Solarpill liquid solar blanket

Most pool warm loss is as a result of water evaporation. SolarPill minimizes heat loss by developing an ultra-thin, invisible obstacle on the surconfront of the water to mitigate evaporation. Its patented pre-measured shipment mechanism slowly releases the formula into the filtration system to enable for optimum coverage. Rearea as soon as important to keep water temperature. SolarPill can be provided via all forms of sanitizers.

Large SolarPill
Small SolarPill SolarPill Dosage

One Pill last for about 30 days. Small Pill for pools approximately 12,000 gallons. Large Pill for pools as much as 30,000 gallons.

How to usage the SolarPill Detach blue piercing tool from white pushpin. Insert blue piercing tool into huge facility hole. Press firmly against difficult surchallenge till plastic is punched through. Turn pill over and pierce two holes on both sides of logo design making use of white pushpin. With pump running, discard blue tool and also area pill confront up in skimmer for 4-6 hours.SolarPill Best Results Tips DO NOT location chlorine tablets right into skimmer at the exact same time as the SolarPill. Angle the retransforms downward to decrease water surconfront motion, as SolarPill is the majority of efficient in still water. Aquapill SolarPill Material Safet Date Sheet

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Features of Aquapill SolarPill Liquid Solar Blanket
Small 2.75" pill (4.4oz) treats approximately 12,000 gallons Large 4" pill (14.2oz) treats up to 30,000 gallons One SolarPill last about 30 Days Safe for all pool sanitation techniques (Salt or Chlorine) Non-Toxic formula Made in the USA.

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Features of Benefits: Reduces warm and also chemical loss No Solar Blankets to take off or cover the pool Extends the swimming seachild Does NOT interfere with automatic pool cleaners
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