Solar With Third Visor Band

In order to obtain correct replacement parts and also carry out specific quotes, we have to verify the attributes associated via certain vehicle production days, manufacturers, and also models/trims.

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VIN decoders assist us in the procedure of determining the correct replacement parts.

If you are uncertain whether your vehicle is equipped through a particular sensor or package, securely send us your VIN #, and we’ll verify with your automobile manufacturer.

See below for the prevalent front windshield functions and also tips for identifying if you have actually them. These attributes encompass rain sensors; heated windshields; 3rd visors; shade bands; electrochromic mirrors; heads up displays (HUD); lane departure warning systems; forward collision alert systems, and solar controlled glass.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Anti-lock Brakes

Forward Collision Warning

High Beam Safety System

Lane Departure Warning

Lane Keep Assist

Heads-up Display (HUD)

Factory Privacy Tint

Auto-Dimming (Electrochromic) Rearview Mirror

Camera Mounts


Manufacturer/Model Logos

Colored Shade Bands (Blue or Green)

Traffic Signals Recognition

Traction control


A rain sensor is a attribute found in many kind of modern-day vehicles. It is an equipment attached to the front windshield which detects moisture (rain, snow) on your glass. This embedded sensor allows the vehicle to automatically turn on and adjust its windshield wipers. How perform I know if I have actually a rain sensor? It’s easy, once moisture is detected, your wipers will revolve on automatically.

Video Guide | Rain Sensor

Lane Departure Warning System

Lane departure warning systems (LDWS), situated on the windshield will certainly inform the driver as soon as they are drifting in between lanes without using the signal light. It uses a electronic camera that analyzes the vehicle’s position within the lanes on the roadmethod and is generally situated on the glass behind the rearwatch mirror. It might beep, show a snapshot on the vehicle’s navigation system, and/or light up an indicator on the dashboard once triggered.

Forward Collision Alert System

Forward collision alert devices (FCA) automatically connect the vehicle’s braking system when the forward-facing sensors detect an object in close proximity. Most vehicles will certainly begin beeping before engaging the brakes to alert the driver. Many anti-collision attributes rely on the sensors installed in the windshield to determine safe distances and also pre-crash avoidance.

Video Guide | Lane Departure Warning System


Heads-up Display (HUD)

Some vehicles task information onto the windshield (such as speed, temperature, navigation instructions, and so on.) keeping the driver indeveloped while allowing them to store their eyes on the road. Heads-up screens generally need a specific percentage of the glass nearest to the steering wheel which allows proper picture estimate upon the internal of the glass.

Video Guide | Heads Up Display (HUD)


Electrochromic Mirror

An electrochromic mirror is one that has actually electrical components and also automatically adjusts to night driving conditions. The simplest way to identify if you have an electrochromic mirror is if you have actually any type of of the following; a digital compass in the mirror, Homeattach, butloads, a babsence wire covering extending out the rear, or if tright here is simply a conventional ‘flip tab’ coming out of the bottom and also no electric connection.

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Heated Wiper Park Area


Otherwise, recognized as an electrically heated laminated glass, the heated wiper park location is a prevalent attribute found on vehicles equipped via a cold-weather package. The heating aspect is a collection of lines that run underneath the area wright here your wipers sit. You might or may not have a de-icer switch inside to manually revolve them on. However before, the sensors are visible as they provide straight call to the underside of the windshield wipers themselves. They are regularly not too easy to discover at a distance but upon closer examicountry, they must be visible.

Video Guide | Heated Wiper Park Area

Blind Spot Monitoring

Many vehicles equipped through pedestrian and also lane detection units additionally have sensors that carry out indicators on your side-watch mirrors. The blind-spot security device will certainly light up whenever before tbelow is a vehicle in a potential blind spot.

Windshield Third Visor

“Third Visors” are disguised as a babsence speckled “frit” shading in your windshield behind your rearview mirror. Located in the height middle of your windshield between your fold-dvery own visors, it is designed to store the sunlight out of your eyes and have to not be confused through the shade band also.

Solar Windshield Glass

All automotive replacement glass is made of either tempered or laminated glass comprising of 2 glass sheets bonded together. Laminated front windshield glass is created through a plastic interlayer. Many contemporary high-top quality replacement glasses are solar managed and also designed to block power from the sun. In a solar-controlled front windshield, this interlayer is replaced with a warmth soaking up interlayer that avoids the transport of warm, protects your eyes, resists inner fading, and also helps keep your car cool. Tempered passenger door glass and also rear windshields are tinted to minimize the carry of warm and also come in a variety of various tint gradients.

Shade Band

Comparable to the 3rd visor, the objective of the windshield shade band is to save the sunlight out of your eyes. However before, instead of exclusively being behind the rearwatch mirror, it is a band also of tint that runs along the whole peak of your windshield. The a lot of common colors are green and also blue. The black enamel discovered approximately the bezel of a windshield, generally larger at the base of the glass is a ceramic band also that’s baked into the internal surface of the glass.

* If you are considering scheduling a windshield rock chip repair, we perform not recommfinish repairing anypoint that resides in the babsence enameled region or exceed 6” inches from the edge.

Please Note: All home windows on a vehicle selection in form, dimension, tint, and features. Some vehicles that are the same year, make, and also version have actually many options. Windshields, rear windshields, door glasses, quarter home windows, and even side mirrors all have unique functions and also Expush Auto Glass will certainly guarantee an exact replacement for your auto.