Solar system spray paint art

How to spray paint galaxy art! Easy step by action tutorial for beginners. Find Out many pro secret approaches to make excellent wall decor & gifts!

Inspired by the street artists on our expedition to San Francisco, I determined to attempt and also paint a galaxy, something I always thneed to be so magical and mysterious. In this little project, all you require besides spray paint and paper, are things you can find in your recycle bin, and no art training required!


The first part of this tutorial is here, wright here I noted tools and products, and also shared a basic 5 minute paint of some planets floating in space. Now you saw the heat up, let’s paint the genuine thing and also amaze yourself at exactly how fun and also straightforward it is to develop art!

We will certainly be making use of a 22″x28″ poster board right here and this 3M painters mask works excellent if you arrangement to execute the majority of paint or various other finishing work!

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Tip 1: spray paint the spiral galaxy

Place an oval stencil (Covered Stencil Method, watch a list of all the cool approaches at the end of this tutorial) in the center of the galaxy, and develop a dark background spanning fifty percent of the paint via soft mist of babsence and metallic blue.


Make 3 cut-out oval stencils, going from bigger to smaller, lift them about 1″ to 2″ above the surchallenge of the paint (Raised Stencil) and also paint the facility of galaxy from yellow, to pink, to white.

Cut out a pair of spiral develops in another item of cardboard, and also aacquire use the Raised Stencil approach to develop several spirals going exterior from the facility of galaxy, utilizing purple and blue paint.

This approach permits us to develop more accurate spiral creates via nice soft edges.


Step 2: just how to spray paint galaxy planets

Place some of the circular objects wbelow you want the planets to be, gently spray a tiny black paint to mark them, and also remove the covers.

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You probably won’t check out the street artists carry out this, bereason they understand very well from numerous paintings wbelow the planets need to be. We perform it bereason it permits us to play roughly and also discover a balanced composition prior to we put all the paints down.


Start through the initially planet, use 3-4 colors, and start with either the lightest shade, in this case lime green, and also easily go to the next shade – metallic blue, and the darkest – black, overlapping the adjacent colors. Don’t be involved around remaining within the earth mamonarchs. You have the right to likewise go from dark to light colors, which creates a lighter earth.

While the paint is wet, conveniently crumble a item of newspaper, open it, and lay it on peak of the painted planet area, extremely gently run your fingers on height of the paper. This will certainly lift some of the paints and produce a cool texture on the planets. Lift the paper and also below we have the begin of a planet!


The colors for some of the various other planets are white-purple-blue-black, pink-green-blue, and so on See final action for more tips on color harmony!

After all the world areas are painted, we will cover them with those cans and lids, and also develop the space approximately them.

Tip 3: spray paint deep area of the galaxy

Starting with babsence, create a dark void between the spiral galaxy and approximately the floating planets utilizing the Soft Mist strategy. Then using metallic blue, lime green and also purple, softly spray some flowing colored light with the dark room. Keeping the nozzle at least 12″ above the paper will produce softer transitions.


In this paint I wanted to develop a subtle motion of light from the edges towards the facility. You have the right to improvise and produce any type of flowing develops you like!

Step 4: how to spray paint stars and Comets

Now we can lift the covers, and move on to the last and also super fun steps: stars! Spray some white paint onto a tiny piece of thick paper, tright here must be enough paint yet not as well much that it drips. Face the paper dvery own where you would choose to have the stars, and tap with your fingers on the earlier of the paper to create clusters of stars.


The bigger stars are produced through the Raised Stencil strategy – poke a hole in a piece of cardboard, lift it a pair of inches from the paper, and also spray with white over the tiny opening, currently you have a shimmering star!

And those comets! They are the easiest – simply location the have the right to upside dvery own, confront the nozzle toward the direction of the comet, and also give a quick tap on the bottom of the deserve to.

Here’s an overview of the methods supplied to make spray paint galaxy art

Soft Mist :after developing some unalso blobs of paint, I figured this out- it sounds so respond to intuitive- rather of pressing the nozzle then start moving the paint can, perform the opposite, acquire the have the right to moving, then push the nozzle! This will create a even and also organic looking mist, without a heavy beginning suggest. See Step 1 & 3Newspaper :while the paint is wet, usage newspaper to lift some of the paints and also create a cool texture. Can be supplied to develop planets, hills, and so on. See Tip 2Covered Stencil : stencil touches the paint, creates defined shapes via sharp edges. See Step 2Raised Stencil :stencil is lifted a pair of inches from paint, creates defined forms with soft edges. See Tip 1 & 4Bounced Repaint :spray not the painting, however a straight or curved surconfront perpendicular from the paint to produce an extremely soft line. I provided it to create the spiral galaxy in an earlier painting – however find approach 4 simpler and also quicker. Still, this approach has actually many potential for sure!Star Clusters :spray some paint on a tiny item of thick paper and tap via your fingers on the back of the paper to create clusters of stars. See Tip 4Comet :a quick tap on the bottom of a upside down spray deserve to will develop a comet / shooting star. See Tip 4consider the temperature of colors from heat to cool. heat colors such as red, ovariety, hot pink creates a much more exciting feeling, such as the earlier painting, and cool colors such as blue, green and also lavender creates a much more peaceful feeling, as in this one!


And, the ultimate goal is to forget the approaches and also fly through your imagination. I am really in love through spray paint as an art medium! It offers several new creative possibilities, and it’s super fun to usage. It almost feels like you are not paint via paint, but painting through air!

Happy creating!


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