Solar is a leading provider of energy options, featuring a considerable line of gas turbine-powered compressor sets.

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Our product range contains mechanical units via a burning wind turbine, gas compressors for gas transit or complete systems for the production of electrical energy powered by turbines.

We specialize in the manufacturing of mid-sized industrial gas wind turbines ranging from 1 to 23 megawatts. More than 16,000 Solar units are set up in even more than 100 countries via even more than 3 billion operating hrs.

Our customers usage our products in manufacturing, handling and pipeline transmission of organic gas and also crude oil, generation of power and thermal power, or production chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food commodities.


Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, Solar Turbines Incorporated, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines. Solar Turbines is comprised of a specialized and multi-talented workpressure of even more than 8,000 employees with years of experience functioning as an international team.

As the demand for our commodities has been growing for a lengthy time, we are constantly penetrating new industries and in search of even more opportunities for company advancement. Thanks to this, we have the right to sell you a steady and extremely motivating job which will carry out you through a variety of handy work-related experiences and avenues to develop your career.

Solar Turbines produces, sells and offers organization for its assets in over 30 areas worldwide. Our employees have actually the unique chance to add on global projects.

Shared Services Center

Most of our production and also business tasks are coordinated in our main workplaces in Prague. We have actually open positions greatly in bureaucratic, IT, finance and purchasing, as we assistance our factories in Žatec and also Žebrák and also the totality region EAME.

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Our Prague workplaces are situated in the beautiful administrative center Stodůlky. You deserve to look forward not only to functioning in a modern atmosphere yet likewise to being part of a varied global team with as much as 13 various langueras stood for. Our main language of interaction is English.

Žatec Operations Center

The Žatec operations facility is a component of our international network-related and also in addition to our facilities in the USA is among the people leaders in the repair and overhaul of turbomachinery components.

Our crucial focus in Žatec is the basic overhaul of Solar gas wind turbines. Disassembled turbines are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and repaired component by part before the entire turbine is reassembled. Cutting edge tools in our machining facility permits us to continue in the long tradition of machining in the Czech Republic and at the same time helps us meet our customers’ expectations.

In Žatec we are trying to find professional machinists over all. You have the right to uncover work through us as a shift-worker or in management. Applicants have the right to look forward to the opportunity to job-related on international tasks and in some situations even take a trip to international nations as part of the project.

Žebrák Testing Center

The Žebrák experimentation center is wbelow we perdevelop final assembly and also trial and error. New or repaired components from Žatec are offered to assembly complete generators, which are then tested and also sent earlier to last customer.

Working at the Žebrák center provides the opportunity to job-related in addition to experts in the area from all over the civilization.

Žebrák has actually a modern training facility that serves both our customers and employees and offers an chance for their breakthrough.