We frequently get Kinetic, Eco- Drive and solar watches in for "batteries", so we realized it might help if we administer, at least, some standard indevelopment concerning these types of watches.


Kinetic watches act much like automatic watches in that it is the motion of the arm while wearing the watch that powers the watch. In an automatic watch, this movement winds the mainspring. In a Kinetic watch, the motion charges the storage capacitor. Regular watch batteries cannot be recharged. Storage capacitors act prefer a battery; however, they canbe recharged.

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Similar to all rechargeable batteries, if we run the battery down as well frequently and also perform not fully charge the storage capacitor it will fail prematudepend. Replacing a storage capacitor is a lot even more costly than replacing an easy watch battery. Having shelp that, you deserve to view why a jewelry box or sock drawer is not the finest area to keep this type of watch.

Eco-Drive/ Solar watches, on the other hand also, generate power from ambient light in order to recharge their storage capacitors.


Eco- Drive Movement

All solar, Kinetic and also Eco-Drive watches have a symptom that allows you understand once the storage capacitor needs to be charged--the second hand also starts to trip. What is expected by “trip” is that the second hand also will skip 2 seconds for eexceptionally second it ticks.

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If you perform very own a Kinetic, you might take into consideration getting a watch winder to recharge the capacitor if you are not making use of it on a continuous basis.For an Eco-Drive or other solar watch, you have the right to ssuggest location them under an incandescent light bulb for a few hours (We usage a pair of 15 watt fluorescents for roughly 12 hrs, yet you shouldn"t require even more than a couple of hours).

An Eco-Drive/solar watch will certainly be totally charged in around four hrs. If, after 20 minutes, it is still skipping, the watch will likely require the storage capacitor reinserted. Generally, it"s only a matter of having the storage capacitor charged.

Aobtain, attempt recharging the capacitor prior to going via the procedure of sfinishing the watch to your watchmaker. Citizen recommends exposing it to light eextremely day to store the battery "conditioned".