Standard Lamps as Pictured / No Thank you / No Thank You - $1,999.00 USD Standard Lamps as Pictured / No Thank you / Yes Please (+$49) - $2,048.00 USD Standard Lamps as Pictured / Yes Please include the Extended Electrical Warranty (+$99) / No Thank You - $2,098.00 USD Standard Lamps as Pictured / Yes Please add the Extfinished Electrical Warranty (+$99) / Yes Please (+$49) - $2,147.00 USD Wolff Bronze Max (Strongest Bulbs on the Planet) (+$149) / No Thank you / No Thank You - $2,148.00 USD Wolff Bronze Max (Strongest Bulbs on the Planet) (+$149) / No Thank you / Yes Please (+$49) - $2,197.00 USD Wolff Bronze Max (Strongest Bulbs on the Planet) (+$149) / Yes Please add the Extended Electrical Warranty (+$99) / No Thank You - $2,247.00 USD Wolff Bronze Max (Strongest Bulbs on the Planet) (+$149) / Yes Please include the Extfinished Electrical Warranty (+$99) / Yes Please (+$49) - $2,296.00 USD
$1,999 SAVE $600
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Heavy Freight: The price includes curbside shipping to the majority of areas within the 48 contiguous says. Please review our Shipping & Returns Policy for complete details.

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The Solar Wave 24 lamp tanning bed provides state of the art tanning performance and industry leading durcapability. This tanning bed is designed for continual family electrical outallows making it super simple to install. This suggests no extra expense for electricians and special wiring. This cost effective residential tanning bed is basic on the budacquire without skimping on high-finish functions. The Solar Wave 24 boasts 24 reliable high-output lamps, high performance acrylic sheets. You will the way it looks and exactly how efficient it is in only 20 minutes!


Included in your order*:

The Solar Wave 24 Tanning BedFREE Shipping Insurance (worth of $29.00)FREE Protective Eye-wear (value of $6.20)FREE Bed Cleaner (value of $15.00)FREE Pillow (worth of $36.40)Free Shipping Insurance (value of $49.00)

*Limited time sell. Order today! 

Approximate Tan Time:20 min
Tunnel architecture completely surrounds tanners for quick all-over tanning outcomes.Extremely durable aluminum frame to ensure a long life through bit maintenance.12 incredibly efficient high-output lamps in the bench of the bed.12 incredibly reliable high-output lamps in the canopy of the bed.High-glossed aluminum reflectors for maximum tanning results and also performance.High-performance acrylic sheets maximize the amount of UV light for a darker tan in less time.Delivered 98% pre-assembled making assembly quick and basic.Protective UV Acrylic in BOTH Canopy and also Bench of unit, as we DO NOT weaken safety by including cheap metal grids in Canopy.Overall Size- 75" x 34" x 48"


1-110 VOLT dedicated circuit1-20 AMP circuit breaker1-Standard 110 receptacle


24 Months on parts- Including: Ballast, Contactors, Timers, & Fans1 Year on Gas Springs6 months on Acrylic90 Days on Lamps and Audio/Body Fan EquipmentLifetime Warranty on the structure of unit.

Why Buy A Solar Wave Tanning Bed?

Experience the ultimate in house tanning today! With The Solar Wave tanning bed series, you have the right to intend a salon quality tanning suffer without leaving the privacy and also comfort of your very own residence. The Solar Wave tanning bed"s high performance attributes paired via a 30% bigger tanning surchallenge assures quicker, more even outcomes and also maximum comfort for the Solar Wave tanning bed user.Solar Wave tunnel style and high output lamps surround you with reliable, high powered Ultra Violet (UV) light which ensures that you will spend much less time tanning and also even more time mirroring off your hot brand-new tan. Solar Wave tanning beds are made through solid top quality building and will certainly last for years while providing a high top quality tanning experience for the tanning bed user. Solar Wave tanning beds have actually a huge roomy tanning area for maximum comfort. They offer even more room than some various other tanning bed brands on the industry today and are a good option for civilization of a bigger dimension or men who wish to tan at home in comfort.

**Solar Wave residential tanning beds come conventional in the shade black. If you wish to purchase a Solar wave tanning bed in the red or silver shade that is an extra charge for upgraded color. Upgrade your shade alternative once you order your Solar Wave tanning bed for an additional $99! Solar Wave tanning beds come 90% assembled for your convince. The Solar Wave tanning bed is extremely basic to assemble. You will certainly just need to install the tanning bed legs, tanning bed shocks, and also arms onto your tanning bed once you receive it.


We are division of, an Acattributed & A Rated BBB BusinessBest financing terms guaranteed: bank-straight, not with brokers (compare our terms!)Less than 5% of digital businesses have actually passed BBB Accreditation--go with a organization that has been vetted under the greatest honest standardsExceptional sales and also business support for your tranquility of mindOur owner is connected in the day to day interaction via customersOur professionals are prepared to recommend the finest solution for your home or business--ask us any type of question!Financing for your home or business--approximately $50,000 easy financing via an instant decision! Rapid and also Free Shipping nationwide, no surprise costs--we save you moneyNo State sales taxes to conserve you moneyLowest Price guarantee for 6 months after purchase for your tranquility of mindFull Manufacturer Warranty on all products

DISCLAIMER: The manufacturer reserves the best to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the high quality, appearance and performance of the product.


Spray and Sun is one, if not the just, virtual keep that supplies White Glove Delivery and also professional installation. Our Spray and Sun Facebook Page reflects some of the tanning beds and also booths that we"ve ceded over time. 

They say that you can’t uncover what you require if you want it to be fast, excellent, and also affordable. Something always hregarding provide, right? At Spray & Sun, it has actually been our mission since day one to prove this old saying wrong.

We work-related via manufacturers of the greatest top quality spray and also sunlight tanning equipment and tools to gain discount prices on every little thing we offer. We then pass those savings on to you, so that you deserve to develop your tanning salon, in-house tanning room, or any various other tanning place without breaking the financial institution. Spray & Sun was started by Karen, that started the service after first owning her very own spray tan salon. With her specialization steering the entirety procedure, our closely trained staff pays close attention to eexceptionally product on our shelves. If it’s not of the finest top quality, we won’t sell it. 

That’s the great and the affordable, however what about the fast?

This is where many kind of other carriers fail, which means we double our efforts below. Our customer organization team is obtainable 24/7 so that you have the right to get immediate answers to any kind of question you may have actually. You deserve to contact Karen straight to receive an answer in just a few short hrs, and we sell super-quick shipping so that you aren’t left waiting.


Our concept is that by bringing you assets that are excellent, affordable, and rapid, we deserve to relocate past simply marketing you a product. We’re here to create an recurring partnership through your service, and we know that in order to maintain your loyalty, we need to proceed to offer competitive prices, quick service, and high quality goods. That’s why in over 5 years of procedure, our company has never when dropped the round on these objectives. Check out our Best Price Guarantee to see one way that we are honoring that commitment.

Get in touch through us today through any concerns you may have. You’ll receive a response in just a couple of hours or less from our very trained staff. Or browse our catalogue to obtain began shopping today!


Order Confirmation

As quickly as you location your order you will certainly obtain an order confirmation e-mail. Please verify item form and also color/dimensions. If you wish to make any changes, you would certainly must execute so before your item shipping. 

The Order Confirmation implies that we have obtained your order in our mechanism.As soon as we receive your order we automatically verify that the item is in stock and easily accessible for prompt delivery.If your item is on backorder or unavailable we will void the card authorization and promptly reach out to you through phone or e-mail.

You are free to cancel without penalty or duty before your order shipping.

TANNING BEDS RETURN/CANCELLATION POLICY - MUST READAll tanning beds and also booths are custom-built for the end-user and bereason we perform not sell items that are pre-owned, absolutely no retransforms or refunds are allowed, no matter the factor. No exceptions. All new tanning tools is under warranty. Once the signed Order Cancellation Policy has actually been received by Spray & Sun, and also the product is in manufacturing, the order/product might not be cancelled for any factor or the Customer will be charged 100% of the order/product price.Our goal is your finish satisfaction through our assets. All commodities we manufacture are developed to order just. All tanning beds/booths are custom-made assets and may not be changed. Sale is last.The manufacturer reserves the ideal to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the high quality, appearance and performance of the product. These beds are delivered to residences and salons throughout the sunlight, regarded, neither manufacturer nor Spray & Sun guarantees any type of specific tan results due to varying skin kinds and or correct voltage/power inputShipping Your Order


If your item is in stock:

Your order ship within 5 service days from the order confirmation date.We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail resolve you provided once discovering.Most heavy items are shipped by means of freight--distribution time is approximately 5-7 company days.Please feel complimentary to inquire if you carry out not get the tracking information, since the email may periodically end up in junk or various other folders. Shipping lead times may be longer than usual during holiday/rush durations. We will certainly automatically inform you if this is the situation and obtain your permission to continue.

Please note some tradition orders may take much longer than 5 service days to ship, as we should encertain they are crated safely to prevent transit damage. Additionally, tanning beds are custom-constructed and also will require a couple of weeks for production.. Contact us for any type of details.

We will constantly execute our exceptionally finest to encertain the promptest distribution. Guaranteed delivery days and express company may be accessible, please let us recognize if you need rush service. For remote delivery locations, the shipping providers reserve the right to service it when or twice a week, and also in particular parts of the day, e.g mornings or afternoons only. If you feel that you are in such an area, please let us recognize, as you will certainly need to be accessible in those time frames.


Cosmetic/Feature Change Disclaimer

Tanning bed manufacturers constantly adjust, transform, or boost their tanning beds. This affects each and eextremely brand in the tanning market. What this means is that all manufacturers reserve the ideal to make minor cosmetic/function alterations, such as changing handles, including or rerelocating small functions which execute not influence bed performance output, or redeveloping certain facets of the bed so as to meet present sector demand.

All manufacturer beds and also booths are marketed via this understanding, and also all customers that purchase virtual, via any type of channel, purchase through this understanding and also acceptance. All cosmetic alters, if any kind of, are minor and do not impact tanning performance.

Deliexceptionally Instructions

The delivery instructions email will be sent out to the same email resolve as the order confirmation email.

Once your order has actually shipped, you will receive a shipment instructions email. Please review this email very closely as it outlines exactly how to get your item and what to do in the occasion your item or box arrives damaged.

Please note it is a customer"s responsibility to review this email and/or familiarize themselves with our Shipping & Returns Policy. Additionally, we highly recommend you check your junk or spam folder at all times. 

Blanket Policy Disclaimer

For any kind of plan omission or clarification, the individual manufacturer policy will certainly use without exemption. As policies are multi-faceted and constantly evolve, customer (you) and retailer (us) agree to defer to the manufacturer"s shipping & retransforms plan in these instances.


Please check out the instructions listed below exceptionally closely as they pertain to refunds and also replacements. 

Inspect your purchase to encertain that it is in good problem upon arrival and that the variety of boxes on the shipment bill enhance the variety of boxes you got. If your item(s)/box arrives damaged or short, it is extremely crucial you follow these exact instructions:

Keep in mind the damage on the delivery bill (also recognized as a bill of lading)Note any type of shortage of items/boxesTake photographs of all sides of package as wellREFUSE DELIVERY WITHOUT EXCEPTION

Instances of damages to a box are: rips, holes, crush, dings, etc. 

If the box/package looks OK but you feel the item within might be damaged:

Note "possible hidden damaged"

In the occasion the damages is covert (meaning the box looks good yet the item within is damaged)--DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY and take images of package and the product. 

Disposing of package at any suggest or not complying with the above steps annuls our capability to process refunds and replacements.Insurance/manufacturers call for photographs of both package (all sides) and the product.

It is very necessary that any kind of damages or shorteras are:

Reported within five calendar days of receipt of the merchandise, due to carrier insurance regulations and also rules.If the hidden damage is cosmetic just, we reserve the ideal to first attempt to repair the unit as brand-new through a component or expert assistance. 

In order to obtain an prompt remoney or replacement for hidden damage:

You agree to hold onto the damaged item and not dispose of it until additionally instructions are provided by the manufacturer or by us.You agree to not dispose of the original box/carton the item came in.


If you have any kind of inquiries, perform not hesitate to call us instantly at 786-233-7010 and also we will be glad to promptly assist you or answer any type of involves.

Cancellations & Refunds

We want you to be totally satisfied with your order. Many purchases may be canceled at no price prior to shipment. If tright here are any kind of 3rd party or carrier errors, you agree to let us aid you fix these in a timely manner.

See more: Dubious Solar Hot Water Drainback Solar Hot Water System Dx, Solar Hot Water Drainback Indirect System Dx

Should you decide to cancel the order:

You (the buyer) will certainly be responsible for all shipping charges, consisting of rerevolve shipping and any kind of manufacturer restocking fees.The remoney will certainly be processed as soon as the item has actually been received at the warehome.Please note not all manufacturers accept returns--it is finest to verify through us prior to placing your order.No retransforms permitted on any type of custom-built, or made to order items, such as tanning beds and also booths and canopies.For tanning beds/booths/canopies: as soon as you location an order, the item is built especially for you. The manufacturer (ESB/SolarStorm, ProSun, etc) devotes substantial sources structure your item and also will certainly charge a far-reaching restocking fee (typically 25-50%) have to you wish to cancel production. Replacement bulbs are last sale and also non returnable.

For those items that are non-returnable yet arrive damaged, we will promptly administer a replacement at absolutely no expense to you pursuant to our Shipping & Retransforms Policy.

Since we cannot sell offered items, ALL RETURNS MUST BE IN NEW AND UNUSED CONDITION, including original packaging (please do not usage, assemble, or modify the product in any kind of way).



LED Technologies: ReVive/DPL Product Manufacturer Policy

All Revive/DPL assets are last sale and also non-returnable.

MaxiMist/Tampa Bay Tan Product Manufacturer PolicyAll Spray Tan Equipment (Spray Units) 14 day return policy; after that 25% restocking fee applies. Customer is responsible for shipping costs both means.All Spray Tanning Solutions, Skin treatment or Prep items, Cosmetics, Equipment Cleaners: NOT eligible for return, opened or unopened up.

Because we cannot sell provided, ALL RETURNS MUST BE IN NEW AND UNUSED problem, including original packaging (please do not assemble or modify the product in any kind of way). 

Norvell Product Manufacturer Policy30 days rerevolve policy, after that 15% restocking fee applies (as much as 90 days). Customer is responsible for shipping costs both methods.

Since we cannot sell supplied items, ALL RETURNS MUST BE IN NEW AND UNUSED CONDITION, including original packaging (please perform not usage, assemble, or modify the product in any kind of way). No retransforms on any type of offered products or tanning services.

Shipping Insurance

Spray & Sun provides complimentary shipping insurance through all orders; we want your foosround table to be totally insured and also protected while in transit. Shipping insurance allows a merchant to rearea or remoney an order that suffers damage because of shipping, at no price to the buyer.

By accepting a damaged box and signing for it in "excellent condition", yet, a customer acunderstanding they wish to get the order as is and cancel the best to any kind of remoney or replacement. Any box visibly damaged during shipping may indicate a damaged item within. This means a customer should constantly notate the damages to a box or item on the distribution bill, otherwise insurance cannot be filed and also refunds/replacements cannot be made. We understand this is pretty straight-forward, yet we are forced to discshed it! :) 

We strive for your 100% satisfaction. In the event we process an insurance claim for damages, please bear in mind that we will always administer a remoney or replacement without you having actually to wait for the claim process to be over. In doing so, however, you agree to host onto the damaged item till the case process is over. Refusal to warehome the damaged item means shipping insurance cannot be executed and voids the capability to carry out refunds/replacements. This is prevalent practice through all UNITED STATE carriers (UPS, Fedex, etc) when handling insurance clintends for refunds or replacements and does not in any method make you responsible for the distribution damages. 

If you have actually any kind of questions at all, please call us a 786-233-7010 or at support and our experienced staff will be glad to help you.

Deliexceptionally Method

All hefty freight orders are delivered "curbside", which is market traditional for all manufacturers. The shipping company will contact you ahead of time to schedule a shipment appointment, and also provide curbside by means of freight truck. All smaller orders are yielded by means of continuous Fedex/UPS.

If you select an additional kind of delivery (such as Front Door Delivery), please retain the email confirming any type of alternate distribution approach for your records. For your security and peace of mind, any type of guarantee is only offered in composing and never before verbally.

It is essential to note that some deliveries may incur extra prices because of remote / hard to accessibility / limited access places. Although rare, we will certainly promptly let you recognize if this is the instance so that you might select whether or not to continue with the shipment.

What is Front Door/Garage Delivery?

When this organization is requested on a delivery going to a organization, the carrier will certainly take the freight right into the storefront for shipment. On a residential distribution, the carrier will take the distribution onto the home, or into the garage of the residence. They will not necessarily deliver inside the front door, yet rather at the front door. Please note this is the instance via any type of delivery from any type of firm and also is a carrier policy, not our very own.

When a driver delivers to a specific room in a home or business (for example a basement or second floor), the requested business is known as White Glove company. Since this is incredibly time consuming, only particular shipping carriers sell white glove service. If you need white glove organization, please let us recognize.

Not all white glove quotes will be the very same, because not all house deliveries are the very same. Number of stairs, corridors, and so on may need a various quote and we will let you understand if this is the instance.

Storage Fees & Delays

It is understood that by placing an order you are prepared to accept prompt delivery of the merchandise. Should you need the merchandise to arrive on a certain day, this date need to be relayed as soon as you location your order.

If your order ships and also you pick to delay distribution, the shipping agency unfortunately reserves the ideal by legislation to return your merchandise to the manufacturer, or charge you storage fees. Typically, shipping suppliers will certainly not enable your item to be stored on premises--for insurances reasons--for longer than 3-5 company days.

If they rerotate your merchandise to the manufacturer, you will be responsible for shipping both means, and all restocking fees. Please note these are considerable for tanning beds so execute not delay shipments for your own sake.If the merchandise is non-returnable and also gets returned to the manufacturer (who hence refsupplies it), you will be responsible for the complete cost of the item, consisting of any kind of third party and shipping fees.If the shipping company chooses to retain the item on premises and charge you shipping fees, you agree to pay such fees in complete before the distribution of the merchandise.

In significance, please execute not delay delivery of the merchandise, as shipping providers have exceptionally little versatility because of legal and insurance restraints. You will be responsible for all expenses connected through self-applied delays.


Color & Appearance Disclaimer

All tanning beds and also accessories purchased are represented on our site in as finest a shade scheme/description as feasible, based on indevelopment relayed to us by the manufacturer.

PLEASE NOTE: the manufacturer reserves the appropriate to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.

Is Free Shipping Offered Everywright here in the US?

Much as we strive to offer absolutely free shipping during our promotional durations, tbelow are some areas wbelow we cannot offer totally free shipping. These are normally states such as Hawaii and Alaska, but not restricted to these, as well as areas via restricted accessibility (ie islands, hefty metro areas, hotels), rural locations and also communities, or areas which a carrier may deem remote or challenging to get to. Coast-to-coast shipping might not be extended under our free shipping policy, as we strive to acquire the fastest course to proccasion item breakage and also provide impressive customer satisfaction. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT SHIP TANNING BEDS AND BOOTHS TO CA, OR and WA.

If you feel you are in such a place, please feel totally free to call us to make certain. We will certainly still provide a crmodify for shipping in these instances. If you place an order and we find that you are in such a room, we will immediately contact you with all accessible options.

In the event complimentary shipping is not easily accessible for a certain item, this will certainly be clearly detailed on the product web page.

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For New Orders:If you haven"t purchased from us yet, you have two choices to acquire the finest price guarantee:

1. If you watch the item on our website, order it this day and we will certainly guarantee it is the ideal price everywhere online for an entire six months after purchase. If not, we"ll remoney you the difference!

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Our 100% Price Guarantees terms and conditions:

The price guarantee is valid for approximately an entire 6 months after purchase!Please purchase the item from us prior to requesting your Price MatchClearance or Special Promos, such as buy one get one cost-free aren"t eligibleThe item be in stock on the competitor"s websiteThe price complement applies to online-just retailer ie. Costco isn"t eligibleAuctions or any sort of liquidator sites such as Overstock or eBay aren"t eligibleThe contender need to be an authorized dealer and also follow dealer MAP PoliciesAny product purchased via a third party warranty organization, such as Clyde or TimePayment, is not eligible for a Price Match. No exceptions.The guarantee contains the complete price of both item and shipping chargesQuadPay or TimePayment transactions are not eligibleFeel comfortable understanding that you are paying the finest price for all purchases on Spray & Sun - buy your tanning tools today and also leave the rest to us!

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