Product description

A convenient, durable Solar Charger with attrenergetic design, size and capacity; The new Solar Monvital Adventurer (2015 model) of Power Traveller is a mix of these details. Along through the solid battery and the reliable Solar Panel, the Adventurer provides every little thing you would mean from a Solar Charger.The Solar Monessential Adventurer is equipped via a 3 Watt Solar Panel, which is very distinct for a Charger of this compact dimension. Thanks to the performance of the solar cells, the inner battery through a capacity of 3500 mAh is charged in simply 6 hours (in excellent weather conditions). The solar panels are optimized by Power Traveller, with which they provide a high power. Even in much less favorable problems (cloudy weather, shadow) the Solar Monessential Adventurer functions bereason of the special MPPT- (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology.

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With this you’ll have actually sufficient power to for instance recharge an iPhone 5 approximately 2 times. Thanks to the global USB output, the Solar Monessential Adventurer is suitable for charging nearly all smaller sized USB devices such as an MP3 player, cell phone, smartphone and also e-reader.

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The Solar Monessential Adventurer comes with a travel situation. In which you deserve to lug the gadget is safely and also conveniently affix to for example a backpack, bicycle or tent. For optimal convenience, a carabiner hook is consisted of.

Solar Monvital Adventurer is the ideal partner for all your adventures! Cycling, hiking and outdoor excursions, camping, however additionally on a organization trip. Always giving your USB devices of totally free power.

Product specifications

Brand Size Weight Material Power Solar cells Battery form Battery capacity in Wh Battery capacity in mAh at 5 V Output USB Input USB Waterproof Overcharge security Charge indicator Recharge time through solar panel Recharge time via USB Combined light
170 x 96 x 23 mm (closed)
265 grams
3 W / 600 mA, 5 V
Lithium Polymer
13 Wh
2590 mAh (= 3500 mAh at 3.7 V)
1 x Female USB, max. 700 mA
1 x Ronde affix, max. 700 mA
9 hrs.
5 hrs.