Solar Tube With Exhaust Fan

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Click the button listed below to add the Ventilation Add-on Kit to vent moisture from your bathroom. Roof Vent Cap offered independently to your wish list.

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* Daylighting Systems have the right to easily transdevelop a dark, internal bathroom or laundry room right into a bideal and beautiful room. But what about the worry of trapped humidity caused by steamy showers or a constantly running washer and also dryer? deserve to handle that as well. The Ventilation Add-On Kit combines daylighting and also ventilation right into one attrenergetic fixture, leaving your rooms humidity-free and also your ceiling looking orderly and uncluttered. Ducting and roof vent cap sold separately.

Available for the 160 DS & 160 DSe just.

Many type of Customers additionally include this to their Ventilation Add on kit.

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Product Videos Daylighting Equipment 01:03 Daylighting Equipment is a skylight mechanism that provides a roofoptimal dome to capture organic light. The roofoptimal dome captures light and also brings it down a very reflective sunlight tube that can transport light approximately 40 feet. Choose from a range of fixtures for your solar tube that deserve to be used in your kitchen, bathroom, hallmethod, bedroom, or anywhere else in your home! The Smart LED modern technology permits the skylights to be used day or night. Daylighting Solution are the a lot of energy-reliable light for your home!

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