agnes for a few days,Angela finds out that she is going to live with Bush in Fur Island also. Bush is fromOklahoma and she is a quiet woman. She married Harold Iron, Agnes’ kid. Aftercoming via Harold from Oklahoma, Harold left her as soon as he met a womale namedLoretta Wing. Shrub decided to stay up north in one of the region"s islands.One day, through no one understanding just how itoccurred, a young girl came out of the water. That girl was the daughter ofLoretta and also Harold and also her name was Hannah Wing. Bush elevated and also loved Hannah.However, Hannah grew approximately be a vengeful and also suppose woman. Hannah is Angela’s mommy and also she is the one that brought about the scars on Angela’s challenge bybiting her. She lives better up north by the Fat- Eaters land also.Hannah lived via Shrub after providing birth to Angela. Later, as soon as Hannah wantedto relocate amethod from Adam’s Rib, the government gave her custody of Angela andShrub never before observed them again. Once in Bush’s home, Angela startscreating a partnership via Shrub. Bush teaches her exactly how to garden and also about theold methods when world offered to identify the link that human beings have actually withtheir ecomechanism. In Fur Island, Angela additionally learns around water. She learns howto swim, exactly how to use a canoe and exactly how to fish. In addition, she establishes an extrafeeling of seeing under water. She is able to see wright here the fish are under thewhite ice. One day, 2 men arrive to Bush’s residence.

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They tell Shrub around aplan to develop a hydroelectrical plant up north on Fat- Eaters’ land. When Bushfinds out around this plant, she desires to check out herself if the rumors are true. Sheproposes to take a trip by canoe over to the Fat-Eaters land. Angela decides to comealengthy bereason she wants to view her mommy Hannah. Dora- Rouge and also Agnes will certainly alsosign up with Bush’s journey. Dora-Rouge joins the pilgrimage becasue she is from Fat-Eaters" land and also wants todie in the land also of her ancestors where she flourished up. Agnes joins thembecause she wants to say good-bye to her mother.The four-woguy journey is supposedto last about two weeks, yet it lasts much longer than that. Alengthy the means, Dora-Rouge recognizes just how the landscape has actually adjusted. Places wright here tbelow were riverswhen are now mudflats. Also many type of of trees and animals are gone due to thediversion of rivers. The women are able to see and experience just how theconstruction of dams has led to great damages and also destruction to the setting. Asan instance of the too much manipulation of nature by humale construction, thefour womales are confronted via the Se Nay River. The present of the Se Nay is verysolid bereason it carries the water from The Big Arm River, which was divertedin to the Se Nay. The womales have to navigate in this river in order to get totheir destination. All the women are scared except Dora–Rouge, bereason she provides a pact via the river to let them pass without injury in return for herlife. However before, Dora-Rouge is not the one that dies in the journey, yet rather it isher daughter, Agnes.Once the three women arrive at Fat- Eaters, Dora-Rouge meets an old cousin, named Tulik. They stayed atTulik’s house. Once in town, Angela is lastly able to view her mother. Theencounter is short and Hannah does not present any interest in discovering Angela. Sheleaves after a few minutes of visiting them. One night, Angela dreams that hermom has actually passed away. She knows that her mommy was around to die. She goes approximately hercabin and also finds her agonizing. Inside the cabin, she also finds a baby girlabout seven month old. She was her sister. Angela names her brand-new sister Auroraand also takes her earlier to Tulik’s house. On the other hand, Bush joins the town’s meetingsto talk about the results that the dams have actually in the land also and also how it affects thehuman being that live adjacent. She realizes that there is not an agreement withintribal human being and the way to continue concerning this concern. Some, specially theyounger generations want to take drastic and violent steps against theemployees of the dams. In the various other case, the elder wanted a more peacefulresolution. It took more than a year to stop the building and construction of the dams.Shrub and also Angela went back to Adam’s Rib and also discovered out that a flood had drownedthe residences that sat next to the lake, consisting of Bush’s and also Agnes’ home.Dora-Rouge remained at the Fat-Eaters land also, and fulfilled her dreamed to diethere. Tulik also passed away prior to seeing any type of outcomes from the fight to stopthe construction of the hydroelectric power plant. Angela and Tommy obtained marriedand they both raised Aurora in accordance via the conventional Native Americanexpertise and personalizeds.